Enemie’s Lover

enimies to lovers
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Nina and her three brothers have been moving all around the world ever since Nina was eight years old. They never really stayed in one place for too long and never had a place to call home. Nina is a witch and her brothers are warlocks and as far as they knew, they were the last of their kind.

Their kind was wiped out during a war between werewolves and other supernatural beings. Witches and warlocks were seen as threats to other supernatural beings for having magic. Even though witches and warlocks tried to live in peace, all supernatural's seen their magic as a powerful threat.

But years pass and now Nina and her brothers have moved to a new peaceful little town that they thought would be a great place to settle down and have a permanent place to call home. Nina and her brothers soon find that the town is not far from the world's largest and strongest werewolf pack known to the supernatural world.

Even though Nina and her brothers have been under the radar for years, using magic to hide the scent that gives away their kind. They decide to stay in the town but must be careful not to attract any wolves.

However, Nina then discovers that the Alpha of the pack is none other than her mate. Will the Alpha accept her as his gift from the moon goddess when he finds out about her blood tie? Will Nina forgive and forget the past and accept Hecate's gift? But most importantly why did their goddesses pair them as mates...

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1. Welcome To Willowsfield

Nina's POV. 


It was dark outside as I looked out the window of the car. The moon was still shining while hiding amongst the cloudy sky. I saw lightning in the distance as rain poured down the window. It wasn't raining that badly, just a light shower. As I leaned my head against the window, I could feel the cold. Even though the heater in the car was on, you could still feel the cold from the light rain outside. I liked this weather. It made me feel calm and chilled. I had my headphones in my ears, listening to music.  


Moving my head from the window, I sat up to check the time, which read half an hour to midnight. I looked at my brothers; my eldest brother Asher was driving. After him, Isaac, the second eldest, is asleep in the passenger seat. Behind Asher's is Nevins, his head leaning on the window as a neck pillow supports his neck. Then there is me, the youngest and the only girl our parents had conceived. Nevins and I almost look like twins; the only difference is that I have light brown hair like Asher. In comparison, Isaac and Nevins had dark chocolate brown hair.

 "Alright, everyone, we are here." My brother Asher said, causing Isaac and Nevins to wake up.  


"Welcome to Willowsfield," Isaac says with a sheepish voice as he reads the sign with the town's name. 

We are all awake now, just looking at the town we will live in for the next two years until I graduate from grade 12. That is, if nothing goes wrong, it usually does.

It's still dark outside, but the rain seems to have stopped. So it was a bit hard to see what the town looked like, but it appeared to be quiet, as no one was awake. We drove for another twenty minutes before pulling up a driveway to a two-story house. The second the car stopped, my brothers jumped out. We all took in the sight of the house's structure. I felt relieved to leave the car; I finally got to stretch my arms and legs, which felt great after the fourteen-hour drive.  


"Welcome to our new home," Asher said as he and Nevins went around from the driver's side to stand near Isaac and me. "Alright, grab your bags out of the car, then we can pick out our rooms. I want everyone to be up by ten for breakfast before the removal truck arrives around noon. Then all hands on deck to unpack." Asher said while grabbing his bag and heading to unlock the front door. 

We all grabbed our bags and followed behind Asher as we wandered around the house, picking our rooms. To our surprise, we all had our bathrooms in our rooms. Thank goodness I don't have to share with my brothers. The last time we all shared one at our last place, it was not pretty. I had to keep cleaning up after them. They are boys; after all, I don't know why they never keep anything tidy.  


I looked around my room and found a walk-in robe just as I was about to walk into the bathroom. The balcony was small but perfect for me, and the room had a great space. I can already see where I'll put my bed and other furniture. I quickly had a shower to freshen up, and as I went out, I heard a knock on the door. 


 "I just warmed up some Mack-n-cheese for dinner," Isaac said as he walked in and handed me food. 

"Is that code for 'I used my fire magic to warm up dinner?'" I asked him, knowing we don't have a microwave because it's still in the removal truck. 

He gave me a wink, "Did you want to sit by the fireplace in the family room? I made a fire; if your cold?" I shook my head before he said good night and walked out of my room. 

I was tired, so I just wanted to sleep before unpacking tomorrow. I checked the time, and it was twelve thirty am; I pulled out my sleeping bag and laid it on the floor. I couldn't wait to be able to sleep in an actual bed tomorrow. I quickly ate my dinner and laid down to get a comfortable position to sleep. As I lay and looked up at the ceiling, I was reminiscing about all the places we ever lived. I have lost count of how many times we moved, but I want this to be my last. There is always a reason to move. Most of the time, it's because of the danger that involves wolves. We would either get too close to a pack or cross paths with rogues.  

