Chapter 2

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Nate's POV We pulled up in my driveway and he parked behind my dad Leon's Audi. I got out the car grabbing my bags going up to the door. I wasn't gonna help Seth carry his bag but my conscience begged me to. I groaned dropping my bags at the front door walking back to his car. I walked to his trunk and grabbed one of his suitcases carrying it to the door. I opened it with my keys and we walked inside. "I'm home!" I announced. My dad Evan soon meet me by the door wearing an apron. "I'm Nate's dad Evan. Well one of them" Evan said smiling as he stretched his hand out to Seth who shakes his. "I'm Seth Emerson, a friend of Nathan" Seth said smiling. I rolled my eyes. "We aren't friends and it's Nate" I said glaring at him "Don't be rude Nate" Evan said smacking my arm "It's okay Mr Cole" Seth said smiling. Suck up. "Please come in, dinner is almost ready. I hope you like pot roast" Evan said "I actually love pot roast" Seth grinned. I dragged my feet into the living room and saw my other dad Leon on the couch watching a football game. "Don't sit on the couch if you haven't showered. You know how Evan gets and I'm not covering for you tonight. I need some action tonight and you're not getting in the way of that" He said smirking at the TV. "Dad seriously, that news was unnecessary" I said to him groaning "Whatever. So is your room clean enough for you friend to stay in?" He asked "Because your coach said maybe if you both sleep with each others dirty laundry, you'll get along better" He said turning to me "Dad he's not my friend and secondly why can't you just let him have the guest room and tell coach we sleep in the same room?" I asked huffed folding my arms across my chest. "If this is how you're gonna behave I'm gonna have so much fun seeing you miserable" He said chuckling. I glared at him but he just laughed. "I'm glad you find my misery amusing. I hope when I rot you out to dad about that time you walk in the house woth mud on your shoe and he gives you the couch, you don't say anything to me" I said to him "If there's one thing I know, your dad can't live with me. He can't fall asleep if I'm not in the bed next to him so your threats are like nothing. It's all bark and no bite" He said ruffling my hair. "I don't get why sleeping in the same room for 4 ½ months is gonna fix anything" I said leaning against him snuggling in his side. Do not come for me because as I said before, my family is the best so if I'm a kid at heart when it comes to them, then you understand. "What caused you both to be at each other's throat in the first place?" He asked turning the TV on mute. "I slept with his girlfriend in sophomore year. I never knew what happened because I wasn't drinking. I was watching out for Nick and then she came up to me handing me a drink. I took it and it tasted like juice so I drank it. Everything was fogging but I knew we had s*x because there were blurry memories. I wasn't into her so I would not have slept with her especially since she was my teammates girlfriend. He found us in his bed the next morning and he's been an asshole since and I always add fuel to the flame because I'm not gonna let him think he can walk over me" I said shrugging "Sounds like you got drugged Nate. I could have got you tested if you told me and this wouldn't have happened" He said to me in all seriousness "I know but I was stupid. She was the one that came on our doorstep saying she may be pregnant" I said to him "She looked so innocent" He said "Yeah, she looked innocent. She's a little demon" I said to him "Hey Mr Cole" Seth said sitting next to me on the couch. I scooted away from him because I still hate him. "You must be Seth, how are you?" Dad asked "I'm good" He said. Dad nodded then Evie, Lee and Nick dashed into the kitchen. Apparently they were playing zombies with Nick who is the zombie. See? We're kids at heart when it comes to family. "Emerson" Nick said grinning "Cole. It's good to see you" Seth said nodding. "Isn't it always?" Nick asked smirking. I hate it that they get along. I won't tell them not to be friends because at least I know Seth is a really good friend. I rolled my eyes again. "I'm gonna go up to my room, call me when dinner is ready" I said getting up. I went upstairs into my room. It was decent. There was a few empty water bottles on the ground but apart from those it was clean. I took them up throwing them away then fell face first on the bed. I took my phone from my pocket scrolling through it when my bedroom door opened. "That was quick. Tell dad I'll be down in a bit" I said without looking around. I heard the door closing. "Your dad said I should tell you to change your bedsheets" I heard Seth said. I whipped my head around and he was standing over me. "Don't do that again creep" I said to him. He chuckled and lay next to me. I was about about to get off the bed when his arms went around me pulling me into him. "Listen I don't know if you think you can just kiss me and give me a blowjob then expect this to be a relationship but it's not. First of all, you have a girlfriend, second of all, I still hate you because of what you did. Thirdly let go of me" I said pulling away from him but the asshole's grip was tight. "I'll break up with my girlfriend and I don't hate you. Not anymore and I'm sorry for taking your spot as captain" He said against my neck. "It wasn't mine in the first place. Just let me go" I scowled. He licked my neck up to my ear then pulling the lobe between his teeth. "I want you Nathan. I can't stop thinking about you" He said trailing his hand down my stomach then in my joggers. "Don't call me Nathan" I gritted out ignoring the pleasure bubbling inside of me. "Okay Nathan" He said smirking then kissed me. I found myself kissing back right away. He climb between my legs tracing his hands down my side. I wrapped my hands around the nape of his neck pulling him closer to me. He flicked his tongue over my bottom lip and I parted my lips to give him entrance. His tongue brushed against mine smoothly and I moaned into the kiss. He flipped us over so he was beneath and I was on top. He slipped his hands in my jogger and boxers groping my ass. It felt weird but a good weird. His lips traced down my neck kissing it hungrily. I could feel his bulge against my ass and mine was hard as well. He pulled away resting his forehead into my neck. "I think we should stop because I won't be able to control myself especially when you look this good" He said after catching his breath. "Yes we should. You're cheating on Amber, Emerson. She's a b***h and all but I don't support cheating" I said to him. I rolled off him laying next to him looking