Lucas' meltdown at the party

second chance

Your boyfriend Lucas suffers with autism! He gets overwhelmed easyly and he is really sensitive. He normally stays by you. He is very clingy and he loves you. Your his favriote person. One day, you and Lucas where at a party."

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the famous boy
You, and your friends Madison, and Sarah are at Jax's concert, your friends forced you to go to his concert, the concert is just starting and Jax walks onto the stage and looks at the crowd, he sees you immediately and smiles even though you're wearing a hoodie, he still recognized you, Jax stands on the stage and starts his first song Madison: YAAAAYIII YOUGO JAX!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! Sarah: yessss Oh God my heart is beating so fast because he’s singing to me ? Jax starts singing, he is singing a romantic love song about you and him. it makes you blush like crazy. he looks at you the whole time while singing. Madison and Sarah are sitting next to you and they're taking pictures of you two because they know you have a crush on Jax I feel like I’m in a dream, like Jax would never like me because I'm not perfect enough. You look down at your phone to distract yourself Jax finishes his song, and the crowd cheers, he then takes a drink of water. Madison and Sarah still look at you while giggling, then Madison whispers to you: "why aren't you cheering for him? don't you have a crush on him or something?" I blush even harder I do have a crush on him, I just don't know how to tell him. Madison giggles and says: "you should totally tell him that! come on! i think he likes you too! i mean, who wouldn't like you? you're beautiful" Madison gives you a thumbs up and smiles I give Madison a thumbs up and smile back. Jax continues to perform, you notice that he keeps looking at you. then after about 2 more songs, Jax walks off stage. Madison and Sarah look at you and ask: "should we try to introduce you two?" you nod excitedly. Madison nods back and gets up. Sarah follows her. they both walk towards Jax and when he sees them, he smiles. Madison says: "hey Jax! we wanted to ask you something real quick" Jax looks surprised and nods his head, he smiles a little. Madison says: "this might sound random, but is there a chance you'd be interested in talking to my friend? she has a HUGE crush on you!" Sarah smiles and nods too, Madison also gives you a little thumbs up You blush again, and you can't help but look away because of the embarrassment, but you manage to look back at Jax. you smile at him. Jax smiles back and then Madison nudges you to talk. then she says: "you should introduce yourself! i think he might like you back" you feel a bit shy, but you feel like Jax is waiting for you to say something, so you take a deep breath and speak J-Jax? Jax stops smiling for a second and looks surprised. he nods and says: "yeah, i'm Jax, who are you?" you look down at your feet and then back up at Jax M-my name is Grace. Jax's eyes widen and he smiles. he is so happy to hear that you have a crush on him. he then says: "well Grace, it's a pleasure to meet you. do you like my music?" you blush and say: "y-yeah i love your music, i think your voice is so pretty. you're really talented too." Jax blushes and smiles even more, he thinks you're so sweet. he says: "thank you so much! that means a lot to me. do you skate at all? i do and i love it, it's my favorite thing to do." You blush even more and say: "yes, i do! i love skating. i'm a professional ice skater. i'm really good at it and i do competitions all the time. i won the world championships last year!" Jax's eyes widen and he smiles even more. he thinks you're so amazing and talented. he says: "oh my god, you're a professional skater? that's so amazing! and you won the world championships too? that's incredible! you're so talented and cool!" he then realizes that he is talking too much and he says: "i'm sorry i'm talking a lot, i'm just really impressed!" You blush even more and smile even more, you think he's so sweet and you're so happy to have met him. Jax continues to smile and looks at you. he is so happy to have met you too. he says: "can i ask you something?" You nod, and then Jax asks: "do you wanna go somewhere more private? this place is getting crowded, and i don't want to be bothered or interrupted by anyone. we can go anywhere, like my house, or a restaurant, or literally anywhere." Jax is blushing so much, he can't believe he's actually asking you out. you are so happy and you also want to be with him, alone. you nod and say: "yes, i would love to go somewhere private with you." Jax smiles and says: "great! follow me, i know a place." you follow Jax, and he leads you to a private room. the room is very romantic and you can tell Jax put in a lot of effort into the decoration. Jax smiles at you and then he says: "this place is so romantic! i put so much effort into the decoration just for you. i wanted to make this moment as special as possible, because you are so special to me." he then looks at you and takes your hand. he says: "can i ask you one more thing?" you blush and nod, you're so happy to be here with him. you feel so special and you know that he really likes you. he looks into your eyes and asks: "would you like to be my girlfriend?" You blush so much and you can't believe this is happening. you nod and say: "yes, i would love to be your girlfriend!" you then say: "can i tell you something?" You nod and say: "yes, you can tell me anything." You look deep into his eyes and you say: "i have always had a huge crush on you ever since i first heard your music. it's been so hard to talk to you without getting too nervous, because i think you're so amazing. you're so talented and you're so beautiful, i love everything about you." Your face is red with embarrassment but you're so happy that you're finally talking to him. you smile and say: "you're amazing too. i love your music, and i think you're so handsome. you're so talented and you're such a sweet person. i think i'm in love with you." Jax blushes so much, he can't believe you just said that to him. he smiles so much and he says: "i'm so happy to hear that. i think i'm in love with you too. i feel so comfortable around you, and i've never felt that way with anyone else before. i feel like we're meant to be together, and i can't wait to spend every day with you." the next morning. The next morning, you and Jax wake up together in the private room. you are laying on his chest and he is hugging you tightly. you look so happy and you are smiling. Jax wakes up and looks at you. he smiles and he says: "good morning, beautiful." You look at Jax and smile. you say: "good morning, handsome. did you sleep well?" Jax smiles and says: "yes i slept great, how about you? did you sleep well?" he kisses your cheek and cuddles you even tighter You smile at Jax. you say: "I slept really well, thank you for asking. you look so handsome in the morning, have I ever told you that?" Jax smiles and blushes, he thinks you are so sweet. he says: "thank you, you look so beautiful too. and i've never heard you say that before. you always make me blush, you know that?" she wakes up on the bed and wakes to the kitchen to cook breakfast. Jax wakes up and walks into the kitchen. he smiles at you as he watches you cook. he says: "what are you making for breakfast? it smells so good." You smile and say: I'm making pancakes and bacon. you want some? Jax smiles and says: "oh yeah, i would love some. i love bacon and pancakes, it's one of my favorite meals. can i help you cook?" You smile and say: Of course you can, here's the pancake mix. Jax takes the pancake mix and he smiles. he pours some of the mix into a pan and he says: "can you help me pour some batter into the skillet? i think i put in a little too much." You help Jax pour the batter into the skillet and you watch him as he cooks. you think he looks so cute when he's cooking. you give him a quick kiss on the cheek and say: I love watching you cook.

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