In Love With My Soccer Nemesis (COMPLETED)

dare to love and hate
enimies to lovers

Nathaniel Cole is the oldest child of Leon and Evan. Yes, you heard right. His parents are gay. According to Nathaniel, he comes from the perfect family with both fathers, a brother, Nicholas who is 3 months younger than Nate, and 2 younger sisters. Nathaniel is the vice-captain of the school's soccer team and he loves soccer very much

Nate also had hate for Seth Emerson who is the captain of the soccer team.


"You grabbed my thigh and rubbed it then touched my d**k. What are you doing?\'\' I asked him. His icy blue eyes stared into my green ones. He walked slowly towards me and I took a step back feeling the wall touching my back. Of course. So damn cliche.

" I thought you liked it," He said standing in front of me his minty breath fanning my face. My eyes to be exact. He\'s 6\'2 while I\'m 6\'0 and growing so you get where I\'m coming from.

"I didn\'t. Don\'t ever do that again" I said to him. I finally looked up at his eyes. He was so handsome. His perfect lips, his perfect teeth. His shirt clung to his muscular body so perfectly. I wanted to run my hand over his abs. Maybe lick-

"You wanna kiss me don\'t you?" He asked trapping me in a cage with his body.

"No, I honestly don\'t" I growled at him. Obviously lying. s**t, I suddenly start questioning my sexuality.

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Chapter 1

Nate's Pov

"Nicholas we're gonna be late for school, come on!" I shouted to my brother as I made my way down the stairs for breakfast.

I walked into the kitchen and my dad, Evan was plating our breakfast. I rubbed my hands together sitting down. Nick soon join the table with my two sisters Evanique and Leonique.

"Lee and Evie you guys have 30 minutes for me to drop you guys to school. I have to be at the dealership by 8" My other dad Leon said walking into the kitchen in a dress pants, a white long sleeve button-up shirt tucked in, and a blue tie. Yes, I have two dads. Two loving dad's that I love to death. I don't know what I would have ever done without them.

Little background story excuse my manners. I'm Nathaniel Cole and I'm adopted. I never met my birth parents because I was adopted the same day I was born by Evan and Leon. I hate to brag but they are the best parents in the world. Three months after I was adopted, they adopted Nicholas on the very first day he was born as well. We are really close like actual blood brothers. I love my family and they mean the world to me more than soccer. I love soccer a lot. All six of us have dark brown hair which I think is kinda cool though we aren't blood related.

Leon and Evan have been married for 19 years and have been together since they were 16, got married when they were 20. Well, Leon was 20 and Evan was 18. Evan is the 'mom'. Soft, tender, super duper caring, basically, everything that a mom possesses while Leon is the badass, cool dad but very protective. He is so protective I tell you, very. Very jovial, also caring obviously, lay back and dope personality. If you're on his good side, you don't even need to worry. He has a temper and he gets mad whenever either one of us is hurt. In anyway.

Evie (Evanique) and Lee (Leonique) were adopted when they were 1. Evie is 10 years old while Lee is 9 almost 10 so they are basically the same age. Our family is perfect. Like every other family, there are disagreements but we are happy and we love each other very much. Nick and I were blessed with both Leon and Evan's names as our middle names. Mine is Leon and Nick's is Evan. How cliché right? Even Evie and Lee got named after them as well. Leon owns 2 car dealerships and 3 garages while Evan is a high school teacher. Gladly he doesn't teach at the high school Nick and I attend. We love him and all but I wouldn't want him pinching my cheek in public especially since I have a reputation to protect. Nicholas and I are both 18 years old. I was born in October and he was born in December. Exactly 3 months away.

"I have practice after school today" Nick piped up shoving bacon down his throat.

"Me too, but we will be home before dinner," I said gulping down my orange juice.

"You boys are total pigs. Remember to take turns driving the car because I can't stand both of you annoying me about it again" Leon said as he pour coffee into a huge traveling mug. He usually works from home and would occasionally go to his work. Today he is doing me promotion he's doing blah blah. Don't know who it is but congrats to them.

"Daddy we should go now," Evie said taking up her back pack. Our dads were busy being affectionate in the kitchen. I could throw up but they were too cute. I wanted that one day but who knows? I am not ready to settle down in high school.

"You guys ever heard of bedrooms?" I asked grabbing my gym bag.

"You ever heard of condoms? You should use them more often so I won't have another girl on my doorsteps claiming she's pregnant with your child" My dad Leon shot back smirking at me.

"Real mature dad. That's low, even for you" I said to him then shot him a glare.

"He's right Nathan, condoms are cheap," Nick said snickering. I glared at him. Everyone knows I hate the name, Nathan. It's either Nate or Nathaniel.

"Oh shut up Nick. You don't lecture me about condoms" I said to him.