in the ceiling. "I know but I want to see if we can go beyond all this hatred. Like I said I like you. You're so beautiful, you're sexy, you're smart and you challenge me. Maybe us hating each other is because we are maybe attracted to each other" He said to me. I looked over at him. Beautiful? Seriously? "What if this isn't how we feel about each other? I have never thought about a guy before and then today you kissed me. I have no problem dating guys because my dad's are married and I don't have nothing against homosexuality it's just that I don't want you to confuse me. I'm not anyone's toy to be played with. If you're doing this for revenge then don't. I told you the honest truth about why Serena and I slept together. I'm not gonna beg you to believe because that's the truth" I said to him "Nathan this isn't any sort of revenge. I believe what you say about you and Serena. I like you a lot and I wanna see where this goes" He said to me. I nodded slowly. "I see but just so you know you're not my boyfriend. I can sleep with whoever I want considering you have a girlfriend. I'm not gonna let you control me like you always try to do. I will not give you the satisfaction to f**k me then leave because if that happens, you're gonna have Leon to deal with and you don't want to go down that road" I said smirking. His face went pale. "I won't do that. I promise" He said. "Leon is scary though. He's so big. I mean how does Evan........nevermind and he doesn't even look gay" He added "He's not gay. He's just in love with Evan because he said he has only ever been with girls until he got drunk at a party and woke up in bed with Evan, naked. They don't look gay. Well Leon doesn't. I don't look gay either and neither does you. You don't look homo, it's a sexuality some people just give it an appearance" I said to him "I guess you're right. I never knew you had two dads" He said to me "I never told anyone and I'm not hiding it either. I love them very much. If people can't accept that, then it's their lost because they are amazing" I said to him "Is it weird?" He asked. I heaved a sigh. "No. I mean it's kinda like having a mom and dad. They are affectionate in every room, they embarrass you just the same. They are really supportive. They are fun, we tease each other a lot but we have our family time which is very often. We are super close and I think the fact that they raised us since we were born, that makes it even better. I have never wished for a mom before. Not once and like most adopted kids, I don't want to meet my real parents. I'm so grateful for Leon and Evan. If you stay around long enough, you'll get attached believe me. Well attached to Evan, Leon is a harder nut to crack but if you're good with Evan, Leon will be lenient" I said smiling at the ceiling like an i***t. "I think Leon likes me" Seth said. I looked at him then laughed. "Of course you'd think that, until he proves he doesn't" I said shaking my head. He sighed "Why is Nick your only friend? I know he's your brother and you guys are close but why is he your only friend?" He asked "He's not my only friend. I have our teammates but Nick is my brother. Our relationship is amazing. We argue sometimes about stupid things but that's all they are, stupid things. We have always done everything together. Ever since we were kids, we were like twins. We dressed the same and got our hair trimmed the same. He's just my best friend and I'd rather him over anyone else" I said to him "I guess that's understandable. He's a cool guy but don't get me wrong, he's gonna dump Melyssa sooner than you think" Seth said chuckling. "I know that. So what do we do now?" I asked him "About what?" He asked "What this is between us. You're still gonna be with Amber right?" I asked him "Yes but I'll give you all my time if you want. If you need me, just call me anytime. I want you to know that you'll always have me" He said sincerely. I looked at his face and he was serious. I turned back looking in the ceiling. "You can't make such commitment to me Emerson. You have a girlfriend" I said to him "But I like you more than I like her. Just please let us see how this goes" He said pleading. "I'm not the other woman Seth or in this case the other man. You can't cheat on her with me because, you just can't" I said to him "I can if I want to. She may be cheating on me because she isn't that psyched about our relationship. She barely hang out with me." He said "She could be busy" I pointed out "Or she could be riding a d**k" He said chuckling. I rolled my eyes. "Okay let's do this. No s*x until I'm ready. I maybe have lost my d**k virginity but this gay stuff is new to me" I said to him "I understand. In the mean time don't do anything with any other gay guy" He said to me "You mean like Kris?" I asked chuckling "Especially not Kris. He sticks his d**k in any guy that walks by" He said chuckling. Kris is a member of our soccer team. He's gay as you might already picked up on. He's also a player who's crushing on Adam Kinsley. Adam's gay and a nerd. He's the hot kid of nerd. He's shorter than Kris, not muscular but lean. He's about 5'7 and wears glasses. His hair is platinum blonde and a bit curly. Every gay guy wants to f**k him but he has really high standards. I think Kris is qualified but he's too scared of rejection. "We should change these sheets" I said getting up off the bed. "Yeah we should. I don't know who you had sleeping on them" Seth said chuckling "I would say your mother but she seems nice" I shot back "Whatever" He said as I walked to the sheet cupboard in my room. I grabbed my black and white checkers comforter with the matching sheet sets. Last time I mixed them, Evan literally made me sleep on the naked mattress for a month. I learn my lesson. We stripped the bed then started putting the sheets on. "Am I the first guy you've ever kissed?" I asked as I put on the pillow cases. "The third. The first was at a party in sophomore year. That's after I found you and Serena in my bed. The second time, I did it to make sure because the weirdest thing started happening" He said chuckling. "What?" I asked "I started having feelings for you" He said to me. I stood looking at him in shock. "Since sophomore year?" I asked and he nodded. "Dinner is ready, dad said to get your asses down here" Nick said leaning against my bedroom door. "Okay, we'll be down in a few" I said to him. We finish making the bed then head down stairs. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Another Chapter Completed Updates, one day every week. What are your thoughts about this book so far? How was this chapter?? I hope you all enjoyed it. Not proofread
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