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В лабиринте любви нас часто привлекают эти, казалось бы, очаровательные “плохие мужчины”.У них могут быть раскованные улыбки, очаровательные глаза и непревзойденная уверенность в себе, которые заставляют нас невольно влюбляться в них.Однако, когда мы углубились в это дело, то обнаружили, что за этими чарами скрывается множество потенциальных опасностей.

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Chapter 1
Chapter 1 It was a cool night in late autumn. In a cemetery somewhere outside Suzhou and Hangzhou, Qin Chuan carefully placed his daughter's body in a pre-dug grave. She kept her dying smile, as if death was not painful but a kind of relief. "After I lie down, please bury the soil, and all this money is yours," Qin Chuan looked at the old man who was guarding the grave beside him and handed over a stack of hundred-yuan bills. "Don't worry, I'll do a good thing after receiving the money," the old man took the money gratefully. Qin Chuan took a highly toxic pill, walked slowly into the cemetery, hugged his daughter, and closed his eyes... Before he died, his whole life also flashed quickly at this moment. Qin Chuan's life was a mess. His father died in an accident many years ago, and Qin Chuan was supposed to be the pillar of the family. But he was not doing his job, eating, drinking, gambling, and cheating his mother's pension under the pretext of doing business in order to continue to spend money at the gambling table. He even cheated his sister out of the money she had saved for college, which made her treat Qin Chuan like an enemy and never contact him again. What's more outrageous is that Qin Chuan sold his daughter to a human trafficker for 5,000 yuan. And his wife also jumped into the river and hanged herself on the morning of the fifth day after selling her daughter. Qin Chuan ignored it and threw himself into the gambling table. He soon lost all the money he got from selling his daughter. Qin Chuan, who had no hope for life, was ready to jump into the sea and end it all. Perhaps it was the favor of the goddess of fate that he not only did not die, but even floated to a small island and was rescued by a mysterious old man. Qin Chuan followed the old man to start a new life, and learned Qimen Dunjia, Huitian medical skills, Fengshui Yin and Yang. In just three years, he learned a lot and returned to the city. It took another three years to make a fortune in the city and become worth hundreds of billions. When Qin Chuan turned back and searched for his daughter all over the world, an accidental encounter on the roadside almost made him collapse. That was a girl whose legs were chopped off and one eye was gouged out, lying alone on the roadside begging. That was not someone else, but his daughter Qin Xiaodie. Since being taken away by human traffickers, Qin Xiaodie was sold to several evil people, who used cruel means to chop off Xiaodie's legs and let her beg for money. Qin Chuan will never forget the first words his daughter said when she saw him. "Dad... I beg you, kill me, Xiaodie is in pain... It really hurts! I want to find my mother!" At this moment, Qin Chuan's heart was completely broken. Even if Qin Chuan used medical skills to cure Xiaodie, the pain in her heart could never be healed. While Qin Chuan was away from home, Xiaodie cut her wrists and hanged herself. Qin Chuan knew that only by dying could he make up for what he had done... He took his daughter's body and found the cemetery where his wife was buried. He would accompany them forever, die, and atone for his sins... ... I don't know how long it took, Qin Chuan thought he was dead. But when he opened his eyes in a daze, he found that he was holding a bottle of wine in his hand, and there were two beauties standing in front of him, one big and one small? The little girl was about five years old, and her body was thin and short due to malnutrition, just like a three-year-old. The woman was 25 years old, wearing a yellowed shirt, with a pretty face, and looked like a good wife and mother. "If you want to sell, sell me! Don't touch my daughter, or I will fight you!" The woman protected the girl behind her and pointed at Qin Chuan and roared. At this moment, Qin Chuan was completely confused. He...didn't die? At this moment, Qin Chuan was very sure that he was indeed not dead, and it was not a dream before death. Could it be...reborn? "Dad, please don't sell me! I will only eat one steamed bun a day. I can wash clothes and pick up bottles to sell for money." "Wuwu, I don't want to leave you and mom..." The girl knelt down with a plop, moved her knees in front of Qin Chuan, and begged desperately, as if this was not what a five-year-old child should do.

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