Alpha Wolf, Human Mate *Complete* (Editing)

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"Mine," a voice growled over the booming bass.

I turned from the man I had been dancing with to stare into black eyes and a snarl of the most attractive guy that I have ever seen.

"Um..." I said stupidly.

Next thing I know, I'm being thrown over his shoulder and then into the back of a black Mercedes Benz.


Aurora Garrett just wanted to blow off some steam after finals week with her best friend Kat Stewart, but what started as a fun night at the club "Lycan" quickly turned into Aurora being abducted by a possessive, aloof, but sexy man named Adrian Holt, who seems to be hiding a very important aspect of himself from her.

Next thing she knows, she is thrown into an unfamiliar world containing werewolves, mates, hierarchy, power, sibling rivalries, and war. Her head keeps spinning from one shitty twist to the next. But hopefully, this Adrian Holt will stay with her through it all. even if she can't wrap her head around it all.

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"'Bout f*****g time!" Kat said as she walked out of the classroom. I snorted at her antics as I set aside the book that I was reading. It was finals week so I knew she was excited to get them over with. "Kat, you have to be quiet. There are still people taking their exams," I chided. She blushed and smiled sheepishly, her face matching the fiery red of her dyed hair. She never kept her hair the same color for more than the dye lasted. The last time that she dyed her hair, it had been platinum. During that time, she had also worn contact lenses that made her eyes purple. It was weird seeing Kat next to me since she was basically borderline goth whereas I was the nerdy bookworm. She wore chokers every day and dark clothes and bright red lipstick. I wore more neutral tones of makeup simply to even out the tone of my skin. But since I had very pink undertones, it was always hard to find makeup that matches my skin tone. "Babe, we have got to go clubbing tonight to celebrate the end of the semester. I can call up that eye candy that is Jace and head to Lycan!" Kat said excitedly, as she picked up her bags that were sitting along the wall by the classroom she just left. "I can't, Kat, I'm sorry," I told her. She groaned and placed a manicured hand on mine as I reached for my book. It was some young adult fiction about werewolves. Her nails were dark purple and perfectly filed. She didn't wear those fake acrylic nails. She prided herself on her real body, hair, nails, and lashes. She didn't even want to think about using anything that was fake. It also may have to do with the fact that she hated that makeup glue. Her caramel skin was a stark comparison against my pale ass hand. I loved her skin tone. she was not of African descent, I believe. I think she said something about being Puerto Rican American? "And why not, Aurora?" She demanded as she raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow. How she can bring herself to keep up plucking hair off of her to keep up her look, I will never know. "Because it's the season finale of Supernatural," I told her. She groaned again as she pulled me up from my seat. "Can't you just record it and watch it tomorrow?" She pouted, pushing out her bottom lip that seemed far too plump to not be real, but she swore it was. "By then, I would have seen all the spoilers for it," I whined. She whined right back at me. "But Aurora!" She stomped her foot as we made our way out of the building and towards our shared dorm. Kat wasn't just my best friend, she was also my roommate. "I wanna see Jace!" "And you can, but can you leave me out of it?" I asked. "No. You need to get out there!" I groaned for the umpteenth time since we got out of class. I don't see the need for me to go with her to the club that for some reason she was obsessed with. Lycan was a well-known place for college students and was almost always packed filled with sweaty, drunk, and slutty college students. The busiest times of the year was after midterms and finals. Everyone was there to blow off some steam and to find someone to f**k. "Why?" "Because you don't want to stay a virgin forever do you?" Ugh, thanks for reminding me that at 21, I'm still a virgin, I thought bitterly. "I haven't even been to a club before," I told her. "That's why you need to go out there in a skimpy little outfit, grind against a fine ass man, and get f****d through the night." She said, rolling her hips back as if she was twerking against some dudes crotch. I laughed but kept walking. I walked into our residential hall and headed to the staircase. Due to campus security, all stairwells, residential rooms, and elevators can only be activated with set key cards that are given to students living on campus as well as certain authoritative figures. But the key card given, while it works on the elevators and stairs, can only work on the assigned living space of the student it is given to. Which is one of the only reasons why my parents allowed me to live on campus. Even if I did start school a little later in my life. So I scanned my card and started walking up the two flights of stairs to my floor. I was so glad that I managed to snag a room semi-close to this floors bathroom. Kat was already waiting for me since she chose to use the elevator. She didn't like any form of exercise since it always made her sweat profusely and messed up her hair and makeup. "So, since you don't have any clothes that would remotely fit with the clubs atmosphere, you can borrow some of