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Emma Louise Romance

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Kara arrives in the U.K. from L.A. To being her new life and her new school, Canterbury High. She soon makes friends with Jaie and her friends. She soon is being watched she looks over at the dark haired boy, his hair hand[Ging I’ve his dat=Ry eyes KAI. And her friend warns her ‘And that’s who not to get involved with. And don’t even make eye contact.’
‘Why?’ Kara said turning back looking at Jaie.
‘If you want to stay alive don’t.’
‘He’s not that bad is he?’
‘Worse. He calls all the shots round here. He’s in the year above everyone fears him.’
‘He seems like an ordinary kid to me.’
‘Well he’s not.’


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Chapter nine

Kara walked into school Jaie met her by the gates.  ‘So you get all your homework done?’
‘Have you seen anything of Kai?’
‘No why.’
‘Just he was watching you a lot until you and Seb now he’s been eyeing you up again. I thought he may have made his move.’
She looked at Jaie.  ‘He did didn’t he.’
‘I guess.’