A Royal Memory

Alcione02 Romance

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A girl with no past, and uncertain future. That's Marie. She has no memories of her past nor her own identity. Her only clue was a gold ring with the name Marie on it.

  Then there comes Nathan. A charming and sweet young millionaire who stole Marie's heart. He was Marie's knight in shinning armor, and she was Nathan's angel. They were happy and in love.

  They might have been perfect for each other, but it's not what Nathan's best friend thinks. Alexander thought the pair is just living in their own made up world. That they ignore all the factors that slowly tearing them apart.

  Will Marie and Nathan last forever? Or will Alexander be right, that the pair is not just meant to be? Will Marie's memories come back? Who is Marie anyway? Are their lives actually interined from the very start?


Tags: opposites attractfriends to loversarranged marriagebadboygoodgirlCEOroyalty/nobledramasweetbxg
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