He’s My Mother

Nikka Anne LGBT+

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Love is blind

He tried avoiding his gaze, but he only finds himself melting just by his presence.

"Hey, are you alright?" He held his hand that's placed on the table. He looked at his hand that possessively touches his. He tried itching it but tead, he held it tighter.

"Can't you see? They're looking at us." He said as he looked down, a bit shy.
"What's the matter with that?" He asked him, not minding other people but only the man he adored in front of him.

"I'm afraid of what they're going to say."

"Does it really matter to you?"

"I just didn't like them looking at us as if all we do is wrong."

As soon as he heard his man saying this, he stood up. The sound from the chair caught the attention of many people ide the restaurant.

"Hey! Everyone!” As soon as he said that, a lot of people’s gaze were on them.

I love this guy! Any problem with that?" The faces of the people around were more than shocked, especially when he kissed the man he adored in front of them.


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