the sword girl and the evil king

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once upon time in the kingdom there lived a king and queen in the middle of the desert the king and queen were wishing for a baby for more than five years but it was still unsuccessfully no done they were not blessed with a child until finally there wish came true after some days the baby girl was in the kingdom there was lots of excitement and enjoyment for the king and the queen. they name her Alice. and just like that time passed by things were also normally going well Alice had also grown up to beautiful princess. Alice liked to do research on the flowers like how are they so much beautiful why do the flowers smell so fresh. like a strawberry. so she asked her mother about the flowers. the queen said that the flowers are just not beautiful and not just smell fresh they can be useful also. after some time the king decided to teach how to use a sword in a battle because it is very much important for every prince and princess to learn sword fights you never know when the things will turn around. the queen was not much eager to see Alicia training for the sword fights for the future but the sake of the king she agreed and the queen also supported her. time passed by and know Alice was also trained very perfectly for the sword fight in the future. seeing her doing the sword fight practice all of the men's and maids decided to call he the sword girl because she was expert in the sword fight. the king and queen were very proud of their daughter. on the other hand a spy from the evils kingdom had kept his eyes on the kingdom of the Alice because the evil king had ordered him to spy very perfectly because he wanted to know how much they have the army currently. if there army is weak we can attack easily and defeat the king and queen easily but if there army is strong and very much number of men are there in the army it will take time for us to get stronger. meanwhile the king and the queen decided to go out on a vacation with Alice for somedays to enjoy and to relax. so the king decided to go to Royal island as it was very much beautiful ; unique and glowing land of the flower. so the king and queen and Alice set of towards the island to enjoy their life with happiness. but they did not know about the spy who had saw them leaving from the kingdom and going to Royal island to enjoy and relax. the spy thought this is the perfect opportunity to kill all of them. so he went back to the evil king and told the jackpot news. hearing the news the king was excited he was waiting for this moment for two years and it finally came true. the king ordered his men to get ready we are going to the Royal island to kill the king and his family. after traveling for four hours the king the queen and her daughter Alice finally reached the Royal island all of them were very happy because it had been some days that have not relax and not enjoy soon they had lots of fun and enjoyment and also had some yummy food. after all the enjoyment and the excitement the king queen and Alice decided to take nap and after some time they will see what to do next. but they didn't know that their life will become a hell. on the other hand the evil king had started his journey to the Royal island to kill king and his family. after wards the evil king reached the Royal island he saw that the king the queen and Alice were sleeping. as they all were tired. the king tooked out his sword and beheaded both the king and the queen the king was about to kill Alice also but he saw that from the other kingdom the king was coming towards him seeing the other king the evil king left in a hurry and started back his journey towards his kingdom. on the other hand the king name sultan. sultan brought Alice to his kingdom. so that she could be save from the trouble. after some time Alice woke up she was shocked that what she was doing in the others kingdom. Alice got out of the bed and went to the king and asked him like what she was doing here. the sultan told her that her parents were killed by a evil king name zarur hearing this Alice started crying she was in grieving that her parents were dead. but sultan consultant her and said that there is no. point of crying instead of crying lets take revenge from the evil zarur king who has caused destruction over all the kingdom. Alice asked her that how can i get revenge from zarur king I don't know who is he and where he lives what he is planing how much army he has. sultan said that the zarur is a very selfish greedy and unmercifully type of king he doesn't spare anyone he just kill people for fun and to make himself popular in killings of the people. Alice asked sultan does he knows where is zarur currently now. sultan told her that he doesn't know because he always change his route and always travel place to place hiding from the kings who are willing to beheaded him when they will see him. Alice got a brilliant idea he asked sultan to sent some spies on finding the zarur i am sure the spies would not let us down. sultan said it is master idea l will sent some spies to track the evil zarur. so the sultan ordered his spies to track the evil zarur and if you find him immediately report me. the spies accepted and marched on their mission. on the other hand evil zarur was very much happy because he taken control on Alice kingdom he had all the power to do what he want. but he did not know that a spy was keeping a watch on his every moment. meanwhile sultan was preparing his army more stronger to fight zarur out of the territory for every. Alice was also was practicing the sword fight extra hard so she can be super in the Battle to defeat the evil king zarur for killing her parents. until finally the spies returned back and told that zarur is in the forest he hunting animals down this is the perfect opportunity for Alice and you to beheaded him for killing Alice parents and for causing destruction in our kingdom. soon the sultan army and Alice marched to his kingdom there was a fearless battle between them and the king zarur was killed by Alice in this she had her revenge successful and she thanked sultan for helping her very much. in this they lived happily ever after.

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