In The Underneath

Krystal Novitzke Other

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He was the handsome stranger that caught Riley Thompson’s eye. What she didn’t realize is that his dark disturbing behavior will end up being the death of her.

She was the perfect girl Lucifer ‘Luke’ Morningstar would do anything for including killing so he could bring her home to The Underneath to rule by his side.

Who says sinners don’t have fun in Hell?

*Story contains swearing and -at some point in time- sexual content.


Tags: SadisticManipulativeBadboyTragedyTwisted
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Chapter Twenty

The chaos that breaks out in class is beyond overwhelming and frightening at the same time. Whispers travel within the mass of bodies that rush outside. A man on the roof. A man ready to jump.

Professors try to keep students back and the sirens from police and whoever else gradually get closer to campus. I push and shove ……