the black magician teleport to the another word book 1

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Elias Thorne, or Eli for short, wasn't your typical hero out of a fantasy novel. No grand adventures, no battles fought. He was a creature of habit, content in the predictable world of code and coffee. Yet, fate, it seemed, had a cruel sense of humor. One ordinary Tuesday, in the familiar confines of his favorite booth at "The Pixel Diner" in the bustling port city of Aethel, Eli's routine life took a spectacular nosedive.It began with a flicker on his ever-reliable laptop screen. A frown creased his brow, a muttered curse escaping his lips. The usual troubleshooting tricks failed him, the screen remaining stubbornly blank, replaced by a swirling vortex of static. Panic, a rare visitor, gnawed at the edges of his composure. This wasn't a simple software glitch; it felt...deeper, more ominous.Suddenly, the static coalesced, morphing into a swirling portal of emerald light. Mesmerized, Eli leaned closer, the hum in his skull intensifying. Before he could react, a surge of energy ripped him from his chair. The last thing he registered was the panicked shout of the diner owner, "Eli! What's happening?"The sensation of falling was an eternity. Disoriented and gasping for breath, Eli finally crashed onto a bed of soft moss. Dazed, he sat up, his eyes taking in the impossible vista before him. Gone was the comforting hum of the city, replaced by the symphony of an alien forest. Towering trees, impossibly tall, scraped the sky, their leaves shimmering an ethereal silver under a double sun. Strange, bioluminescent flowers, unlike anything he'd ever seen, carpeted the forest floor, casting an otherworldly glow.scrambled to his feet, a guttural growl echoed through the trees. Panic surged – he was no hero, but base survival instincts kicked in. He needed shelter, fast.this story has a bad influence, it's not allowed for children, if you read it, you need an old companion to understand the situation today because it's killing a friend he kills the weak and kills monsters his life as before His classmates always bully him because he is so weak now he goes to another world he will prove that he is strong

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chapter : A Crash Course in Temperat
Elias frowned. Temperat? The name sounded more like a brand of air conditioner than an afterlife. "You're not dead," the woman clarified, seeing his doubt. "But you're not exactly in your world either. Temperat exists on a different plane, a place where the balance between elements is paramount." His head swam. Different plane? Elements? This was getting crazier by the second. He glanced around, taking in the vibrant landscape. Towering trees with leaves that shimmered like emeralds reached towards a sky painted with swirls of violet and orange. Strange birds with feathers of fire and ice flitted among the branches, their calls an ethereal music. "You must be very confused," the woman said, her voice laced with sympathy. "I'm Elara, a healer. Let's get you somewhere more comfortable." With surprising strength, Elara helped him to his feet. As they walked, Ethan peppered her with questions. He learned that Temperat was a land where fire, water, earth, and air weren't just elements – they were sentient forces, each vying for dominance. Elara explained she found him unconscious at the edge of the Whispering Glade, a neutral zone protected by ancient magic. "But how did I get here?" Elias asked, still bewildered. Elias shook her head. "I don't know. It's rare for outsiders to find their way to Temperat, let alone survive the journey." They arrived at a quaint village hidden amidst the trees. Cobblestone paths wound between brightly colored houses made of wood and what looked like hardened earth. People in similar attire to Elara bustled about, their eyes filled with curiosity towards the stranger. As Elara led him into a cozy house filled with the aroma of herbs, Elias couldn't shake the feeling he'd stumbled into a fantasy novel. He was a fish out of water, a man used to concrete and traffic lights now facing a world of magic and talking elements. One thing was certain – his life had just taken a very unexpected turn. The question was, would he survive it? And suddenly there was a beautiful girl who came up and she said hi welcome to the adventure guild my name is just my name Rose I'm a guild assistant here What do you need here? And I am I'm Elias And she is Luna We are friends We are here at adventure skill to apply to be an adventure Can I still apply? Rose said:You can still come here, come here Before you apply an adventure put your hand on the mana crystal we use it to see your level and what magic you use Lona said:I will go first Elias said :Okay and he thought about what level I might be, maybe I'm only level 1 And Lona put her hand on the magic tristal and her level came out and she was surprised when her level came out and Elias was also watching and Rose He was shocked to see that his level was level 25His magic that can be used is fire and water level 25 his two magics and Rose took the card from under the table and put Luna's name on it Rank F is the lowest rank of all, next look at Elias's he put his hand he put his he put his he put his he stewed his hand there in the sa magic crystal Crystal and she was shocked, she was level 29. Elias shouted, wow, I thought I was level 1, but I'm not yet 29And he was able to use all elements but level 1. Rose is only level 1 because of her body, which has no muscles and And he also took Elias' card from under the