This is a box set or bundle of several books in the fantasy, contemporary, horror, mystery, and romance genre, just for some variety. You’ll get the following volumes:

Fantasy book 1: Dreamy fantasy stories have actually been a trend. They’ve inspired millions. As opposed to the lengthy novels, these stories are short but cut to the chase in an instant.

Fantasy book 2: Take yourself to a random realm where impossible things become possible. Dare to dream and imagine things that couldn’t exist in our present existence. In this fantasy anthology, some young heroes as well as heroines come around in these epic stories; they locate clues and handle challenges, enchanting or mundane, in this action-packed urban dream anthology.

Contemporary: All of them evolve around themes you may be familiar with in your own life. In a fictional setting, these issues come to light to help you think and enjoy the entertainment value of it at the same time. Such issues include:

- Rebellion, pop-culture, being different, and dealing with special gifts.

- Loneliness, being an orphan, and being rejected.

- Becoming extremely wealthy, famous, or talented.

- s****l themes related to the law of attraction and the importance of it in someone"s life.

Horror: This anthology of short stories contains many different elements readers of the horror and mystery genre will enjoy, such as:

- Time travel and playing around with the change of events.

- Zombies and outbreaks of the undead in apocalyptic scenarios.

- Survival in times when things get tough.

- Ghosts and the appearance of those from the other side to warn and scare their victims.

Mystery: Entertain yourself by reading or listening to these short stories that all contain one or more secrets: A murder, a theft, a hidden identity, or some mystical disappearance. Dive beneath the world of lies and spark your curiosity as you keep reading and satisfy your cravings for closure. These stories contain elements such as:

- The search for magical items that could instantly change a person’s life.

- Vanishing items that need to be retrieved.

- Detective searches for perpetrators and suspects.

- Misleading tricks from double-agents to get to the bottom of a con.

- Murder mysteries with motives, who-done-it settings, lies, and cover-ups.

- Conspiracies and hidden agendas.

- A werewolf and the puzzle of figuring out who it is.

- Unexpected plot twists about presumptions of labelling certain parties as the good guys or the bad guys.

- Police investigations and car chases.

- Magical and supernatural powers and intricate disasters.

- And so much more!

Romance: While reading through several short stories, you will come across a series of emotions, highlights, and communication differences that will set these tales apart from others, still allowing you to bask of the generous light of the genre you are attached to. Such highlights and happenings include things like:

- Arguing, resisting, kissing, and making up.

- Marriage proposals, and the entire game leading towards that special moment.

- Princesses in castles who don’t feel like they get what they deserve.

- Vampires and their peculiar dealings with actual human beings.

- Perspectives from males and females who experience the same occurrence but feel differently about it.

- Cross-cultural relationships and particular feelings attached to them.

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Chapter 2: Zombie Attack
Chapter 2: Zombie Attack No sooner said than done, the robots patrol around the city walls. The citizens are safeguarded against Jaxson's sinister strategies. Dozens of robots pace each day, following unique patterns and standing in the way of possible opponents and the innocent people in Crystal City. "Good, very good," Elliott says to his counselor, Axel. They are standing outside, by the city gates. Elliott glances at some robots that are marching from left to right and indicates some other ones standing in front of the gates. "This will work," he says. " What do you think Jaxson is actually up to? He was raving," Axel says. " I do not know, but I know it won't be long until he releases his anger on us. We should be ready." " I completely agree. I will stay here, at the big gate. I know we can rely on the robots, but we still need to be notified when there is something going on." " I expected absolutely nothing less, Axel. You are great." " That's what happens when you don't have a family waiting for you. I do not have a busy home life like you." " Oh well, you'll get wed someday too. No rush, right?" " Exactly." " I will see you later, friend." Elliott leaves. Axel watches him leave. He has a look at the horizon, where a stunning sun embellishes the sky with its bright rays. He takes a look at the gates. Two doors, the size of a cottage, form the entryway to their little city. They are sturdy, made out of wood and heavy metal hinges. The lock on them does not work, but these doors are so heavy that it would take a very long time to open them anyhow. As of now, they are closed. The robots pass them every few minutes. All of this reminds Axel of the "great old days" when they nearly eliminated the walls around the city, implying that there were no real opponents anyway. Yet now, things have changed. That Jaxson is a serious threat. His plans are outrageous, and he will not accept "no" for an answer. It's getting late. Axel is bored. He has fun with a blade of grass and kicks back on a small stool. 2 city guards are speaking to each other on the other side of the large gate. Everything appears to be alright. But not for long ... Axel looks at the horizon again. He squints his eyes. "What is that?" he asks himself. A few miles away from him, little dots are appearing in the distance. They several by the minute, and Axel still has no idea what they are. His gut, however, is telling him that it's not really good news. " Toss me your field glasses!" he shouts to the guards, who are standing next to the ladder. " Huh? Oh, okay. Here you go!" one of the guards says while throwing it up to Axel. Axel captures the field glasses and browses them. "Whoa. They're even farther away than I thought. How come they ... oh ..." He turns the binoculars around and thinks of how dumb he was to browse the wrong side of them. He turns them the right way and browses them again. " Oh no!" he says. "There are so many of them! And they're all coming here!" He looks down and screams, "Guys! Sound the alarm! Numerous zombies are coming our way!" " What?!" " Go! Go! Tell everyone! Let women and kids go inside, gather all warriors at these gates. Alert all robots to defend this part of the city. Go!" The guards run all over the place as Axel leaps down and cautions all the robots. About a half hour later, dozens of robots are securing the front gates. Elliott has actually shown up too, watching the zombie hordes method by looking into his binoculars every other 2nd. " Let them come," he says in a low voice. "We will provide a warm welcome." The zombies are coming closer. Some of them are walking in the awkward way that zombies normally do. Others are running quicker and much faster. The robots stand ready. The zombies are practically there. Suddenly, the first zombie gets hit. WHACK! The robot hits it with its fist. The battle has begun. All the robots are now walking forward, punching and kicking zombies along the way. Their huge fists take out a lot of them. THUD! BANG! BOF! The zombies are flying everywhere. The human guards stand in wait behind the city gates. They are in worry, not knowing what is happening on the other side of the large gate. The archers on top of the gates are shooting arrows. Elliott and Axel are walking around nervously, observing the entire battle scene between their robots and the invading zombies. Long and hard, the battle continues, but the robots are winning. None are broken or killed. The zombies are falling by the lots. Just a few more ... Just a few more ... Unexpectedly, it's over. The robots stop fighting. The last zombie has actually been smashed into the ground. Elliott looks at the battleground in front of the city walls. He is pleased. The archers stop shooting. Then Elliott turns around and screams, "Male, we are victorious!" The guards and archers cheer loudly. The first fight has been won.

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