Her Life in the Other World

lowrenschoon Fantasy

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Ana Fernando, a famous high school student who has been saved by the mysterious Chosen One from unexpected death. But living in the other world would be a danger to her. Because of that, a naughty guardian was assigned to guide and protect her from the danger in the other dimension. Whenever she is in the trouble, her guardian is always there to save her.

But finding who is the Chosen One will be her main goal while she is still in the other world. Then, there's a big question in her mind. "Sino nga ba ang Hinirang?"

Continue reading to experience the hidden worlds and possibilities behind our world that normal humans can't do. Be a part of a supernatural action-adventure with a normal high school girl and her powerful guardian together with their funny friends finding who is the "Chosen One".


Tags: adventurecomedybxgmysteryanother worldfriendshipsuperpowersupernaturalspecial abilityschool
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