table with rank F written on it Rose said:Now you're an adventurer, don't lose even yours if you don't, don't now papapNow you're an adventurer, don't lose your card, if you lose it, it's gone Exchangeable Elias and Lona said:We will remember what you said that it cannot be lost and we will also be careful Rose The biggest rank X is the lowest rank here F is the most popular rank here are A rank adventures I will assign you to your first mission kill 10 God blin you can see them in North district of the carian novel, the payment to them is 5000 graphic cores for each one you can kill Elias and Lona said :Let's go there Rose said: You two be careful out there And the two of them did go there when they left the guild they went to the kilig and teleported there Elias knows how to use teleportation magic so he can also hide his other Niya magic, fortunately in my previous life I read comics about magic, it's just too easy They did come there And they see the goblins but 10 are too many Elias said :to Lona Step aside, I'll take care of it, I'll use my magic, he used his magic, this magic is called imagination magic, it can create what kind of data or magic that doesn't exist in this world, He had a gun out Ak47 rifle and he fired it at the goblins and until no one was left alive Lona said to Eliad Wow, that's a strange magic, is it all over? Are you all dead? Can you teach me that kind of magic too? Elias said:I can't teach you because you only have a small inheritance, but I have a lot, but let's try to get it quickly and let's go back using my telepertation magic, maybe it's about 50 goblins And when they returned to the guild, the other adventurers were surprised because there were so many gablini, over 50, even ROSE was shocked to see so many gablini with him Elias said to Rose:This is a very easy mission, I thought it would be difficult for me. Can you give me a more difficult one and where is my payment? There are so many, it's hard to move, please count them. Rose said: He whispered to himself, who is this man, he is so strong, I can count how many you have killed Rose said to Elias they are all a total of 89 goblins, they are all 85000 in total Rose said to Elias that all of them are a total of 89 goblins, a total of 85,000 silver because there are also goblin masters included, that will be valuable 9900 graphicores each and I will give the payment already Elias and Lona said:Thank you very much for the payment, can you make it a card instead because I heard that the coins can be turned into a card so that it is not too heavy on the pocket and you also know something here Liveable Rose said:Here we also have a room here with a bath and free food there on the 10th floor there are still 2 rooms available Elias said:I will get it right away how much is the fee here Rose said: 6000 You will only pay for silver. You will only pay for silver, will you take it? Elias said I'll take that no matter how much I pay, just deduct it from my payment and give the change later And they both went to the room and rested every night and they ate and slept when morning came Elias went down to eat while he was eating someone introduced him "Hi," she squeaked, "I'm Lily. I'm a mage, but I'm still learning." Elias grinned. "Nice to meet you, Lily. I'm Elias. And it seems like we both have a lot to learn." They fell into conversation, swapping stories of their journeys to Temperat. Lily, it turned out, was a runaway from a stifling academy for gifted mages in her world. Elias, well, Elias still wasn't entirely sure how he'd ended up here. Just then, Lona burst into the kitchen, her eyes sparkling with excitement. "Elias! You won't believe it! Rose has a new mission for us!" Elias exchanged a worried glance with Lily. New mission already? He was still getting used to his old one. But the adventurous glint in Lona's eyes was contagious, and a thrill shot through him. Maybe Temperat, with all its strangeness, wasn't such a bad place after all. Elias said: to Lona What's our new issue, are we going to check something or are we going to kill a monster, I want you to kill me, I don't want the minor I'm checking, it's ugly, that's what's new Mission I'll go to the market later. I met someone named Angelo, an armor maker. I had him make armor before. I'm sure it's over Lona said:We have some black worlds to kill, other adventurers said they saw this in the west radion, they said we should go immediately and kill the black wolds Said: it's in the west hahaha it will be fun before we go there let's go to angelo to get my armor They are going to Angelo's store and Elias sees Angelo, is my armor finished? I made you do it a long time ago, maybe you will make me wait for the next day, the day is running My time is a waste of money Angelo said: I have finished doing this and I have done what you said, it also has magic so that you will not be exposed, what kind of magic and I have also made a mask Why does a demon look like a demon Mask is sorry sorry I shouldn't be asking questions like that here I am also the color black The pants and dress, the mask is red in color. It also has a magic that is impervious to any kind of magic and you will also receive a letter if it's okay if you increase your payment to me then Because I find it difficult to do that, I even rejected my other customers just to do that Elias said:Alright, I'll increase my payment, this is all that's left of my money because I've paid more for the boarding house we rent, I'm sure you'll be disappointed if it's not effective, you'll be angry with me I'll burn down your shop and spread your fake works you know I'm