Dawn of the Warriors (Gargoyle Series Book 2)


Kiara Colón Fantasy

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The kingdom was safe, Leon's heart was healed and magic was back. Dawn and the twins Waylon and Wylard were the next generation to take over the protection of the Kingdom.

As she awaits for her time to rule, she trains her brothers to become her warriors, despite the opposition of Stella, their mother. Defying her, they still head to the cliffs.

An old enemy of the kingdom comes back to take revenge, and they will need to stop him before he succeeds.


"Wylard, run! She is coming!" I yelled at my brother as we were trying to escape through the thick forest.

"Dude, wait for me! Don't leave me behind!" he yelled, afraid. We tried to run as fast as we could, but the beast was flying even faster. It wouldn't be too long before she caught up to us.

"This is not fair, we are humans. It is a big disadvantage!" he kept screaming like a girl. I just laughed at him, I have never seen him so scared in my life.

"Stop being such a baby and keep running!"

We reached the cliff and for a moment, there was nowhere to run. Our breathing became erratic, and we could hear her growls and her wings flapping from the distance. She would approach us soon and we were going to be surrounded.


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