Ms.Substitute N Mr. Poor Billionaire

one-night stand

“Am I having a dream? Wow, thank you, God. I like this dream.” Lilith looked at the handsome man before him and chuckled, “You even look much more handsome than that jerk.”

“Don't try to push me away! This is my dream!” Lilith pouted, sat up again and grabbed the man’s arm all of a sudden. 

Gene was about to push her away again. But strangely, he somehow had an odd feeling towards this woman. Her unique aroma mixing with the wine made a special and tempting smell. And her flushed face and murmuring made her look kind of cute.

Before he could react, Lilith already buried her head into his arms, sniffing and purring like a kitten, “It feels so warm, so nice...” 

Her hands even started to ramble over his body. 

Gene felt he was aroused by her. 

What the hell was this woman?! He didn’t like being touched by anyone before. But now, he somehow didn’t want to stop the woman who was touching him wantonly. 

As soon as Lilith’s small hands warped around Gene’s hugeness, Gene felt all his blood seemed to rush to that sensitive part of him.


He cursed inwardly. 

“Wow, it became hard,” Lilith said excitedly as if she had discovered something new. 

Looking at the man in a wheelchair, the drunk Lilith thought she was in a car all of a sudden. 

“So this is a joystick. Let’s start driving!” 

Lilith yelled and began to play with the man’s “joystick”. 

Gene felt that he was gonna expose. 

“F*ck!” He cursed. “Maggie Lake, let go of it!” He snarled. The blue veins on his temples were throbbing. 

“Who?” Lilith looked at him in confusion. She was not Maggie Lake. 

... ...

Lilith felt her life was like a mess. Her boyfriend cheated on her and had an affair with her cousin, Maggie. She even caught them in the act, in the bed.

"Baby, I don't wanna hear Lilith's name now. She’s just like a nun."

Maggie was even pregnant with her boyfriend's baby and her family forced her to marry a complete stranger for Maggie.

"I am pregnant with Ahern's baby!"

"Let Lilith marry that crippled bastard for me!"

Lilith then became a substitute bride. Her husband, a poor illegitimate son, had an accident and had to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

But it turned out that her husband faked his disability and was actually the head of the most powerful Miller Family!

What would happen between Ms. Substitute and Mr. Poor Billionaire then?

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1 Let's break up! Now!


"Oh! Ahern, you thrust so deep! Ah baby, you're fantastic! Honey, tell me you haven't f****d that bitch Lilith like this..." the woman's panting voice kept coming.

She was wearing a sexy lace nightgown, but it had been torn to pieces that couldn't cover her flushed skin. The man's palms kept rubbing her ass, and his huge manhood pumped in and out of the woman’s apex again and again.

"Baby, I don't wanna hear Lilith's name now. She’s just like a nun. She doesn’t even agree to have s*x with me before marriage." Ahern Miller said impatiently, picking up his speed, and thrusting faster and faster. He was about to c*m.

Hearing his words, the woman complained while panting heavily, "Then when will you break up with her? I don't wanna be your sex partner only."

"Focus, babe. It’s not the right time to discuss this now. Let me c*m first, honey, you are too tight, relax a little. Oh my baby!” Ahern was growling louder and louder.

Lilith Smith stood frozen outside a hotel room, and through the half-open door, she had a clear view of what was happening inside.

Her boyfriend, the one who acted like he loved her in front of her, was having an affair with her cousin!

Just because she wanted to save her first night for their wedding night? Yes, Ahern had asked her for s*x a few times, but she refused. Grandma was very religious and reminded her to save her first night for the wedding night since she was a child. She had promised grandma about that and Ahern knew about it. He agreed to wait till they married. But now, he was messing around with her cousin?!

Disgusting, it's so disgusting!

She clenched her fists and bit her lower lip hard. Her eyes turned red. She felt heartbroken and the sharp pain made her almost breathless.

She was in love with Ahern for three years, but it turned out that he was just a jerk.

Her love for him was like a joke...

She just couldn’t accept that her boyfriend was actually cheating on her.

The two people in the room were still having s*x wildly.

Their groaning and growling were like sharp staggers, piercing Lilith’s heart.

It hurts...

It hurts so much...

Lilith couldn’t help but wrap her arms around herself, shivering from the pain.

Why... why should I be the one suffering?

It’s their fault!

Looking at the absurd scene inside, Lilith felt anger boiling up in her heart. She couldn’t take it anymore, pushed open the door and strode in.

