My Bully is My Slave

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LGBT - Taming a Playboy (Stary Writing Contest III)

Susan is still haunted by the abuse and betrayal she got from Her highschool heart throb/ Playgirl Althea.

Finally 7 years later she has the opportunity to get her revenge. Tables have turned and she's now under her mercy. But will Susan be able to hold her Strength and Power ?? Or her fear will lead her down on her feet.

After spending years in juvenile She's seeking for a normal life to lay low. Breaking heart and bones are what please Althea Jordan's mind. But luck dispose her back of her highschool sweetheart Susan Merchant's mercy. She's now the one who's targeted , crushed, and abused like she did someday but Will Althea be affected by it at all ??

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Ms. Merchant
Fixing her pencil skirt Susan answered her phone in a bored tone seeing the caller's identity "What is it sister? I'm getting ready for work" "I can't even call my sister now ?? You rarely talk to me these days, by the way father was asking about you?" By the mention of her father Susan's expression changed from bored to stiff "Father ?? What does he wants from me ?" "He's just looking out for you Su , show some respect" her sister groaned feeling frustrated as she constantly tried to build a family bridge among her busy Father and stubborn little sister. "Hey are you complaining ?? I'm ending the call because I'm getting late for work bye" Susan said annoyed by her sister's remark taking their father's side. "No, I'm not..... fine i get it you hate him....but don't ignore me, I love you sis take care" Samara said trying to make peace with her little one. "Yeah i will, love you too bye" Susan replies trying to end their conversation "wait one more thing" samara says when susan was about to end their call "Are you sleeping well these days ??" ......"Just leave me alone, I'm getting late " Susan abruptly ends the call. Turning to her side she glances at the pills and water she has on her table. She locks her apartment and drives to her work. Toc toc toc....the sound of her pointy heels resonates around the hall when susan enters elegantly in her red heels matching her professional red blazer and skirt.....Her wavey bright brown hair cascading down her hips as she walked making them flow like beautiful river belt. Every eyes paid attention to those firm cold blue eyes as they walked pass them without even sparing a glance to her sides. "Here's the report you asked for boss ..!!" She said presenting file to office manager who's typing something in his laptop. He stops immediately accepting file from susan "Oh thank you Miss. Merchant, I'll check them immediately. You work really fast I'm impressed" He compliments her feeling nervous around her. A knowing fake smile plastered on his face as he checks the file. "Thank You Sir, You're just too kind" Susan says folding her hands.. "Umm by the way Miss Merchant , how's your father's health ? It must be hard for him to let his talented daughter to work here as intern rather than placing her in high rank directly" He says sympathising Susan in mocking way. "I would like to thank him personally to wish him good health and for praising your hard work , if you don't mind " He continues flashing his ugly white teeth. Susan just plainly looks into his eyes , unfazed by anything he said replies "It's been a while since i last saw him too. He's a sickly busy old man working from home right now. I'm sure we'll get in touch soon....Now will you please excuse me" She says turning around not giving a chance for him to speak back. He was about to say something but got embarrassingly stuck at his mid word by Susan's ignorant behaviour. Everyone stared at him surprised because nobody dared to cut manager's word in middle , let alone turning their back rudely while he's Infront of them. He fake coughed feeling ashamed "Ahemm everyone back to work" He said before resuming his work. He banged the file susan gave him loud on the side of his table. Susan sat on her office table with other interns working silently. Only the sound of tapping and typing could be heard. Merchant Enterprises Pvt.Ltd is a big company owned by Susan's father. He being a very busy man never paid attention enough to his two daughters after loosing his wife from cancer, but he did provided them with every luxury money could offer except love and devotion that a father should. They studied hard , both graduated from Top Business University. After graduation they both begin to live separately to maintain their own private life . Her big sister Samara was already handling after most of her father's business at another part of City where as susan recently graduated year ago . After her father started to be sick