Stalking The Hybrid


Teanelle Nadine YA&Teenfiction

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“Please let me stay, I won’t be any trouble, I’ll even agree to be your maid or even a slave....if you kick me out now where will I go. I will become a rogue and I will be hunted for the rest of my life, that’s if I don’t die the moment you kick m e out” I begged the new Alpha as his bodyguards carried me and my bags out of the gate. I sobbed but my heart breaking sobs went unheard and no paid any attention to my pleas. For eighteen years now, all I had known was this castle as my home, it was my home with my parents, but my father’s Beta, was too greedy to let me rule after my parents were killed (probably by him) all because I was a female, but that wasn’t the worst of it, he kicked me out because he didn’t want me to grow up and challenge him. God forbid a female hybrid think she is worthy of the throne of the northern pack, no woman had a place to rule there.
But now I was officially a rogue, with no family, no parents and no pack to have my back and protect me.
Despite all this however I was still determined to make it. I was determined to forget my past; I was shunned and hated for being a hybrid. But now I was going to camouflage myself amongst the humans, they were the only beings that I could fit in with now...


Tags: alphabxgmysteryicybullyhighschoolmagical worldenemies to loversspecial abilitystubbornYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest ⅡStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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