just an adventurer but I'm strong even though I'm the lowest in rank right now one day I'll bring them to their knees Upstairs for them to know my name Elias the dark magic user what's good Angelo said yes, your dress and mask are very beautiful And they left the shop and They went to the side where there were no people to report there went to the west side to kill the black wolds and there were too many black worlds, I think there were about 40 of them Elias said to Lona You know what you have to do, just cover me, I'll finish it off quickly with my magic guns, they're all weak creatures, activate the magic guns and someone comes out with a Gun RPG He told Lona to run three kilometers because his weapon was strong and he didn't want to hurt Lona Lona said: Be careful, if you can't, just say I'm here And he blew up the black wolds and suddenly orgs came out of the forest and he blew them up too he didn't stop until the wheel worlds and orgs were knocked down again and again He repeated it again and again until the wheel wolves and orgs were knocked down and lifeless And he seemed to enjoy knocking down the worlds and orgs, as if he even hanged himself in the fight and he called Luna to help them and count later how many worlds and orgs died. Elias said to lona Come here, we're going back to the guild to make arrangements Report to Rose, it was so easy, I didn't break a sweat, Angelo gave it to me so well, why should I give him another job? Maybe he can do that with a magic item, if he doesn't I will burn down his shop Elias used his new magic, the wild magic, there he put the wheel worlds and the orgs in his magic, so I'll just call it magic container so it's easy to p A pronounce and that's when they arrived at the guild and they kicked the door And they were shocked at what Elias was wearing, the others looked at them and suddenly Elias shouted, why are you looking at me, do you want me to kill you Don't look at me, I'm a black magician, I'll be the strong adventurer here, you understand And an adventure says that you will be strong when your face is already weak Elias took out a gun 45 and he shot the adventurer what are you going to fight and the adventurer scared the others and he even kicked the corpse away useless creatures weak people Then he saw an adventurer staring at him and he shot him don't look at me if you are not the one I will follow And Rose came asking what do you need these black wolds asking what do you need these black wolds and there are other orgs count them I'm rushing fast Luna is just quietly on the side listening I'm rushing fast Luna is just quiet on the side listening Rose said Oppo we finished counting the dead black world is 50 you add the orgs 10 died the total coins you got 20.000Silver and he gave it to the black magician and he said Can I see your card to increase your rank Elias said Yes, just a moment, I'll just take it, take it, my hand hurts, you're so slow Rose said:Yes, and he took the card and he was surprised by the name Elias, is that you? I was surprised by your armor, it looks good on you because your hair is silver, I'll just put the payment on your card so it doesn't It's not heavy on the pocket, this is your new rank E and it's Luna's too. I have something to give to your mission. It's dangerous in your first mission and the second time you have to kill a demon.In the town of vital you can see it on the left side about three hours drive there you can see it on the left side about three hours drive there k The payment here is for the mission 50,000 gold because it can't be done by other adventures no matter how big their rank is, maybe you even if your rank is low you can handle those Crab you kill crab you kill crab crab you kill crab you kill sometimes Monsters you kill are sometimes legendary monsters like orbs, the monster you kill there is a demon rhino surus 50,000 gold because it is one of the legendary monsters that is difficult Kill Do you accept the mission? Elias said to rose Of course, as long as it's money, I'll accept that, will I accept that, is my rank high, should it increase at least a little because it's a legendary beast? Rose said to Eliad I will talk to the guild master so that your rank will increase again Elias said All right, Luna and I are going to Lugsa area vital now, I'm going to leave you and we're both going to go And they left the guild and went back to the place where they were forced to teleport and they teleported to the left side called vital and they circled around to find the monster while They were spinning they saw a monster there with gThey were spinning they saw a monster Coming out of the gate and they went and they saw the rhino suros one of the legendary beast and they fought it and defeated it with an AK47 and RPG The knights were surprised to see a legendary beast knocked down by a man A knight approached the man and told him thank you for risking our lives and he also said how will we repay you for saving you In our lives Elias said Give me a lot of gold and a magic item do that, that's enough payment for me to save your life Knight said this is worth 100,000 silver and this is a magic item called The whisper with this magic item A ring can increase your level by 10 or it's yours and thank you very much and we're leaving to enter the town of vital Elias said And he did wear the ring and his level increased to level 50 And his magic that he uses has also gotten stronger and his guns are also getting stronger, okay, I've gotten stronger too, so let's go back to the guild right away so we can repot it

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