several time her sister hardly convinced her spoiled little sister to join their company and learn about their business. Being an excellent CEO ,she decided to put susan as an intern to learn from the start. Although Susan wasn't happy about it but her big sister was like a mother figure for her. She always looked out whenever she was in trouble, her only friend whenever she was sick or depressed. Her saviour when she got bullied and harassed at her school. Susan was spoiled but there's a limit of how much money can save you from a person's sly mind and strength from breaking you. At lunch break female employees were crowding at washroom having their usual chitchat and fixing their make up Infront of mirror. "It was so much fun to see that grumpy old man embarrassed hahaha kudos to susan" an intern from same work space as susan said laughing. "Who's she anyway?? even manager can't talk back to her ?? Is it internal high connection " Jane , the manager's assistant questioned others. "Or maybe the Top Hierarchy itself" Said HR manager Rosita. Everyone stared at her, surrounding for spicy detail since she's company's Wikipedia. "Come on now spill the beans" said Jane shaking her arms. "Haven't you noticed her surname Merchant, she's youngest daughter of our boss Mr. Harris Merchant. He's been bed sick a lot lately that's why recently a month ago I received an email from Madam Samara saying her sister would join interns and she shall be treated plus taught our business matters like a normal employee" Everyone seemed shocked to know about the rebellious newbie who's been creating uproar in office since her arrival. "No wonder she behaves like she owns the office.....huhhh freaking gold spoon. I wonder if she actually has brain, I'm sure it cannot be bought like her expensive make up and clothes" Said the intern who work with susan. Suddenly the mid cubicle of washroom opened shocking every soul inside washroom. "Why did you stop, the talk was getting interesting please continue" Says susan in her calm tone, her expression unfazed as she washed her hands. "Miss.Merchant , i hope you wouldn't misinterpret our conversation we were just trying to connect dots to know you better. After all we have to get along working hand in hand right? " Said HR manager taking responsibility of their Foul words. "You already spilled everything about me, there's nothing more to connect now. And those who have doubts in my capacity can check on my grade sheet, I've lots of A's to get myself a job out of my father's company. But sadly I can't betray my own kind unlike some unfaithful person's inside my own company" Susan hit them hard with her sarcasm before leaving the ladies behind with a sour expression. She immediately left the office behind as her mood's already ruined by those back biters. "So what if i was born with gold spoon in my mouth, i have worked hard to study and graduate. It wasn't easy to shine out among elite family's kids and it's not anyone's strength to stay strong after being victim of bullies" She mumbled to her self entering her red Mercedes-Benz S-Class, "why was i even listening to those wannabes ? It's all her fault that i froze in panic inside the cubicle" Susan leans down her seat , making her comfortable in lying position. "Even after she was sent to prison her face still haunts me to this day, She toyed with me as she desired , used me and when she got satisfied she treated me as her servant, if my sister didn't came in time when i couldn't see my abusive relationship with her I'd have been finished or worst dead" Susan says closing her eyes trying to calm down and remember what she's supposed to do in her life rather than wasting her time thinking about others. As she opens her eyes her ex/bully's face appear Infront of her grinning like a maniac she was. Susan freezes at her spot, unable to move an inch." I'm much stronger than before f**k off" Susan grits her teeth blowing the smoky image of her past in a puff. "She still has this much power over me" She says wiping her tears as she dials a number. "Can you come to my place now ? She said, the moment their call connected. She firmly added, Yes to my place " she says ending the call rushing her car back to her apartment. She's too frustrated to work back in office with those toxic womens all around who judge her. After reaching her apartment she takes a shower wearing a bathrobe. Drinking a glass of wine she waits Impatiently for her to arrive. A girl with blonde hair, blue t-shirt and shorts arrive Infront of her. She had spare keys of Susan's apartment. "Sorry for being late ? Did you take shower already ? Wait let me take mine ?" She says dropping her bags in table. "I can't wait" says susan grabbing her wrist and throwing her on bed.

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