Her Rejected Beta Mate

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Hunter Walker was rejected by the Alpha's daughter Serena Murray because she thought he was weak even though he is a Beta. Serena mated with the lead warrior Conrad. But she didn't want Hunter to leave the pack. She had her brother Terry the new Alpha command Hunter not to leave the pack. Hunter ran, so Terry locked him in the dungeon

Michaela is the new Queen of Werewolves. Her father and twin brother Micah were killed by rogues

She was rejected by Alpha Terry Murray, her Mate when she was eighteen. Once Michaela discovers that Hunter is her Second Chance. Mate. She punished Terry and his pack for the cruelty they did to Hunter. Banishes Hunter's parents. Dissolve Serena and Conrad from being Mates. Because of the law her father had passed.

Serena wants revenge and Hunter back. Hunter's father joins Serena in a revenge plot for Michaela

A rogue wants to kidnap and mate with Michaela

Two mystery men move into the territory. No one knows what they want or who they are after.

Hunter and Michaela will have to fight rogues and Alphas to stay together

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Chapter 1
"Hunter POV" My name is Hunter Christopher Walker. I'm twenty years old Native American,  Plain Cree. 6' 1 black eyes, long black hair. I found my mate when I was eighteen. My wolf's name is Sage, he's cold black, a bit larger than the size of an Alpha wolf. "Flash Back" "I Serena Nicole Murray rejects Hunter Christopher Walker." "Just accept the damn rejection I'm the daughter of an Alpha. I can't have you as my mate. You may be a Beta, but you are weak." "I Hunter Christopher Walker accepts Serena Nicole Murray rejection" End of Flash Back" That was two years ago. Since then I have been the laughing stock of the Silver Stone pack. Serena mated with Conrad Morris, the number one warrior of the pack. Serena had her brother, the Alpha to threaten me. If I leave he would have me killed. After six months, instead of killing me. He said they would hunt me down and lock me in the dungeon, for the rest of my life. One day I decided to run, but they caught me.  Now I have been in the dungeon, for over a year now. At first, Serena said if I left her wolf Helene would die. But after she mated with Conrad, she still wouldn't set me free. I heard that Michaela the new Queen of Werewolves is coming. She is looking for her mate. Her father and twin brother was killed about a month ago by rogues. Terry is hoping to be her mate. He let me out of the dungeon, to help clean the main packhouse. My parents live in the packhouse also.  They disowned me after the rejection. My father said I'm not worthy to be their son. My mother goes along with whatever he says. "I will never be free. Oh God, I'm going to die unloved and a virgin." Hunter yells looking around the cell. "Michaela POV" I'm Michaela Noel Landon, twenty years old biracial. My father was white, my mother was African-American. I'm 5'9, with light brown eyes, long dark brown hair. I'm the Queen of Werewolves. My wolf's name is Rainey, she's white with a gold crescent on the right side of her chest. I had a twin brother named Micah. We were very close. He was killed the same day as our father. He was supposed to be King. Our father King Roman, raised us. Our mother was killed when we were eight. He never mated with anyone else. I was rejected by my mate Alpha Terry Murray. When I was eighteen. Kate, Kristina, Nina, Priscilla, and I were eating at Zaxby's. We were on our way back from Cocoa Beach Florida. We had gone there for our summer vacation. "Flashback" "Look you're beautiful, but I don't want a mate right now.  What's your name cupcake? " Terry's looking at her up and down "Michaela Noel Landon" "I Alpha Terry Lamar Murray rejects Michaela Noel Landon" "I Michaela Noel Landon accepts your rejection "Have a nice life cupcake "You too. Asshole" Michaela shakes her head  "End of Flashback" I thought I would have found my second chance mate by now. Then again I also thought I would have a few pups running around by now. I never wanted to be queen. But it turned out to be my destiny. Things don't always turn out the way we plan them. I'm on my way to visit Silver Storm Pack. Terry Murray is the Alpha. The Alpha that rejected me. I haven't seen him since that day. The rejection didn't hurt much. Probably because we weren't around each other long enough to form a bond. I heard he mistreats the Omegas. My father said he's a bad Alpha. That he was glad he rejected me. Micah said that Terry wasn't good enough for me. But he still wanted to kill him for rejecting me. I heard his sister Serena rejected her mate, Hunter. To mate with an arrogant warrior of the pack. They seem to have a habit of rejecting their True Mates. Her real mate was  Hunter is Beta of their pack. I never met Hunter. I heard he's very handsome, strong, and smart. My brother always spoke highly of him. Micah would say Hunter was meant to be more than a Beta. Micah considered Hunter to be a friend. "Silver Storm pack" "Hurry up, " Terry yells before kicking Hunter in his stomach. Hunter's looking up at him, thinking "It's hard to believe we were best friends once."  