"Of course, I can. I always use condoms" He said to me

"Says the guy who lost his virginity without using a condom. She wasn't a virgin you know. She could have given you something" I pointed out.

"Both of you shut up," Evan said. We did after that.

When we all finished eating, we all left the house going in different directions. I let Nick drive us to school this morning. I typed away on my phone replying to a few messages from tons of girls willing to sleep with me. So freaking annoying they can be sometimes. As you must know I'm one of the most popular guys in school. So is Nick. He plays football, captain of the team actually while I'm the soccer player on the soccer team. Vice-captain. I'm about 6'0 and Nick is 6'1. Just an inch taller than me but it's not obvious. Barely noticeable. I'm older anyways pssh.

"When is your first game?" Nick asked me as he pulled up in the school's parking lot.

"This Friday around 7," I said grabbing our gym bags and backpacks from the backseat. I tossed Nick's to him then we got out walking into the school.

"Hey Nate," Some girl said seductively twisting her hair around her finger. I smiled at her

"Nicholas" Another purred walking pass us. Nick is totally off the singles list now since he's dating Melyssa Stephens. A dumb cheerleader but who knows. Maybe this one will last longer than a month. I doubt that anyway.

"Nate, would you like to come by my place after school?" Priscella asked once I reached my locker. Another cheerleader I've already had s*x with.

"I'm gonna go, see you later bro, love you" Nick said walking away. Probably to see his girlfriend.

"I'm gonna have to pass. I have to be home for dinner with my family and us having s*x wasn't anything serious so don't make an habit out of it" I said to her. I slammed my locker shut walking away. The bell rang and I went to my first class. English. God I'm so glad this is my last year of high school.

I walked into the classroom taking my usually seat by the window at the extreme back. I pulled my phone out playing with it then he walked in taking the seat in front of me. I tried my best to ignore his presence because I hate him. I hate his guts because he annoys me. We both can't tolerate each other, we barely can do it on the field. Seth Emerson. He's the captain of the soccer team. He's the famous striker blah blah blah and so f*****g annoying if I must add again.

"Asshole " He said giving me s**t eating grin. I could have sworn his teeth glisten.

"Shut your mouth and turn around. It's too early to hear your voice" I said to him. He turned around facing me and flicked my forehead with his finger. I slapped him so hard in the back, it echoed.

"Stop touching me" I gritted out. He winced and glared at me with his icy blue eyes.

"You're gonna regret this" He said shoving my book off my desk.

"Oh cause I'm shaking in my boots. Keep playing with me and I might just bang your other girlfriend. After all she had a crush on me" I said smirking to myself. His neck snapped around to me anger seep through his veins. Bingo

"I will kill you dickhead" He gritted out

"Ahh.... I'm so scared" I said sarcastically.

When lunch time came, I sat at the usual table where all the popular kids sat including Nick. He dropped his tray on the table in front of be sitting beside one of Seth's best friend, Declan Boston. Soon after the devil himself join us and the only seat vacant was next to me. He sat down and his knee brushed against mine. I scooted away from him and he smirked. It made me want to snap his neck.

"I had s*x with Darcy Hamilton" Mike said grinning ear to ear as he ate the school's Mac and cheese.

"I took her virginity" I said grinning smugly. He glared at me and shove me to the size. I bumped into Seth but quickly caught myself.

"You like touching me don't you princess?" He asked smirking at me. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Don't flatter yourself Emerson. I am already disgusted by you, now I have to eat near you. Shut up before you ruin my appetite" I said glaring at him. I went back to my burger and fries.

We continue talking about random stuff while we ate our food. In the middle of the conversation a hand rested on my thigh. I slowly looked down and Seth's hand was on my thigh squeezing it in a comfortable way. I looked up at him and he seem as if he isn't bothered at all. I can't even lie it feels so good but I'm not even gay. I pulled my leg away but he gripped it harder his hand sliding up to my Oh God he touched it.

"Is it just me or you're turned on?" He whispered in my ear when our friends weren't looking. His finger brushing my semi hard length. What the f#¢k. I glared at him.

"I'm gonna use the restroom" I said to them getting up. I grabbed my bag and stood up walking to the restroom. I slammed the door behind me walking to the sink. I turned the water on splashing my face.

"Why on earth did I just enjoy him doing that to me?" I muttered looking at myself in the mirror.

I'm not gay, I never was. I don't care if I am either considering I am not one to give a s**t about what people think. I would either punch them in their faces or bitchslap them but I've always been with women, never a guy. Never even saw a guy I'm attracted to. Now I got the biggest shocker moment because Seth seems quite gay to me. I thought he was straight. He has a girlfriend for Christ sake. Though she is pretty bitch-y but he chose to date her. I argued in my head for a bit then the bathroom door opened and Seth walked in. He checked all the stalls to see if they were empty then bolt the main bathroom door.

