Loved by the Devil

Isabella Romance

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❝Please kill me...❞ She placed his hands around her neck, ❝it's better to die at once rather than die everyday. Kill me now....❞ She begged in her cracking voice.

He smiled wickedly and withdrew his hands, ❝I won't taint my hands, touching whores.❞


Ashrah, 19 years old innocent soul. She doesn't want anything in her life, but a true love. She desperately wants her love to save her from all the pain she has been enduring since birth. But destiny stored a cruel fate for her; she ended with a Devil who's living to take revenge on her family.

Adham- darkness, as if his name,he is a dark mystery. He is cruel and unkind when it comes to his enemies, although he is a coldhearted man, there's an exquisite pain hidden behind his unemotional and ensitive personality.

What will happen if a f****d marriage ties them together?
Will she love him? Or will she try to escape from him?

How could he control himself from the irresistible attraction towards her?
Will he accept her as his wife? Or will he just use her as a pawn?


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