The Mafia Leader's Kidnapped Wife

contract marriage
weak to strong

Her life was turned around, and she could barely grasp how quickly everything had changed. One minute she was crying and sulking then the next, she was being snatched up by a man she didn't know.

Mia Lenora Hernandez a young assistant had just found her boyfriend cheating on her with her childhood best friend. She could only deal with her boyfriend cheating but when she saw her best friend beneath him, the one that meant the world to her, she thought she was going to die.

After getting cheated on, Mia found it hard to pull herself together. Her heart was so shattered she couldn't possibly think anything worst could happen to her. Of course, that's until she met him.

Sebastian Antonio Genovese is a ruthless and heartless Mafia Leader. He is known to be one of the most notorious and vicious leaders at a very young age. He never wanted kids. Furthermore, he didn't want a Donna either because, after the way his mother treated his father, he found it hard to trust any woman.

Not only that, but he didn't care for their feeling nor did he care what they thought. He needed a wife to sign a deal and didn't want anyone basic. He wasn't looking to fall in love with her because he had taught himself all women are evil.

Well, that was until he met Mia.

She was kind to him when they first met. Though maybe she had forgotten and that sparked his interest.

She hated him, hated how entitled he seems until she grew to love him.

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Chapter One

Mia's POV

As I walked out of the building, I searched for my cellphone in my bag to call my best friend Tina. I walked down the now busy street finding her contact then called her. The phone rang for a few seconds then she answered it happily.

"Hey Mia, what's up?" She asked me

"Well I just got off work and I wanted to rant" I said to her looking both side of the street before I quickly walked cross as fast as I could in my heels.

"Okay sweety, I'm all ears. What's wrong?" She asked. I sighed trying to word this the best way possible.

"I think Charlie is seeing someone else" I said to her feeling my heart broke by just the short sentence. The line got quiet for awhile then she sighed.

"Mia, that's a huge accusation you know. Maybe he's just busy and how did you come to that agreement?" She asked me

"Well, last week we went out to a dinner and he was constantly on his phone texting back and forth. When I asked him, he said he was texting Brody because his aunt has fallen down the stairs and was in the hospital. After that I didn't question it but it got so annoying. We went back to my apartment and he was supposed to spend the night but he said something came up. I asked him what it was and he was stuttering then he said he was supposed to help his mom with something. He left and I started putting some stuff together. Later his mom called to speak to him because she couldn't reach him on the phone. I told her I thought he was with her but she said she and his father had left the country for a meeting." I said to her as I reached the bus stop.

"Okay, but maybe he has a surprise planned for you" She said to me as I frowned.

"Are you making excuses for him?" I asked her

"And why on east would I do that? You're my best friend so I'd never go against you but you have always overthink all your other  relationships and they all ended before they even started. You and Charlie has been together for almost 3 years so there is a chance the guy wanna f*****g propose so you need to chill out" She said to me in a tone I didn't like.

"Whatever you say but I think he's cheating. That's what my gut says and I always go against my gut feeling but not this time." I stated as more people approached the bus stop.

"Do you always have to ruin everything good in your life?" She asked with a groan.

"I don't know why you got your panties in a bunch but I'm gonna go before we say something we will both regret later" I said then hang up.

Yes I admit that I'm scared of how men can use other women. My previous relationships the guys were total assholes and never respected me. In the first two years of my relationship with Charlie, Tina hated him to the point that I couldn't have them in the same room so now that she's siding with him, it's not sitting right with me.

Soon the bus came and I got on deciding to go to Charlie's house to speak with him. I hate looking stupid especially for a guy because that's not who I am. I rather dumb you or have you treat me like a stupid side piece. A man dressed in a black suit sat next to me on the bus and I guess his shoulders were too broad because he was touching me. I couldn't see his face because he was looking down at his phone.

I leaned forward a bit so he wasn't uncomfortable with his seating even though he was the one who was making me uncomfortable. When the bus came to the bus stop near to Charlie's house, I press the buzzer and then the bus stopped. The guy stood up as well letting me pass him then he came behind me and we both got off the bus.

The bus drove off leaving us both on the road. The street was getting dark but I didn't mind at all because I knew my way around the place. As soon as the street got less crowded, I walked across the street and the guy was following behind me. I turned and looked at him but he didn't pay me any mind as he walked right pass me.

