Chapter 1: Prologue

178 Words
They deeply loved yet they failed at the same love. One was scared and left and the other carried the hatred of being abandoned. Two girls who fell in love are reunited after 7 long years. A few things may have changed but some things do stay the same. Not even time can break old habits. Cassey Bookner and Andrea Night knew each other in the past. But, in the present time, Cassey opts to treat Andrea as a total stranger. A stranger who she once felt so connected to than any other person in her life. Andrea, on her part tries to mend the broken relations she has with her ex-lover slush new personal assistant but all her efforts hit rock bottom every time she gets a bit closer to Cassey. All Andrea knows is that Cassey hates her for leaving and getting forgiveness for it is out of the question. What if the old habits resurface the feelings of Cassey to Andrea? And as they say old habits die hard. I mean true and first love never truly goes away. # LOVE IS LOVE
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