Survival on a Deserted Island with an Heiress

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Welcome to the Survival Game on the deserted island!

Rule 1. If caught, a survivor must unconditionally obey any order given by the predator, no matter how crazy it is;

Rule 2. All survivors must randomly team up with the opposite s*x, no matter who are assigned to you;

Rule 3. The sole goal is to survive no matter what happens to you.


The game begins. A poor boy, ex-service special forces, stumbles upon a rich beauty by the river.

He thought it was a beautiful encounter, little does he know the endless horrors lurking behind the Survival Game.

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Chapter 1
The sunlight was blinding as Anthony Dumas gradually regained consciousness. He tried to lift his arm but found it pinned down. Turning his head, he saw a slender, stocking-clad leg pressing down on him, with dainty feet resting on his abdomen. Through the misty fabric, pink-polished toes looked particularly enticing. Sitting up for a closer look, Anthony saw a young and pretty girl. She had a sweet face and buttery skin, with a slim waist yet a full chest that quivered slightly with his arm's twitch. ‘Was this girl also a participant in the Wild Survival reality show?’ Anthony felt a surge of anger. ‘How ruthless of the production crew to just drop us off from the helicopter on the coast and leave us unattended! Where are the cameras? The assistants? Where has everyone gone?’ The girl in front of him seemed so devastated. She was likely a rich girl not used to hardships. She would probably cry and demand to go home within days. Yet, none of these challenges were tough for him. He had served as a special forces operative for six years. After he left the army, he worked as a security guard. His survival skills were second to none. Life had been uneventful until he was laid off half a month ago, becoming jobless. Just as he was worrying about his livelihood, he saw an advertisement for a reality show about surviving in the wilderness. If he survived outdoors for a period, he would earn a handsome reward of several thousand dollars. That was a formidable task for most, but a walk in the park for an ex-special forces operative like him. Coming back to the present, he noticed the girl's eyes were tightly closed, and her breathing was faint. Even in such a state, she exuded elegance and beauty. The staff of the shooting crew were nowhere to be seen. If he ignored her and something went wrong, the audience would blame him for not assisting. "What can I do? I’m just a good-hearted person!" Anthony sighed. He positioned his hands on her soft and full chest and started performing CPR. Just as he was about to give rescue breaths, the girl's eyes suddenly shot open. "Ah—!" Before Anthony could react, a sharp slap landed on his face, causing it to burn with pain. "Pervert, what are you doing?!" After slapping him, the girl pushed Anthony away and quickly backed off. Rubbing his face, Anthony realized he had been misunderstood. Angrily, he protested, "Why are you hitting me? I was just trying to save your life with CPR and rescue breaths..." "How am I supposed to know whether you're lying or not? But you did touch me inappropriately. Am I wrong to hit you?" The girl glared, as if she wanted to devour Anthony. She then continued angrily, "You, a creep, weren't even afraid of being caught on camera by the crew! Once this show is over, I'll have my bodyguard beat you up!" Anthony had guessed right—she definitely came from a wealthy family. She even had her own bodyguard. "That's unlikely. Your bodyguard definitely can't beat me," Anthony replied confidently. "I served as a special forces operative for eight years and was the top combatant in the military. Your bodyguard would go down with just two punches from me." The girl probably didn't expect Anthony to be so formidable and found herself at a loss for words. She silently fixed her hair as the air around them seemed to freeze with embarrassment. After a while, Anthony introduced himself, and they exchanged a few words. Her name was Sandra Thompson. She had joined the Wild Survival show for fun because she thought her life was too dull. So, she wanted to appear on a TV show and catch her parents' attention. Anthony could only remark internally, ‘She is really rich, willful, and playful.’ "Listen, be prepared. The crew is nowhere to be found right now. Something might have happened. There are no supplies here, and plenty of wild animals are around. Don't start crying about wanting to go home!" Anthony warned. Sandra rolled her eyes. "I don't buy your scare tactics. Look at this place. It's like a vacation paradise. There’s fresh air, the sea, and the beach. Where's the danger? Besides, I did my homework before signing up for the show, so don't underestimate me." Anthony thought she had learned a lot, but upon further questioning, it turned out she had only watched some wilderness survival documentaries online and thought she was fully prepared. He had a bad feeling about this; she was likely to be a liability. Anthony quickly packed up; they had two backpacks filled with ropes, knives, and other tools. Just as he was about to leave, Sandra followed closely behind him. "What? Are you coming with me?" he asked. "I'm a delicate girl. Are you just going to leave me out here in the wilderness? That's heartless. The crew must have drones and hidden cameras around. Aren't you afraid of getting trolled by everyone after the show?" she questioned. Seeing Anthony's impassive face, she sweetened the deal, "Just walk slower, act like my servant, and I'll pay you a good sum of money after the show." She stood there, arrogant and high-headed, probably not expecting Anthony to refuse. Ordinarily, Anthony wouldn't bother with such a woman, but she was attractive, and it was somewhat comforting to have her around. As a retired special forces operative, having another person with him wouldn't compromise his safety; it would just add a bit of trouble. Moreover, keeping such a beautiful girl company could not only dispel his worries but might also lead to some interesting stories. Anthony said, "I'll take you with me, but from here on, you must listen to my words." "Fine! But you can't lay a hand on me, or I'll dock your pay. And you have to protect me. If I get hurt, my parents won't let you off the hook." Sandra's face still radiated a sense of superiority. Leaving the beach, they ventured into a dense forest and soon came across a flowing stream. After verifying it was fresh water, Sandra leaned over to drink from it. Meanwhile, Anthony jumped into the water, stirring it up. This startled Sandra. Then, right in front of her, he slowly began to unbuckle his belt. Sandra froze, her face flushing red. "What are you doing?" she stammered. Anthony glanced at her with a slight smile on his face. Then he proceeded to take off his pants entirely. Seeing the bulge wrapped in his underwear, Sandra blushed even more and screamed, "Pervert! There might be cameras filming us!" "That would be even better," Anthony replied. "Do you know what men love to do the most? From teenage boys to old men, all of them enjoy this." By then, Sandra had imagined what was coming next. Her legs weakened uncontrollably, and she started crying. "This show is live, and lots of viewers are watching. Maybe my parents are in front of the TV. I warn you, if you do something foolish, you're done after the show!"

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