“You two disgusting creatures! You make me wanna throw up. Ahern, you damn jerk! You are not my boyfriend anymore! Let’s break up! Now!” Lilith yelled out loudly.

Lilith’s shouting startled the two having s*x on the bed all of a sudden, and Ahern immediately pushed Maggie away, with a trace of panic in his eyes.

He quickly put on his pants and scratched his hair in chagrin as he met Lilith's reddened eyes.

"Lilith..." he subconsciously called her name.

Lilith, however, did not cast him a glance at all, and her eyes fell on Maggie, whose body was covered with hickeys and bite marks, from her neck, her collarbone, to her breasts.

Lilith instantly felt a wave of nausea and almost threw up.

Maggie got annoyed by Lilith's stare as it made her look like she had done something wrong.

But she hadn’t!

Lilith was nothing but a useless bastard that lived in her house. She was like someone from the slum.

How dare she fall in love with the heir of the Miller family? Ahern Miller can only be hers, and only she, Maggie, is worthy of Ahern! And Lilith, the beggar, would be a good match for that cripple though. 

Maggie narrowed her eyes in triumph, deliberately and slowly pulled her nightgown back, and walked step by step to Lilith, "Beggar, remember this, Ahern is the one who dumped you! You won't be so naive and think you're worthy of him, huh?"

"No, it's not like that, Maggie, shut up!" Ahern interrupted Maggie and jumped off of the bed, trying to pull Lilith's hand.

Lilith snorted and dodged his hand in disgust. She was looking at him as if he was some sort of disgusting creature.

Noticing Lilith’s cold expression, Ahern felt a strong sense of unease. He did love Lilith. And Maggie, she was just like his other s*x partners, they were just playthings for him. The only person he loved was Lilith.

"Ahern, stop. You know how much I hate betrayal. As you’ve already chosen Maggie, don’t come near me anymore. I am sure you two would make a PERFECT couple.” Lilith suppressed her disappointment and said flatly.

She cast a last glance at the man she used to love.

Three years ago, he booked the entire movie theatre and gave her a romantic surprise with flowers and balloons. He confessed his love for her and asked her to be his girlfriend.

And today he gave her a “surprise” again, his cruel betrayal. Their love story became a burst bubble.  

He said he loved her, but he couldn’t even keep the thing in his pants under control.

And he even slept with Maggie, her mortal enemy.

Maggie Lake, she had been looking down upon her and bullying her since childhood. She could only live under the haze of Maggie. Maggie loved stealing things from her. But Lilith had to give Maggie everything that she wanted, no matter whether that was a dress, a doll from Grandma when she was little or friends in school. And now, even her boyfriend was snatched by Maggie completely.

Lilith took a deep breath, turned around and left the room. But her tears still uncontrollably welled up from her eyes as soon as she turned around.

Ahern came back to his senses and immediately chased after her.

But Maggie pulled him back, "Ahern, what are you doing? You don’t like her, right? You’ve been sleeping with me for three months!”

Ahern frowned, and looked at Maggie impatiently. He then pushed her away, “It’s all your fault. Why did you make me stay with you today? I never wanted to break up with Lilith!"

Maggie pouted angrily, “You have to break up with her! Me or her, make your choice!”

Ahern froze and remained silent. He could not let go of Lilith, but was also infatuated with Maggie’s body. Besides, Maggie was the real daughter of the Lake Family. But he still wanna keep his relations with Lilith. He then ignored Maggie’s words, rushed out and caught up with Lilith.

"Lilith, I don't agree to break up. It was just an accident. It was Maggie. She seduced me on purpose..."

Lilith calmly interrupted him, "She seduced you, so you have to sleep with her? Does it mean that you would sleep with any woman that seduces you? Are you an animal?"

Ahern choked, and his face quickly became sullen.

How dared Lilith call him an animal!

He clenched his fists, and approached Lilith, forcing her to the corner, “Animal? You called me an animal? I am a normal man with needs. You insisted on having s*x only after marriage. How do you expect me to put up with that?"


Lilith could not hold back any longer, and slapped Ahern.

"You jerk! I’ve told you about that before and you agreed. But you just go against your words. And now you are making excuses! Whatever, I don't want you anyway."

Lilith turned around and even trotted in order to keep Ahern from catching up again.

She rushed out of the hotel, and caught a bus home. But as soon as she stepped inside the living room, she found the atmosphere a bit odd. They seemed to be treating some honoured guest. They were talking to the guest respectfully and cautiously. 

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