"What the hell was that?" I hissed at him

"What was what?" He asked innocently

"You grabbing my thigh and rubbing it then touching my d**k. What are you doing?'' I asked him. His icy blue eyes stared into my green ones. He walked slowly towards me and I took a step back feeling the wall touching my back. Of course. So damn cliche.

" I thought you liked it" He said standing in front of me his minty breath fanning my face. My eyes to be exact. He's 6'1 while I'm 5'11so you get where I'm coming from.

"I didn't. Don't ever do that again" I said to him. I finally looked up at his eyes. He was so handsome. His perfect lips, his perfect teeth. His shirt clung to his muscular body so perfectly. I wanted to run my hand over his abs. Maybe lick-. What? No. Ew. Anyone but Seth.

"You wanna kiss me don't you?" He asked trapping me in a cage with his body.

"No, I honestly don't" I growled at him. Obviously lying. s**t I suddenly start questioning my sexuality.

He shrugged then pressed his lips to mine in a soft kiss. My eyes widen in shock. My heart started to race, slamming against my rib cage then his arm went around my waist pulling me towards him. He pulled away looking into my eyes a small smile on his face. He look so handsome and innocent. Innocent my ass. He bit my bottom lip pulling it between his teeth. He place a soft kiss on my lips again then my body started relaxing then I kissed him back. I Nathaniel Leon Cole was kissing back Seth Cameron Emerson. It felt so good, maybe better than any girl I've ever kissed and I've kissed a lot. My hands went around his neck playing the the hairs on the back of his head. His tongue entered my mouth massaging mine. My junior was pretty much alive in my jeans and I could feel his hard as mine. I moaned when he rubbed them together gripped his hair between my fingers. He slipped his hands in my back pockets squeezing my ass and I moaned into his mouth. He smirked into the kiss. Cocky little asshole. My senses came back and I pushed him away. His lip were swollen from us making out. I am sure mine was mirroring his.

"Why on earth would you do that?" I snapped at him. He smirked at me fixing himself in his jeans. He shrugged his shoulders

"Just thought there's too much tension between us, we should definitely get it out the way" He said smirking tracing his finger down my harden length. A groaned threaten to escape my lips but I denied it slapping his hand away.

"You do that with your fist. Why did you kiss me? I hate you Emerson. I thought we hate each other" I said to him as my boner took it time going down.

"Oh, I do hate you for sleeping with Serena but that doesn't mean you're not the sexiest or most beautiful guy I've ever seen" He said then walked out the bathroom

Sexiest or most beautiful guy he's ever seen? He's trying to get under my skin.


"Emerson! Cole! My office now!" Coach yelled and I could have swore he looked red as those men in cartoons Evie and Lee watched. This is all Emerson's fault.

I stomped off the field inside the school. I made my way to coach's office flopping down in one of the chairs. Why does Seth have to be such an asshole? He kept pestering me since he shove his tongue down my throat. He's tripped me while I do warm ups, kicked the ball in a opposite direction so I couldn't catch it. His snarky comments spilled out of his mouth whenever I would catch a ball he was expecting me to miss but as soon as practice was over, and I retaliate by slapping him in the back of his neck then coach had to have a fit. The door swung open and the devil's child walked in with a smug look on his disgusting face followed by coach. He sat beside me then winked. I rolled my eyes feeling as if I'm gonna throw up.

"What do I have to do for you guys to work with each other? The back and forth bickering is getting old. School opened 3 weeks ago and you're getting on my f*****g nerves. I have had it with you. You have left me no choice" Coach said to us

"You're kicking us off the team?" I asked suddenly regretting the bitchslap I gave Emerson.

"No you d**k brain. You're both gonna be living together for the rest of the year. So you have the rest of this month, September, October, November and December. You'll be staying at each others house until you can work this out. Maybe become best buds while you're at it" He said. I started laughing hysterically wiping the tears that came from my eyes.

"Wow coach. You really had me there. Whew. So what is my punishment?" I asked as I got my laughing under control. Coach glared at me.

"I'm not joking you s**t. I have confirmed it with your parents since the beginning of the school year and they agree. You will be living with each other for the rest of the year. Get over it" He snapped. I looked over at Seth and he shrugged.

"This is all your fault. You can't just leave me alone can you?" I snapped at him. I got up and left the office going to the locker room. It is empty by now. No one was in here.

I grabbed my towel and stuff to shower. I stripped from my clothing then hopped in the shower. I washed my hair then I heard another shower turned off. I quickly showered and was about to step out when Seth cornered me with just a towel wrapped around his waist. His dark hair was dripping water and his eyes seem more blue. There's a deeper blue to his eyes and his lips were so pink. I bit down on mine and his turned up in a smirk. He dropped his towel stepping in the shower with me, his nakedness mirroring mine. My anger towards him suddenly disappeared.

