Her Life or Your Honour?

Sarah Rhodes, the princess of Marc Rhodes and Arabella, was married off by her parents without her consent to the heir of a prominent and powerful family, The Abrams. Luke Abrams, the sole child of Silas Abrams and Delores.

Sarah quit school to live her parents' dream life, to fulfill her parents' wishes. Soon the decision became a crusher for Sarah's life. Luke, who appeared as an attractive and fine man, switched into a ruthless monster. Sarah's life is filled with pain, heartaches, betrayal, and most of all, living with a man that had no place for her in his heart. Shortly, those led Sarah to discover a murky secret of Luke Abrams and his family. Sarah was left with one option; to seek justice and expose Abrams. Her presence in their life is where their nightmare starts.

The real war of JUSTICE is about to begin.

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Part 1

I stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me. I gazed in the mirror as I buttoned my school uniform.

“Sarah... hurry up!”, shouted Mom as she prepared breakfast.

“5 minutes”, I replied.

I'm Sarah, the only daughter of my parents (as she combs her dark wavy hair). My top rule is to look smart and drop-dead gorgeous wherever I go, even at home. (I glance at myself once again in the mirror), “Gorgeous!”

I struck out of my room, ate a quick breakfast, and my dad took me to school. I arrived at a place called school.

Going to school is the morning routine I despised the most.

I walked in and I made a bitchy face.

(A plump brown-skinned girl smiles at me)

Sometimes people should stop smiling at me or expect me to do the same. I don't want to return their smiles to strangers or... to people I know. I don't get why. Is it me or am I... not fond of them? The best part, I have a few buddies who clicked with me.

(I entered my class and sit next to my classmate)

As soon as the teacher entered the room, the pupils began to take everything out of their knapsacks. Instead of myself not paying attention, my eyes scanned around the classroom while my teeth gripped the pen. Last but not least, babbling with my friends.

The class was dismissed on time.

My pals and I walked to my house together. We chose group studies, as our teacher shed us on some homework that needed to be completed.

Stand on the porch, we remove our shoes and set them aside. I led them into my room. Certainly, rather than concentrate on our schoolwork, we lose ourselves in tittle-tattling someone behind our backs. Indeed, it took a lot of our time to complete the task.

People prefer two-bit over quality goods, right? We scoop our stuff back into our knapsacks, I escort them out. As they leave, I join mom in the kitchen.

The majority of my time I spend with my family. That's all my activities, from day to day, month and year. My life flared with joy when I was the youngest child, the most adored child of my siblings, I never had to beg for anything.

My time passed smoothly until mom walked into my room. She sat beside me and rested her hand on my shoulder. She smiled. She remained silent for a short while.


“Yes?”, I answered.

Her smile fades away.

“You got a marriage proposal”, said mom

"What?! No way!”, My smile shriveled as soon as the words sank in. I stared at her without blinking, as heaviness grew in my stomach.

“They're a decent and honorable family, even more, they're up to our standard”, said mom.

“MOM!… I'm 19, I'm not ready!”, My muscles tensed. I felt a rapid rush of rage as I became aware that she was my mother.

"Dear, you'll have the life that every woman dreamed of". A surge of happiness shone on her face as she pictured the perfect life for me.

"You must be kidding me, mom! Don’t you see, I'm still in high school! I haven't graduated yet”, I said.

"Come on, school is just a formality, it's not necessary, even the groom and his family don't mind it at all", she remarked with complete ease.

“Mom...Please! Leave me alone.”, I avoided staring at her and fought the desire to say something.

She caressed my hair, before leaving my room, saying, "OK sweetie, I'll leave you. Please give it some thought."

My days flew not as spirited as usual. I curled up on the bed as my thoughts mulled over the marriage proposal. It's been a week, I haven't made up my mind. A huge step in my life waiting for my approval. Unease slithered down my spine with the notion of embracing a new family, my guts shaking, not knowing if they were an angel or devil. The toughest part is that when I have to leave my house-my parents-my brothers, I wish my after-married life the same as I am in my parents’. It would be nice if mom's words were true, "The life every woman dreamed of."

After another week had passed, mom entered my room and sat next to me, asking, "Have you considered it?" with hopeful eyes. The question dampened my mood.

I turned off the TV and looked at her. "What about dad?" I asked.

"Dad agreed, we are thrilled, we are looking forward to this proposal, it's all in your hands Sarah," mom remarked.

They seemed pleased, particularly dad.

