Venus Vs Mars

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Mari looked over at Massy eyeing her. Massy tried her best to ignore her sister but she could feel her eyes burning a hole in the back of her head.

"Mari, I do not have time to chase a VERY attractive 22 year old professional football player in the height of his career around New York all day." Massy said looking at her sister giving her a stern face so she knew not to continue to push the topic.

Mari rolled her eyes and through her head back. "Oh my god, Massy you make a it sound like its a child, when you put it like that!"

"IT IS MARI! A relationship is like a child! You have to love it, and nurture it, and feed it, and play with it when it gets bored! All that man can offer me right now is good dick and headaches." Massy said as she turned around and stirred the pot of spaghetti noodles.

Mari puffed air through her lips. And held the tea mug up to her lips. "Pff, I'd happily take all that good dick and stock up on Tylenol."


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Chapter 154

Odell was slick as he slid two playing cards into his pocket while Massy's head was turned and speaking to her mother. After realizing she was better at playing poker than he thought he began cheating.

"Here. Deal." Odell said collecting all the cards from the table. She frowned as she realized the deck was smaller than it should b……