Author’s Note, Part 1

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Author’s Note, Part 1

Hi, y’all!

Burned by Love is the fourth novel in the Firefighters of Long Valley series, and there are another nine books currently published in the regular Long Valley series. I point this fact out because all of my books are written as standalones (the two main characters have a beginning, middle, and end to their love story, so you never have to buy a second book to find out how they work out their problems) but Burned, more than any other book I’ve ever written, brings in people from other books in the Long Valley world. You’ll soon see why that is, but I just wanted to say before you get started that:

Burned by Love is a standalone novel, just like every other book I’ve ever written; but If you haven’t read all of the other books in the Long Valley world yet (both the Firefighters and regular series), some of the side characters may not have as much meaning to you. So, perhaps you should go back and read the other books in the Long Valley world. *hint, hint, nudge, nudge*

Last bit of warning: Burned by Love goes back in time (to May of 2018) so if you just finished reading the third book in the Firefighters series, Fire and Love (which concludes in the fall of 2018), you might be confused when suddenly, people who were already together as a couple aren’t together yet, or situations that happened long ago are now being repeated.

They’re not actually on repeat, of course – they’re just being told from Penny and Troy’s point of view this time, and if I’m not mistaken, I think more than a few of you are going to be pretty surprised by how different that viewpoint can be at times. This is to be expected – every person in Long Valley has their own hopes and dreams and backgrounds and things they care about. Their reactions to the same situation are going to be very different, depending on that background.

So with that, please enjoy Troy and Penny’s story. I hope it speaks to your heart like it did to mine.

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