I can't say no, since Dad is my favorite person and I am his beloved daughter. They never asked anything of me, they gave me everything.

"Don't worry, dad has learned everything about them, they're a good family," mom rubbed my shoulder.

"Sarah," dad knocked on the door.

"Come in, dad," I said.

Dad entered the room and asked, "Have you decided yet?"

I muttered, "Mm.." dodging his eyes, I looked down as my mind flooded with "no" words.

“The groom's family just called, they're waiting for our response”, said dad.

His gaze says it all, the trust he put in me, there's no strength in my body to break his trust. I inhaled deeply, squeezed the cushion in my lap, and nodded, a fake smile on my lips.

“I will tell them”, dad left my room.

Mom wrapped her arms around me and kissed my forehead. “I'm so proud of you!”

They leaped for joy as if they had received a treasure chest. Their souls erupted in applause without the “Yes” word coming out of my mouth.

A glimmer of happiness on her face as she exited the room. I'm not sure if this is the right choice. My parents are excited but mom, dad, did you make the right decision?

The groom's family paid us a visit one day. They desired to make an official marriage proposal. Mom enters my room while I'm getting dressed with a tray of coffee cups and says, "They'll be here shortly."

My stomach sank at the words.

"You'll leave with the tray and wait in here till your aunt gets you out," Mom replied.


“They're here! I will go greet them”, said mom.

When she stepped out, female voices struck my ears. My palms became moist, and my heart began to pound.

"The Abrams here. One of the most influential families in this society." I said,

"Let's go, they're waiting for you," Aunt walked in.

I stood up, clutching the tray. I strode out of the room, as my aunt followed behind me. I bowed my head and walked towards them. Each of them took a cup from the tray. I smiled at them, I took a seat alongside mom.

Just the lady Abrams? I thought all of them were going to pay a visit.

They pose like royalty, with a lavish blackish-red dress encircling their curvy bodies. Diamond rings gleaming on their fingers, and glistening earrings hypnotize people's gaze. Not a strand of hair stands on their faces in neat hairdos. Their exotic makeup and red lips symbolize the boldness of the ladies of abrams.

Now I feel my makeup's lacking. Who would have believed they looked like a doll?!

“She's gorgeous”, said Delores Abrams (the future mother-in-law). Her gentle and refined tone made me even more nervous.

I smiled slightly at her as I grabbed the edge of my dress.

"Yes, she is," Mom answered, holding my hand."The only daughter I have."

"We know, she told me", said Beth, the bob-haired woman pointing at my aunt.

"We heard she's still in high school?" asked Indy Abrams, the solemn-faced woman who seldom smiled.

“She will graduate next year”, said mom.

They all stared at each other.

"We thought..., we decided to, we want them to marry this year if there's no issue," said Delores Abrams.

Mom faced me, I shook my head, and she glanced at dad, a blank look crossed his face. He paused and thought for a moment. “We need time, we'll let you know as soon as possible”, said dad.

They nodded, and conversation abounded the rest of the day.

(The next day)

“Mom, there's no way I'm quitting school!" I said.

"We understand; our heads are muddled by the issue," she said.

“There will be no wedding unless they wait till next year!”, I firmly replied,

“We have to convince them somehow, there's no way she'd drop out of school”, said Dad.

“How do we convince them? They want the wedding this year”, asked mom.

“Let me think, I can't give any further explanation now”, said dad.

"I need Sarah to complete high school as well as the marriage proposal”, dad added.

"You had better choose wisely, dad" I said.

Anger stirred within me as I recall the conversation with Abrams.

They can't just do whatever they want! If they want me, they must wait and respect my decision!

Furthermore, my head hammered with tension as I pondered my parents' choices.

What if my parents turn their backs on me? Hopefully not. I have faith in them.

"We made up our minds", said dad. They looked dead serious.

I hate it!

"What's the verdict? I sincerely hope you are not against me.”, I said.

“We are not against you”, said dad.

"It's just we..", mom continued, staring blankly at me.

“You won't like it, Sarah”, said dad.

"You won't make it until graduation. You're getting married this year," he said, standing still with a tight posture.

“THAT WAS NOT PART OF THE DEAL, DAD!" I exclaimed loudly.

“We tried to persuade them, but they stuck to their decision”, said mom.

"I wasn't expecting it, especially from your dad!" I firmly stated, "I believed you would be by my side."

"YOU'RE ALL AGAINST ME!" I slammed the door behind me.

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