True Cyan

moon goddness
slow burn

#my hybrid girl.

"there is a reason you are alone and should always be alone! this path of thorns and daggers was crafted for you to walk i, you bring nothing but death , anyone who dares to walk by you shall be killed!"

Cyan's entire life has always been running and hiding alone in the dark, from people that believed she was a vessel of dark magic. being the only one of her kind and having the blood of the three strongest creatures in the world, (witches, Werewolves and Vampires)

the strongest vampire family in history seek to kill her, threatened by her powers.

she crosses paths with a man who gives her a home and warmth she has never felt before.

in order to keep her new home, she must fight back . will she succeed or will the world bring her to her knees.

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what comes with the Rain.
the forest was a witness to the fall of a mother and her child , seeking to save her one and only she ran to the woods ,running away from those she called her own as they wanted the life of her daughter .the first fruit of her womb, conceived from a forbidden love between a Blue crescent werewolf and a hybrid vampire that had magic .a child was born and cursed at the first breath of air she wasn't meant to exist, the blood that run through her veins was filled with darkness. a darkness that came from the worst monsters walking under the moon and the sun . Drawing energy from the moon , the land and the blood of its kind .the child was believed to be a vessel, a hallow for the darkness, the shadows grew nearer and their steps could be heard getting closer and closer a storm was brewing in the air . As if it was a warning of the incoming events . With every step she took her heart pounded in fear , lightening struck up in the sky for a brief second before darkness covered the entire atmosphere and the air became hard to breath. falling to the ground Athena looked at the baby in her hand .her baby that she needed to protect. this morning she woke up, it was not like any other morning , when she gave birth to her child the previous night . something happened in the air and it caused panic amongst the people, a black cloud covered their lands blocking the light from the sky . She knew that her child would be different but she didn't know it would be to this extent . "this child must be killed its nothing but evil" the midwife who helped her give birth said when she saw the eyes of the girl. The woman was a vampires turned by her oldest brother Jacob. the loyalty of the midwife was only towards her brother. Athena immediately refused holding her baby closer to her chest. the thought of them taking her away was terrifying to the bone. the woman walked out to inform her brothers and she knew that they wouldn't hesitate to kill her baby .she clothed her child wrapped her in a blanket and jumped through the the vast window of her bedroom high up, she knew what was coming when she leant that she had conceived with a were wolf , she had prepared for this , to ran away .Her dark hair , her silver grey eyes that would change colour every time she cried , her skin , she was like a normal baby on the outside but inside the worst dark magic resided in her. Athena didn't feel that her child was evil or cursed ..just because you are made of darkness doesn't mean you are a demon , she knew that too well she too was made of dark magic and she was kind in all aspects .She never treated people any different whether vampires , witches or wolves , the wars amongst them she did not understand . She always hoped that one day peace would rain in this side of their world that they would live together as humans do , her same kindness is what led her to fall for a werewolf .Athena was a true blooded vampire a descendant of the ASHEN Royal Family That ruled the lands for over thousands of years. the strongest true vampire family in history they were the remaining ones consisting of 3 sons, Jacob , Azreal and Titus . and her the last daughter Athena , the youngest of the Ashen Clan. their parents ascended and left them to rule , it was their time. Her brothers never sired any children , a vampire being born was rare but not impossible. Only the ones that were turned where common. she was however able to conceive, because of the magic in her Being the only one in the family with magic. she was considered part witch and part vampire a hybrid ..Her mother being a witch and her father being A Royal vampire .Falling in love with the werewolf was a mistake, a mistake that lead to the life of this child in her hands a child that was half vampire , half werewolf and half witch a tri-brid . and Athena's brothers wanted its life . after the birth to the child Vampires and wolves, except for the true bloods felt there powers weakened for she sucked the power of everything that she was made of ."don't cry now child...shhhhh they mustn't hear you cry they mustn't know were we are " she spoke looking in the eyes of her daughter. the child that didn't ask to be brought into this world and no matter what the world thought of her she was still a baby . she kept running getting deeper and deeper into the dark forest. upon reaching a river she