Her Rejection, His Treasure

S.M.Rory Romance

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Jaxon Alphonso a young, intelligent, easygoing, handsome but a sheepish guy. A teenager, who is controlled by the moral standard of his family background. He lived with his parents in a small town, poor but they tried to provide a moderately good life for him.

Jaxon greatest wish was to become a successful professional, have a happy family and make the money he requires to take care of his family.

But his biggest weakness fights agat him when he approached 16, He couldn't control his female obsession, this was going to destroy his future ambition.

His kind but curvy and promiscuous neighbour Miss Amanda Jones, who is in love with the rich Mr Sanchez Velox and wanted to marry him sets Jaxon up just to have a romantic relationship with him.

Life even became more terrible for Jaxon, when she decided to kill him because she couldn't resist him. He miraculously escapes her.

And he meets his first love, Isabella hoping she would become the answer to his obsession, she is beautiful, her rich parents were fighting with divorce. She had never experienced love but had an irresistible urge for romance. Isabella rejects him because of his social status, not realising he would be her saving Angel in all form.


Will Jaxon fulfil his ambition to save his family from poverty by overcoming his obsession?


Did the rejection from his first love Isabella further cause more harm than good to him?


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