mine. I had my parents send me some of the clothes that are a tad too small since you are clearly a size six whereas my thicc ass thighs are an eight now." She laughed. She may call herself thick, but she was actually pretty skinny. Not as skinny as me, but still. "Um, alright, but if I can't pull this 'look' off," I started, using air quotes around the word look, "then I am blaming you." She gave me a look that said that she was done with my s**t since I know that she would never let me leave the room if I didn't look amazing. I blushed before ducking into our room. "Alright, since your skinny ass could never pull off the 'I-want-you-but-you-have-to-order-me-drinks-first' look, I think I can make you look like an innocent 'I-want-you-but-am-too-shy-to-say-but-I-still-know-I-look-good' look." She said, pulling laundry out of her side of the closet and her dresser. "Please don't make me look like a slut." She laughed one loud cackle before looking over her shoulder at me. "What do you think I'm looking for? I know you far too well to know you ain't about to start that shit." I rolled my eyes and laid on my bed as she started to throw together my outfit. ~^-^~ I could feel the bass of the music from where we stood in line. Jace, the sexy man that Kat managed to find the first time she went to Lycan, talked animatedly with Kat, talking loud enough to be heard over the crowd and the music. His mocha skin, only a few shades darker than her own, was well maintained. His arms were well toned; not too big, but clearly powerful enough to protect her. His hair was short but enough to run fingers through. His eyes were darker than Kats, but still not dark enough to look almost black. He dressed nicely in a muscle shirt and nice, probably Levi jeans. He wore converse that nicely completed his casual look. "Babe, you look amazing tonight!" Jace said, his tenor voice was like liquid silver. Kat said that she could listen to him talk all day. I don't blame her, but it didn't stop me from being jealous. She found a man that was sweet and caring, but also apparently possessive in the best way possible. At least that's what Kat says. I have yet to see have seen him be possessive with her, and I really don't want it to go too far and have to hurt Jace. "Jace, you're so sweet! Thank you!" Kat said, planting a kiss on his cheek, leaving a lipstick kiss on his skin, clear as day. His look softened and he ended up looking like a love drunk puppy. It was so adorable, I felt my jealousy ween just a little. We ended up getting into the club with little trouble due to Jace. Apparently, he knows the bouncer. They just shook hands and the bouncer, an older guy probably mid to late thirties who is completely bald, just let up in without carding us. The music was even louder inside. It was nothing I had heard before so I didn't know the title, artist, or genre that was being played. The smell of alcohol, s*x, and sweat permeated the air. The lights were too dim to see things clearly, but I saw enough to know I will not be returning. The theme was almost retro-futuristic and reminded me of clubs you would see in a sci-fi movie. The dancefloor was pack with college students dancing, grinding, jumping, and all other forms of movement that may be borderline s****l. The bar wasn't much better. But it was cool to watch bartenders mix fancy cocktails that were super easy to get drunk on. Girly drinks my ass, those bitches had more alcohol in them than a whole glass of "manly bourbon or whiskey." Jace, Kat, and I headed there first. Jace, even though he was our designated driver ordered us all a drink, though I only took one sip before gagging. I forgot how much I hate the taste of alcohol, even buried under the cherry and citrus taste of the Sherley Temple I ordered. I quickly ordered a virgin instead and drank that, only adding the cherries from the discarded drink into the new. After that, we headed to the dance floor. I was far more awkward than Kat and Jace. But once I got over my nerves and started swaying with the beat of the song, I found myself having a lot of fun. Unknown and blurry faces filter in and out of my vision. Before I know it, an unknown male is in front of me with a small smile on his face. He's attractive enough, but a bit nervous. The bass is felt through our feet as we dance with one another. "Mine," a voice growled over the booming bass. I turned from the man I had been dancing with to stare into black eyes and a snarl of the most attractive guy that I have ever seen. "Um..." I said stupidly. Next thing I know, I'm being thrown over his shoulder and then into the back of a black Mercedes Benz. I didn't even register leaving the club. I didn't have time to scream as the man climbed into the driver's seat of the car. "Who are you?" I whispered. The man didn't answer as he sped away from the club. "Hey!" I yelled between the seats. "Who the f**k do you think you are!?" I demanded as the situation finally started catching up with me. My breathing turned erratic and I searched for my phone to try and call the police. "s**t, I must have left my phone in Kat's car. Just like I had left my purse and wallet. How was I going to let Kat or anyone know I was taken? The man groaned but didn't say anything. He pulled out his own phone and dialed a number. I was trying to think of any possible way to take it from him, but my hyperventilating body finally caught up with myself as everything started going black around the edges. I started to fall over as I heard one word. "... Mate..."

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