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Odelia Langdon. 22. Absolute genius, CEO of Langdon Corp.
Aiden Sinner. 23. A handsome CEO with a deadly secret, and a dangerous obsession.
If you had the choice beeen your fathers life and your own, what would you choose?
Odelia Langdon chooses her father.
When Aiden Sinner, who has been obsessed with Odelia for years, offers her a contract- she has no choice but to accept.
Her father will get the best team of doctors in the world to help him, and Aiden will get Odelia's hand in marriage.
As soon as her name is on the contract, Odelia gets thrust into the world of the Sinner family, who just happen to lead the strongest mafia group in the world.
And Aiden is the mafia king.
He's as ruthless as they come and cold hearted as they say, but he has always had a soft spot for the beautiful Odelia.
The only question is... will she be able to survive in his terrifying world?


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