knelt down looking up at the moon as it appeared through the dark clouds . it was shining its light through the thick trees in the dark night."i give her to you now....i cant keep her or her wings will be broken before she can fly Although magic and Vampire blood run through her she is also a part of you , she is of you , watch over her and shine her path wherever her life will lead" Athena spoke to the moon ,as tears fell from her eyes like an unending waterfall. she looked at her daughter crying silently she said ."I may not be with you from now on child but a part of me you will always carry even as we separate, our souls will always be one you are from me from the moon and from the land . may you always be good, kind and strong as you walk through this path of thorns that is ahead of you , i hope you find a home that will welcome you and love you with all you are , am sorry i couldn't give that to you but always know that my heart will be with you always"Athena spoke to her baby .she raised her hand and placed it behind the child's neck casting a spell of protection and marking her . the spell created a mark descending down to the child's back. she removed a necklace that once belonged to her mother and placed it around her daughter. "those who love you are with you always" kissing her daughter goodbye Athena placed her baby under a tree and she looked at her, the baby's eyes where burning with colours that reached to her soul, her daughter was beautiful and perfect , but she couldn't keep her .and it broke her entire soul. Nothing is as painful for a mother as being forced to separate from their child . but in order to keep her child alive she needed to leave her up to destiny for being with her would cause the child to suffer. she could hear her child crying but Athena looked away not being able to see her child cry to her like this, her entire body was shaking. "i shall not name you little one for I don't deserve to do so i did you a great injustice by bringing you to this world "she cast another spell shielding her baby from the sight of those out to get her ,before running away deep into the forest. Athena kept running while her heart was slowly dying ..the one she loved the most she could not keep , wherever she left child her heart remained , and now only a hallow of herself was left , she felt no fear for her brothers ..whether they found her and killed her she didn't care ..as long as her baby will live .she could feel their presence getting closer to her , Athena dropped to the ground, her fingers grabbed the grass with so much strength she screamed her heart out crying to whoever would listen crying to the earth the moon and the sky her heart was dying. But the magic left her all alone to face her destiny. "Were is the child Athena??? "she heard the voice of her brother Titus from behind,He was the third Ashen brother standing tall and majestically with the aura of power excluding his body, ...even the forest went quiet at his presence .he was a merciless man who didn't care about anything or anyone , even capable of killing his own baby niece, this was the type of family she belonged to a family of heartless monsters that would do anything for power . Her brothers felt threatened by the birth of her child and whatever threatened their power , they sought to kill even if that person was their niece ,... or their sister , cause to them she betrayed them by falling for a werewolf. Athena turned around facing the faces of those who drove her to her greatest pain. her own family . If she could then she would destroy them all , but she could not , her blood wasn't true it was tainted with magic and that's something her brothers hated too , magic and witches. "if you don't hand over that evil child dear sister ...you will die in this forest and animals will feed on your filthy cadaver"As long as her child lived as long as her baby will be free from their claws then nothing else mattered."brother ..what life do i have if you have taken away my soul and my happiness .am already dead!!!!!" She smiled bitterly at the truth in her words , this was her reality , once this brother of hers would protect her from the wrath of their father , who never loved her and would always treat her as an outcast , Titus was the only one who stood up for her , and now this same brother of hers was seeking to end her life . "then so shall you be ...a dead woman" Titus said while walking towards her gripping the sword in his hand tightly his eyes burning brightly with hatred. (22 YEARS LATER..) in what seemed like the ground was on fire , everyone in the streets was running up and down trying to seek shelter from the rain , it had been raining heavily,even though it was the rainy season the rains that day were really aggressive."seems like it wont stop raining we just need to drive in the rain or we wont get home in time " Tori said and everyone agreed with her accept for Aidden who had been staring through the window of the restaurant watching the people running down the streets. his mind filled with only one thing , only one girl."she never runs away from the rain she always runs to it "Aidden said in low voice that his friends could barely hear,he sighed and rested his head on the