The Pack's Tainted Angel

Maria Warren Vampire/Werewolf

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Now she was on her hands and knees. Her hair cascaded down her arched back as Gideon held her from behind. His hands cupped around her hips, he slammed into her willing body over and over again.

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August is an angel and is kidnapped by a pack of psychic werewolves, each with different designs for her. One wants to mate her, one wants to protect her, and one wants to slaughter her.

As if that's not enough, the last wants to sell her to the highest bidder at a supernatural auction.

Will she manage to escape their clutches with her sanity intact, or will she submit to their desires and let the pack have its way?


Tags: MurderParanormalVampireWerewolfDarkLove-triangleKidnapPackDramaTwistedDreameSeed2019
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Chapter Seventy-Four: August

August felt her breath leave her as terror clutched her heart. Well at least her body wasn’t reacting to this, she had been half terrified that giving up the power wouldn’t clear that part of her. That smile on his lips though spelled trouble. She got to her feet as slow as she was able her eyes locked on his. “I was just talking to Lucifer, I’l……