We have been on the move ever since I was eight years old. Why? Well, because I am a witch and my brothers are warlocks. As far as we know, we are the last from our coven. We may also be the last of our kind. Asher was seventeen when our coven, along with every other coven in the world, was burnt. All covens were burnt to the ground by all supernatural beings. They were all scared of witches and warlocks because we had magic. There were different kinds of covens; ours were a rare kind. Our coven was of a royal bloodline, which allowed each of us to be born with our gifts. We all discover it when we turn seventeen.  


Asher discovered his gift at seventeen. He was gifted with force fields. Isaac's gift is fire, as you may have already guessed. Nevins found his gift about a month ago, which was nature. I only discovered my gift a week ago and have difficulty with it. What gift did I get? Out of the many possibilities, it was the gift of sight, that allowed me to see many things. 

Firstly, I would see glimpses of the past, things that would happen in the present before they happen, which meant the future. But I can't control it; it happens on its own. Either I see it in a dream or see it while daydreaming. I often have trouble telling if I am in a vision or reality. I haven't slept well for the past week because of my gift. We have been on the move ever since our coven got destroyed.  


The main supernatural beings that were leading the war against our kind were werewolves. They despise us because our magic makes us more powerful than them. We lived in peace and didn't use our magic for the wrong reasons. However, some of our kind don't like living that way. Some thought we were too strong for that and that we could rule. Instead, they thought we didn't have to follow the rules of the supernatural council. I would only assume that is what started the war between our kinds. Our kind would deal with those that used their magic for evil dealings.


Even though my bloodline received gifts, we still were able to do spells like other ordinary witches and warlocks. We still used our spells and potions, but only to protect ourselves. 

I was having trouble sleeping as I tossed and turned in my sleeping bag. I have had nightmares since I got my gift of sight, but even before that, I have been having nightmares about that night our home was taken from us. That night, our coven was attacked and at war with every other supernatural. 

Every time I fall deep into sleep, I see fire everywhere. Our mother died in the coven house as it burnt to the ground. Our father died distracting an Alpha and Beta so that Asher could get us away to safety. Years passed, and we just kept on the move.  


We heard of all the coven houses burned to the ground and knew its real cause. To the human world, it was a tragedy that was just like any other typical accident. In the supernatural world, however, it was an act of war that tried to make a whole species go extinct. Soon after we escaped, we never ran into another of our kind. We now believe it's just us left. Either that or our kind is hiding in fear for their safety, just like my brothers and me. My brothers and I have had each other ever since then. As I lay in my sleeping bag, I had flashbacks of that night all those years ago. 



There was shouting and yelling coming from all directions. I held my father's left hand tightly as he used his magic to fight other supernatural beings. Isaac was just behind us, holding Nevins's hand, and Asher beside them. We were running through the forest as fast as we could. As I turned back, I saw two big wolves chasing us. One was pitch black like the night, and the other was dark brown like the color of dirt. I knew the black wolf was an Alpha, only Alpha wolves are black, and the dark brown must be his beta. 

Just as we got to an opening in the forest, my father picked me up and passed me to Asher. "Take your sister. I'm going to distract them while you, your brothers, and your sister get to safety. I'll meet you at the lakeside. Use the water to mask your scent from the wolves," he said to Asher. "But.." Asher began but didn't finish, "No buts, son. If I'm not there in twenty minutes, leave. No matter what, keep running. Promise me you will take care of each other and protect each other. Don't trust anyone, especially other supernatural beings. They don't like witches or warlocks because of our magic," he said while placing a kiss on all our heads. Just before he turned around, he whispered something into Asher's ears.

Even though I was by Asher's side, I couldn't hear what our father said to him. Before we knew it, our father ran in the opposite direction. Asher turned and picked me up and ran. I quickly looked in the direction our father ran and saw the shadow of the two wolves going towards him. Isaac grabbed Nevins and placed him on his back. Asher did the same as me to make it easier for him to run. Suddenly, we heard loud growls and our father's scream. We knew our father would not be meeting us at the lakeside. Asher got us to hide for twenty minutes, still not believing that our father would be no more. After twenty minutes, we left and did what our father had told us to do. We kept on running and took care of each other.  

 *****END OF FLASHBACK***** 


I look at the time, and it's almost two in the morning. So it's Sunday morning, and then Nevins and I will be going to school on Monday. While Asher will start work and Isaac will look for work. Deep down, I hope I make some friends or a friend. It's hard after moving so much that I stopped making friends.  


Moving too many times just made me see no point in making friends. I don't want to start anything if we are going to move again. At that thought, I drifted back to sleep, hoping we could enjoy living here in Willows field for the next two years. 

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