The World We Made

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After humans mistreat their homes, they are left to survive in unsurvivable conditions, forced to kill their own to survive. This is far worse than what the apocalypse movies show.

This is real life and here, you have to survive. That's what Malia and a group of people she took under her wing are trying to do.

Battle the monsters, find a place to sleep but most importantly find a new home.


Tags: ActionPost-apocalypseDoomsdayKickass HeroineWeirdWarriorTwistedGirlpowerContestBxGGxG
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Kai was the first one to wake up the next day even though he fell asleep later than others. He walked out of the room, careful to not close the door too loud. 


Last time he did that Willow came out of her room with such an expression that Kai just wanted to be swallowed by the ground. 


Though he re……