"Nick told me that he left because your dad wanted him to stop by the store. I offered to give you a ride home but that will take awhile since I have to get my stuff to come over your place" He said coming closer to me. I nodded swallowing the lump in my throat.

"Seth what's this? I'm not gay, at least I never though I was until you kiss me and now you're naked in front of me. We are both naked" I said to him. He gently grabbed my face kissing me softly then pulled away.

"It's so freaking hard to hate you when you look so adorable. I am just pissed you slept with Serena considering we are teammates" He said sincerely. I sighed that maybe now he need an explanation since that was from sophomore year.

"The truth is I don't remember what happened. I don't usually get s**t face drunk when I go to parties because I have to look out for Nick too. I was just standing by the wall texting my dad letting him know we're okay then Serena walked up to me handing me a punch. I never thought anything of it so I drank it. The next morning I woke up naked in your bed with you screaming at me. I knew we had s*x because there was two condoms wrappers on the floor and a few blurry memories. I never even liked Serena in the girlfriend way but I honestly would have had s*x with her for fun but even though you're a asshole, you're still my teammate. I wouldn't jeopardize our tolerance over some chick" I said to him honestly. He smiled and nodded.

"I believe you. If she was willing to cheat on me with you, then she wasn't mine to keep in the first place. Now can I kiss you?" He asked me

"You did it before without my permission" I said to him as I stared at his lips then back up to his eyes. "Why are we doing this by the way? You have a girlfriend" I said to him

"Yeah I have a girlfriend whom I want to break up with and yes I need your permission. I need your consent just in case things go a little further than before. Well actually I wanna have s*x with you and I need your consent. Maybe not today but someday" He said and instantly both our faces were red.

"You um w-wanna have s*x with me? A guy?" I asked him

"Not just any guy princess. I wanna have s*x with you. These feelings I have are towards you and no other guy but I don't want anyone to know. At least not yet" He said to me.

"Don't call me princess Emerson. I have a d**k and I'm sure you don't see me running around in dresses" I said glaring at him

"Okay I'm sorry" He said chuckling

"Whatever but if this ever get beyond us having s*x then you can't keep me in the dark forever. I'm not a guy who is into hiding my relationships. I know if we both decide that we are gay or bisexual or whatever we are, we wait until the other is ready before we come out to others" I said to him

"This also could cause tension between us all over again if we don't work out. Say we have a disagreement and we're on the field will be able to handle that?" He asked me

"We will find a way. Now you have my consent so shut up and kiss me" I said to him. He smirked and pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him back right away.

His hands rested on the small of my back while mine played with his hair. His hands went to my sides running his fingers up and down in a comfortable way. He kissed my jaw, my neck nibbling on the spot below my ear. I bit my lip letting him do what he wanted. His hand grabbed my now harden length stroking me slowly. He kissed down my chest and over my abs. I opened my eyes looking down at him as he licked the tip of my length. He licked his lips then smirked at me taking me into his mouth. My head fell to the against the wall as he bobbed his head up and down my length then used his tongue to swirl around my length. He penetrated on my sensitive head as a moaned slipped from my lips. I felt how close I was gripping his hair into a fist and he started bobbing his head faster. He groaned sending vibration through me. I moaned his name as I came into his mouth. He swallowed it then stood to his feet while I closed my eyes trying to catch my breath.

"How was that for a first time giving a blowjob?" He asked me. I opened my eyes.

"You seem like a pro to me because that's the best blowjob I ever had and I have had plenty of great ones" I said to him. He smiled then gave me a quick kiss and I tasted a bitter taste.

"I'm glad" He said to me

"Whatever. Don't expect us to have s*x now because you gave me a blow. I'm not a slut" I said to him walking pass him out the shower not caring that I'm naked. He chuckled.

We got dressed and left the school in his car. When we got to his house, he went inside and pack his stuff. I wasn't gonna help him. Even if he gave me the best blowjob ever or hold my hand when he drove us here. He's still annoying. Few minutes after he came out with a suitcase and his mom carrying a duffle bag. He popped the trunk putting his stuff in.

"I'm gonna miss you being here sweetie although now your step dad and I can have some alone time without wondering when you're gonna walk in" His mom said.

"God mom, you don't have to say that" He said to her whining.

"But it's true anyway. Please don't give any trouble. Your coach said that you both will be sharing bedrooms instead of separate rooms. He also said if you see each other's dirty laundry, maybe you'll understand each other. Good luck. Love you Setty bear" She said. Setty bear? I wanted to laugh.

"Mom stop calling me that and I love you too" He said getting in the car.

"You guys drive safely and call me when you get there Seth. You boys be safe and don't kill each other" She said as she walked inside the house.

"What the hell did she mean by we're sharing rooms?" I asked him as he drove off.

"She said that's what coach said. Maybe your parents doesn't know and we can have separate rooms" He said looking over at me.

"Yes hopefully" I said to him

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