Chloe Bottom Paranormal

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All Alexia ever wanted was a normal, mortal life, or even better, a life away from her father. Even though she escaped and has evaded him for the last 20 years she is constantly looking over her shoulder. But now she has a new mission. To find a weapon capable of killing a god, a.k.a., her father. Once he is dead she will be able to take her place as rightful heir of hell. Then she will have completed her revenge of killing the monster who murdered her mother. But can do it without becoming a monster herself?
Throw in a mate, an insane betrothal, some really crazy genealogy, an encounter with a very pissed off goddess, and some incredibly loyal friends, she has her work cut out for her.

This is a continuation of my book Alone on my other account Chloe Sechrist.


Tags: ParanormalContract MarriageArrogantPowerfulRoyaltyHeiressTragedyGirlpowerContestBxGBxB
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