Vendetta's Howl: The Betrayed Ex-Alpha

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When Lilah Macurry, future alpha of Coral Pack, sacrifices her rightful position for love, she expects her mate, Roddick, once a rogue, to crown her Luna.

Instead, he rejects her and plots her secret assassination. Betrayed and left for dead, Lilah encounters the enigmatic Lycan King, who's also succumbing to a deadly curse. With only three months left to live, he offers to help her exact revenge.

As they work together, their bond grows stronger, but the Lycan King's impending demise looms over them. Can he find a way to express his feelings before it's too late, or will their love be doomed by fate?


”Three months,' I whisper to myself, the words tasting like bitter poison. 'Three months to avenge her past, to protect her future, and to confess my love. But will it be enough time to make her see me, truly see me, before I disappear into the darkness forever?”


Ryker will stop at nothing to protect her, but as he follows her on the journey of revenge, he discovers there was more to him that concerns her.

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Chapter 1: Betrayed
Lilah's POV Sally's sad face taunted me as I carried my steps briskly to the palace. Her head was down throughout my dressing session. Today should be a happy day for me and the whole of Coral Pack, but the reverse was the case. Today, I'm getting married to the love of my life, to my mate Roddick. It could have been more joyful if my dearest parents were alive to witness a day like this. But they died in a carriage accident on my 17th birthday, two years ago. It had rained heavily that day, just like it's raining today. The angry clapse of the thunder interrupted my walk. I stopped, no one was with me tonight. Not even Sally, my closest friend and personal attendant. Weddings, to the best of my knowledge aren't all gloomy just the way it's now. Today felt sad like the Moon Goddess is weeping exceedingly for a great misfortune about to be unleashed. The thunder struck again, and I gasped, wondering what was going on. Maids walked past me, whispering things I didn't understand. Thirty minutes ago, they were all at my feet, bowing excessively at me, but now, they walked past me, not even sparing me an acknowledging bow. I sighed, taking my steps again down the deserted hallway to the palace. Maybe this is how a royal wedding is done. “Master said to kill her...” the faint whisper of Philips got my attention. “Master said to kill her.” “How do we do that?” That voice. I have heard it somewhere before, and I find it extremely hard to comprehend where I heard it. Curiously, I part away from the hallway to the room where Philip, my husband-to-be trusted ally, stood with a man in the covered face. He held a dagger, a very familiar dagger. I gasp in realization. That same dagger that has always haunted my dream. It had the number “7777” with a golden handle. It's a silver. Silver kills wolves. "We?” Philip asked as I leaned against the door, trying to catch on their conversation. Master? Who the heck was this Master Philip referring to? He has never called Roddick that. He always referred to him as “Alpha.” “You're to carry on this alone,” Philip interjected, looking tentatively at the man. He has never worn that look in my presence, and it piqued my interest to know what it's they're talking about. “You owe him already for sparing her two years ago.” “I didn't spare her. You all know she survived miraculously. That bow was enough to kill the strongest of ―” “My Lady?” A maid called behind me, causing me to jack on the door. I turned to her, smiling. It's not a crime for me to eavesdrop on anyone, even my mate, but she glared at me like I had done something extremely wrong. I gave her a questioning look. She returned with a slight bow and referred to the door, her eyes slightly looking behind me. I followed the gaze and discovered they were no longer there. “Everyone is waiting for you,” she said, reminding me of my wedding. “This way,” she gestured, directing my gaze back to her. Where did they go? Maybe they noticed I was eavesdropping and decided it was not safe. I sighed, the rain falling heavily as I entered the hall full of the inhabitants of Coral Pack. A pack I once headed as the Alpha before relieving myself of the duty. Roddick and I are getting married, so it's more normal for my Mate to hold the title. I walked in, the maid following closely behind as the vicinity became still and quiet. My eyes found my Mate, happiness imprinted on my face as I moved closer. I looked around, finding Sally and was shocked she wasn't in the courtroom. I walked forward, standing before Roddick to pronounce me his Luna and Queen. But his demeanour made me wonder why everyone had a sleeky expression on a day like this. The Moon goddess seems to be in a pretty angry state as the thunder claps again, causing a little uproar in the courtroom. “Today, dear Wolves of Coral Pack!” The enchanting voice of Briony, My father's beta and mine when I used to be the Alpha, filled the courtroom, causing silence in the entire vicinity. “We're here for the acception ceremony of our Alpha, Alpha Roddick and his Mate, Lady Lilah” I beamed with anticipation, fighting the urge to touch my Mate. He was everything I wanted and I had no slightest doubt of his feelings for me. “Do you, Alpha Roddick, accept Lady Lilah to be your Mate and Luna? Do you pledge to let her share your burden and power in ruling this great Kingdom?” I smiled, my eyes not leaving his as he bore his looks on me. Why isn't he smiling? Today is that day we both had anticipated for so long for. We had been courting since Last year. Roddick was there when my parents died. He made sadness less of a feeling for me. “No!” came his curt reply to the pledge. My smiling face dissolved into a confused stare as the Kingdom roared in shock. I didn't hear that right. I'm pretty sure my Roddick would never reject me. “What?”Briony asked, surprised. “What did you say, Alpha?” His looks on me intensified, making me feel my kneels weaken on the spot. “No... No way.”I yelled, trying to retain my senses. Roddick loved me too much to do this. I'm very sure of his love. There's absolutely no way he's rejecting me today. He would be in trouble if he does. But his next words made my defense crumble without a fight. “I Alpha Roddick reject you Lady Lilah as my mate, and I cut every tie bounding our souls as Mates in the presence of these great people here.” “Heavens.”I blurted, staggering backward at Roddick rejection. This isn't happening. What have I done to deserve such harsh judgment as this? “And,” he continued, walking towards the throne. The very one I stepped down willingly for him to be there. I trusted that position to him. I did all that to show him my loyalty and Love. “I stripe Lilah off her Lady status. She's no more than a slave in this Kingdom.” “Roddick!”I called, feeling my heart ripped at his words. “Roddick?” “You cannot do that, Alpha,” Briony interjected, recovering from the shock. “You cannot reject your mate .. She's the daughter of the late Alpha.” “And I'm the new Alpha, am I not Briony?” Roddick's voice echoed, startling the people as they watched in bewilderment. “She's not fit for the throne. A deceitful person isn't.” “Well, you can only reject her now, Alpha, if you have a second chance mate. You cannot be an Alpha in Coral without a Luna.” “And who says I don't have a Mate?”Roddick fired, shooting me a disdainful look. “Lilah used to be until it was discovered that she killed her parents.” “What?” The crowd roared, and I gasped, my head burning. If this is a nightmare, I want it done with. “The allegations are valid, and until after the coronation of the new Luna, Lilah shall be in the dungeon for the murder of our dear late Alpha Roger.” As if my shock was not done with, he rose from the throne, urging the maids to bring in someone while the guards grabbed me. “I, Alpha Roddick of Coral Pack accept Sally to be my Luna and Queen of this great Kingdom.” “What?” Tears of betrayal crowded me as the guards led me out of the Palace to the dungeon.

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