Chatty Succubus

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It's strange how losing your lover and being cast down to hell can change your view on your existence. Still being immortal, now living in a place where I once frowned upon, a place where lesser beings remain. I did nothing wrong but fall for the most beautiful creature I ever laid my eyes on. I thought she loved me, when I realized she was with me just to make Ranulf jealous, I was hurt. I had warnings but decided not to listen. And now I'm paying my dues as Armand, the fallen angel. ***** Looking at Basilea sitting alone was kind of confusing, she did ask to be left alone and now I was wondering. I don't think it natural for a demon to feel sad, she's a succubus, a wingless one. I've learned that she had survived the great annihilation of her whole family, and was taken under King Eustace's protection, the king who reigned before Ranulf's time. I tried not to ask about her wings, but imagining the decapitation and what it must've felt like to her body, I shook my head and decided to go and let her have her privacy. I went back to my generals and discuss our defense, since our last invasion and failure to get Rain back we've lost a few of our best warriors. Though they know what they're going into, losing them still stings our pride the most. "How are we on the borders?" I asked my generals, they looked cocky and confident as they usually do. "No trespasser, no scouts from any neighboring kingdoms." We had lost the battle, though they let us leave in peace, we still lost and I was fearing other kingdoms might strike us at our weakest moment. I can't fight the feeling that once we decided to invade, others would see us as a threat. "Headcount?" "Almost a third from our side, mostly lower rank demon warriors. I'm counting thirteen of our best warriors are dead. They've released all of us that were being captive." Titus, my oldest general reported. We had been busy looking out for other threats that we had just found the time to reflect on what we lost. None of my loyal warriors dare to question my decision for the attack, they were all fearless, and proud to fight by my side. The invasion had been their moment, they went all in, rammed into battling one of the most powerful kingdoms in the hellish terrain. "My King," Magnus, my second general in command, my fellow fallen angel called out for my attention. "Our warrior had been thrilled from the last outing," he smirked, "I think they're all waiting for you to set another challenging war." "Right," my army was hungry for blood, my generals had been ferocious, and the attack was borderline feral. But, I didn't say much, and Magnus didn't push on it, instead, I went back to check on Basilea only to find she wasn't there. I found her an hour later back in my chamber, she was gazing to the outside, looking at the darkening sky. She must've heard my steps when she started talking. "You were right, I need companion. Thank you, I didn't realize that I miss having a pet dragon." She smiled and put her hand on my chest, the succubus looked perfect in my color, her skin was flawless, and her expression was seductively arousing. "You're welcome, you can thank me by kneeling between my legs," I smirked as I put my hand on her neck, grabbing her, tilting her head to face me. I didn't like her sadness, I like her like this, with lust in her eyes, her scent filling the room, and her eyes glowing from desire. I can already feel her tickling my skin trying to suck up my energy. "In good time, my king." I like how she addressed me, and I like how she grabbed my hand from her neck and licked my palm making me took a deeper breath as my d**k was slowly stretching in my pants. The little demon knew what she was doing to me as she tugged her lips and turned her body to face the skyline again. Her back was to my naked chest and instinctively my hands were to her waist, my wings cocooned us while she relaxes and rest deeper into my embrace. "I've never had a king to myself, I like this." "I'm hardly a catch, but once again you're welcome, are you feeling nostalgic?" Somehow she was making me talk, it's strange, but I did not despise it. It was okay, and I was even asking questions, trying to make conversation. "You're belittling yourself. You have an army willing to die for you, loyal generals, a kingdom..." "A small army, generals who are my friends and can't be anything than loyal, a mediocre size kingdom who apparently no one wants to fight for..." The room suddenly felt cold, depressing and I know why when she shifted from my embrace and faced me. Her expression suddenly looked fragile, my hands wants to take her back in my arms but I didn't. "In all my immortal life there's nothing more that I want than to be nothing, to hide among others, hoping that my kingdom was mediocre that no one wants to claim it." She drawls the word in such a way that I know my words hurt her. But I didn't say anything back, I decided to listen. Her sadness seemed greater than mine, it somehow sucked my energy that made me have to sit back in the bed. I was surprised by her power, but Basilea looked at me and decided to let me be as she turned around to face the hellish surroundings once again. "You will feel better in a while, I'm sorry my king, I just learned about this power for a couple of years and still working to control it. Maven gave me some suggestions on how to manage it, but I still need to work on controlling it." Her eyes landed on mine and I nod when I realize she needed assurance that I was okay. "You're a very powerful succubus aren't you? I realized you must be of royalty decent to have this kind of pull, does Ranulf know?" She had never disclosed her lineage and I was certain that Ranulf didn't care about her, didn't think that she'd matter when he gave her away to me easily. "No one knows except king Eustace and Maven who was sworn to the secrecy of my true identity, and now you." She shrugged. "No demon nor fallen angels see me other than what I am, I wingless succubus." She finally walks to my front, stands between my legs, and caresses my face. "Maven said by decapitating my wings, they made sure that I was never going to take my throne back. And they were right," she paused to look at me, her dainty fingers caressing my neck, her eyes locked with mine. "The moment they burn my wings in front of me, the pain was so great that it made me now able to generate sadness to suck in more energy sometimes without me even noticing." I move to lean further into my bed, I was getting lethargic but I didn't say anything. I know I can handle her, I just need to rest my body and let her vent. She tried to move away, but I pull her down to sit on my lap, my wing pulled her body to rest on mine. "They made me watch them slaughter my friends, family, my pet dragons, and lastly my parents." She took a deep breath, her sadness was sucking my energy. I was getting sleepy, my pulse was beating slower. "The pain was unimaginable, I kept on hoping they kill me already instead they laugh and left me. Blood dripped from my back until I was unconscious and the next thing I know, I woke up under King Eustace's protection. No one explain, I was just there, I didn't ask any questions, nothing was discussed and Maven was quiet when he treated my back." The chatty Succubus lowered herself down to lean on my body fully, her legs align to my side her cheek on my naked chest, her hand wrapped my torso, and my body hummed as she drain me and I let myself drown in the darkness with her in my arms. I was liking the dark peacefulness while her voice relaxes me. She will be mine, I heard myself thinking. Mine, for however long this f****d up fate of mine allows me to.
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