palm of his hands leaning against the window and continued looking through .he was like a disappointed kid who didn't get the Christmas's present he had been longing for"Why the hell do you look like that huuh ? its your birthday not your funeral at least you can loosen up today right ?" David asked his friend who was clearly not interested in this birthday dinner at all cause lately his friend never seems interested in anything "This guy how ungrateful" David added while sipping the drink in his hand and leaning in his chair "Its not that David, .. this birthday dinner you guys planned i really like it " Aidden said trying to dismiss his friends comment , even though he wasn't in the mood for celebrations he was really grateful that his friends organised such a thoughtful event on his birthday "am just a little bit tired that's all haha " he added even though deep down he knew the reason why he wasn't happy even on his birthday. "you are getting older and boring Aidden " David's girlfriend Rose said as she pouted a little like a child "am only 27 okay am still a young handsome stud Rose " Aidden said flexing his muscles which made the two girls laugh "of course you always handsome Aidden" Tori added "but I am more handsome than him right " David asked the girls and The two men argued like little girls over who was the prettiest. after some time the rain stopped and people were able to move even though the roads were filled with water the four of them could finally leave the restaurant and go home , it was a little trek from were they parked there car and they were walking really slowly to avoid slipping , soon enough they reached the car. " are you sure you can drive , i can drive i didn't drink at all "Aidden asked David who was ready to sit in the driver seat "shut up am not drunk okay i can see clearly "David answered confidently with a smirk on his face "okay just don't kill us " Aidden teased his friend even though he knew pretty well how good of a driver David was "i cant promise you that " David answered and as he started the car the headlights turned on. David froze at the sight of what was in front on him, he couldn't comprehend what he was looking at his eyes stayed frozen staring at was in front of their car and his body couldn't move like someone pushed a paused the button on him Aidden looked over at his friend who wasn't driving and was stunned by how he looked right now like he was not the confident David from a few seconds ago "what ?? ..you seen a ghost or something" he asked but David still didn't move and continued looking ahead of him , Aidden decided to follow his line of sight and the moment he saw what David was looking at he almost fainted from the shock .. the girls who were listening to the two men bicker couldn't help but gasp at what they were looking at Aidden couldn't believe what he was seeing no who he was seeing he felt like his mind was playing a trick on him and he too froze in his seat his eyes locked at the person standing in front It seemed his brain had shut down for a few seconds and he didn't know how to function now "she.... she... she's hurt " Tori said and that snapped everyone out of the trance they were in 'hurt' was the word that echoed in Aidden's head like a chant he snapped out of his daze and looked at the person leaning against the wall in front of them , his eyes trailed down to the blood that was all over the persons body she looked like a warrior that had just survived a deadly war, from her hair down to her feet she was dripping water that the rain had poured on her and blood that continued to flow from her visibly fresh wounds and cuts all over her hands legs and torso the rain started falling again only this time it was gentle as it rained on her ,her clothes she wore were torn and ripped severely, what seemed like was once a nice black dress was now covered with mud,dirt and blood torn to barely pieces and stuck to her body her skin pale and entire body bruised she stood there with her eyes closed and her head faced down while her right hand was holding onto her left hand for support she lifted her head and looked at the bright lights beaming straight at her she could barely keep her eyes open anymore and as if the last bit of life left in her had finally evaporated her body fell to the ground and she collapsed .. Aidden felt his heart sink the moment the girl in front of him looked up and he looked at her face he felt his stomach tie up in nots 'is ..it..no ' he thought to himself and when she fell he rushed the car door open and ran up to her , he could not even hear Tori calling out to him as he left the car ..when he got to were she was his hands were shaking as he tried to reach and hold her. He finally reached down and held her in his arms as carefully as he could checking for a pulse and when he found it he breathed again not realising he had been holding his breath from the moment he watched her fall ,he brushed the strands of her hair that were stuck on her face her once long hair that reached her waist was chopped short to her neck. he could see all the wounds that she had on her and he couldn't help but curse at who ever did this to this girl.

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