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Amy was staying in her uncle's house in his pack away from her pack after her biological parent's death from a rough attack. She's 17 years old and a very intelligent yet unnoticeable girl in school because she loves to be hidden. Everything was going very smoothly until one day on her 18th birthday, she found out that her mate was none other than the future alpha of the Moon Knight packs. Who has a long-time werewolf girlfriend from the same school, who was known to the entire pack? I, Mark Declan, Alpha of Moon Knight pack, reject you, Amy Redcliff, as my pack Luna and my mate. Now, what will be there the decision of Amy and how will she react to this situation..... This story is about Amy's life and how she found her mate who is also a cold stone alpha and he rejected her on her 18th birthday. The story revolves around this. I didn't form a proper storyline or plot as I just wrote whatever came to my mind, so I understand if you think it's kicking a fuss(pfft/ thinks it sucks). There are misspellings and grammatical errors. Please point them out if you'd like, please don't be spammy about it, and don't be an ass(oops...). If it is too much, then forget about the errors and continue. It won't be an issue. If you like the story, feel free to compliment me and my story, or else don't be rude in commenting about disliking it. Just suggest improvisation. I will try to focus on it and will make amendments as per that. ALSO: DON'T HARASS PEOPLE IN COMMENTS AND DO NOT PICK ON SOMEONE. IF ANY RUDE COMMENT WILL BE FOUND AGAINST ME OR MY READERS WILL BE DELETED. I DO CHECK REGULARLY. I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY RUDENESS OR VIOLENCE. DOING SOME PRODUCTIVE AND CREATIVE DOING IT WILL BE APPRECIATED BY THE WORLD.
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