Serena and Conrad are standing back looking at Hunter laughing. "If I ever get free. They all will pay for their wrongdoings."Hunter is thinking "When you finished, take your ass back to the dungeon. We wouldn't want you to scare my queen." Terry smirks, still standing over Hunter. "I heard she's ugly and ruthless. What do you mean your Queen?"  Molly has her hands on her hips, looking at Terry rolling her eyes.  She's his last night bedmate Terry shakes his head smiling " No way, I heard she's beautiful,"   Molly folds her arms looking at him, breathing hard, thinking. "You bastard"  "Anyway, she's here looking for her mate. Maybe we could be mates or just mates. Dave just mind-linked me, they have crossed the border. She'll be here in a few minutes."  Terry's walking out the front door.  Molly is walking behind him. She's not happy that Alpha Terry is considering mating with anyone that's not her. She rolls her eyes at the two black 2019 Mercedes GLS 63 drives up the driveway. In the middle of them is a black 2019 Porsche Taycan. "Damn! They came in style." Conrad's looking at the vehicles smiling.  Serena rolls her eyes at him. "Your ass better not touch either of one of those bitches. Terry looking at vehicles. "Let's see Kristina is her Number One Warrior, Kate is Head of Guard, Nina is her Beta and Priscilla is her Assistant. I don't know who's who. That was the only information the email said.  It didn't even have the new queen's name on it." Terry's rubbing his chin thinking. He walks off the porch, still looking at the Suv " Two beautiful women steps out of the first SUV look like Amazons in dresses.  They're looking around. The other Suv doors open damn two more beautiful Amazons in dresses get out."  He's thinking. "Damn, did they all grow up on an island like Wonder Woman."  Terry glances at Conrad Conrad smiles, mumbles " so it seems. All of her higher ranks are women."  About that time the queen steps out of the Porsche." Beautiful and sexy as hell. " Damn! " Terry's looking at Michaela.  She's wearing a white halter dress, nude color shoes. Her hair is in a high ponytail. Terry's wolf Hutch is howling. He wouldn't stop. "Let me at her,"  he said. Hutch hasn't acted that way since we met our mate a couple of years ago. Terry's thinking as he yells  "Shut up,"  in his head to his wolf. "What the hell, I got a hard-on, looking at her," Terry whispers as he is trying to cover up the imprint in his pants with his hands. Michaela is looking around, sniffing the air. She slides her sunglasses on top of her head. She looks at the other women. Terry's head is tilted to the right, thinking. " She's talking with them through the mind-link."  One of the women is looking around. As is she was looking for someone. "Why does the Queen look so familiar?"  He's thinking as he walks over to her. "I'm Alpha Terry Murray, welcome to my pack" "I'm Queen Michaela, thank you. How are you?"  Michaela is still looking around. "I'm good,"  Terry is looking at her confused Then Michaela introduces the four women to Terry. Terry points at  Serena "This is my sister Serena,"  "Hi Serena, how are you?" Michaela doesn't look at her. "I'm doing wonderful. This is my mate, Conrad." Serena said smiling, reaching for Conrad's hand Michaela looks at him, smirks, shaking her head. "Where is Hunter?'  Michaela turns to look at Terry. "How do you know Hunter?" Terry is still looking at her confused. "I hate it when people answer my question with a question,"  Michaela points at him.  "He's around here somewhere," Terry said looking around. Michaela looks at him with a narrowed eye. "I expect to see him before the end of the day,"  Michaela said looking at Nina. She takes a deep breath when she walked inside. She smiles. Her mate's scent is stronger in here. "I would like to look around," Michaela said "I thought you and I could talk in my office for a few," Terry said smiling at Michaela  Once their in the office Michaela sits across from Terry's desk.  She looks at him then out the window. Terry is looking at her, thinking "What a beauty, she is" He clears his throat "Michaela, you know I haven't found my Mate yet?" "You rejected your mate." She said not looking at him "Yes, but that was years ago. I heard you haven't found yours." He is looking at her smiling, wondering "how did she know that "Well you have heard wrong I did find my mate. But I was rejected. Say what's on your mind. " Michaela looks at him, shakes her him, thinking "He's crazy" Terry leans closer to the desk. "We both have strong genes. We should mate."  She leans closer to his desk, looks him in his eyes. "You really don't remember me, do you?"  He shakes his head, hesitating "No,  but you kind of look like my mate."  "Ex-mate. If you remember you rejected me in Zaxby's.  So I'm not your mate anymore." She shakes her head "Your Mine," he growls "Not even in  your f*****g dreams" She laughs 

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