Charlie's house was at least 3 minutes walk from the bus stop so I reached there in a short period of time. I rang the doorbell seeing as I didn't bring  my key. The door soon open by Charlie's older brother Chance. He smiled at me letting me inside.

"Here to see the asshole huh?" He asked me

"Don't call him that and yes. Is he home because I saw his car in the yard when I walked in" I asked  him stepping out of my heels leaving them by the door.

"Yes he's here but can I talk to you before you go in there?" He asked me

"Uh, sure I  guess. What's up?" I asked him

"You know how I always say you deserve better than my little brother right?" He asked me

"Chance, I already made myself clear. I don't want to hear that" I said to him about to walk away but he stopped me

"No, please just listen to me Mia. Charlie is my baby brother and I love him to death but he's gonna hurt you. I'm sure you've heard this from our sister already" He said to me.

"Yes I have and Charlie specifically told me that you guys don't want to see him happy. You're not gonna ruin my relationship with him so please let it go" I said to him but my gut was agreeing with him.

"We don't want to see him happy?" He asked chuckling but he seemed hurt.

"I'm sorry okay. Just don't tell him I said that but I don't wanna hear about him. Let me find that out on my own" I said to him. He nodded then kissed my forehead.

"Good to see you. Vivian is waiting for me anyway" He said to me then left.

Chance was a great guy and to me, he has always been a great brother to Charlie's but you can never know a person you have never lived with especially when people can easily hide behind a lie. Chance and Vivian got married 2 years ago after being together for 4 years straight. He is 29 years old while Viv is almost 26 years old. They have been together since she was 18.

Anyway, I made my way to Charlie's bedroom and he was laying down taking a nap. I smiled at his cute face then decided to join him. I kissed his cheek then his lips smiling as he groaned twisting and wrapping both his arms around me.

"Baby" He said tiredly then opened his eyes. They widen a bit in surprise. Weird.

"Were you expecting someone else?" I asked him.

"N-no. I just thought I was dreaming when you kissed me but you're actually here. For real" He said chuckling.

"Right, whatever. Um, We need to talk Charlie. Seriously" I said to him. He shifted uncomfortably then I sat up causing him to do the same.

"What is it babe?" He asked me.

"What's going on with you and I mean seriously?" I asked him

"What do you mean?" He asked me. I stood up from the bed sighing.

"Why are you being so secretive and scarce Charlie?" I asked him

"Babe, I'm not being secretive but I'm busy with work. You knew what you sighed up for when you came into this relationship" He said to me

"Yes I knew. You work Mondays to Fridays just like me and I make time with my busy schedule. I can barely see you on Saturdays anymore. We don't talk often either and our s*x life is going downhill. Am I not enough for your liking?" I asked him frustrate. He stood up from the bed coming towards me.

"Baby, you are over thinking and over reacting." He said to me

"Stop f*****g tell me I'm over thinking and over reacting. Do I look stupid to you Charlie or do you think I'm some walk over huh?" I asked him

"Mia, what are you implying?" He asked me

"Are you cheating on me Charlie?" I asked him as my eyes pooled with tears. He walked towards me cupping my cheeks.

"No Mia, I'm not cheating on you. I-I am taking a vacation month next month and I wanted you to come with me. That's why I have so much work to do because I wanna finish so I won't be behind when I get back" He said to me.

"Charlie, I have a job and you work for your parents. I can't take a vacation when I have to work. I don't have a vacation leave until the next three months. What do you expect me to do?" I asked him. He sighed then shook his head.

"We will think about that when we get there" He said to me. I shook my head no then step out of his embrace.

"I have to go" I said to him then walked out of the bedroom heading to the front door with him hot on my tail.

"Mia, please let's talk about this" He said to me

"I need some time. Have a good night" I said to him slipping my heels on grabbing my bag opening the front door.

"Mia" He called and I walked out the door

What is it with men? They never value a woman the way they are supposed to and treat us as if we are objects. Charlie's mom is a trophy wife according to me because she wanted me to quit my job to let Charlie take care of me. Her husband cheated get she stood by him constantly. It has became a regular thing and he doesn't respect her. If a man doesn't respect me I don't see no future with him. I'm not stupid.

These women let men walk over them. Let them see us as just people to live with as if they are maids. I want to be heard too and I will not let any man walk over me like I'm some i***t all this wasn't called for. They are two weak and I think women forget that we are the ones who stood by men to give them strength. One of a mans rib makes one woman but yet a woman is stronger than a man emotionally and mentally.

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