Chapter 2:

1940 Words
CASSEY (P.O.V) I finally had a job. That was a huge relief. I scored a job as an assistant in a real estate company 'Hass Consult Real Estate Firm'. The job was thirty minutes away and easily accessible to get to from Jacaranda where I lived. I did not have my own car yet, but with public transport being reliable it wouldn’t be such a big hassle for me. This job would keep me busy as I worked on my ‘Life n Life’ blog and searched for a job opening in print journalism. Having graduated three months ago and scouring media houses for any opening to no avail, this job was a welcomed relief. I needed some income, put food on the table and clothes on my back. This assistant spot also paid well which was an added bonus for me. It was a seven to five work shift which worked well for me. I squeal throwing my phone on the sofa and getting down to my celebratory dance. A woman from the company had just called to give the good news. Mother would be so proud of me and Marcy too. I couldn’t wait to tell them. I was starting on my new job Monday as the personal assistant for a real estate lady, Miss Andrea S. The company was so successful but I read it doubled its sells since she joined. From my own research with Stacy earlier, I gathered that Hass Consult had opened a few branches across the country and the firm was steadily growing. Beyond that I was clueless, our inquiry had taken a different direction when we both got shit-faced drunk, with me worrying of not getting the job due to my zero experience as an assistant. But I got it. I got the job!!! Aaaah! The job may be full of pressure, leaving up to my boss’ requirements and expectations, but I could totally do it. I could. I got the job obviously she thought I was worth it. Ms. Andrea s. had to be one of the youngest established women in real estate. It must have cost her an arm and limb to get that kind of commendation. What I’m certain off was that she was young and was unstoppable in the field. She was a fireball to reckon with. My best friend had told me about the job opening, weirdly I got the job with no interview. I was just called by this lady Kate who told me to report to work the following week with my CV, cover letter and identification documents. I just hope that the woman was not the bossy kind of lady or worse a straight up rude b****. The kind who make you do everything for them even picking their laundry it makes one be like an extension for you being their house maid. ~~~~~~~Fast Forward Monday~~~~~~~~~~~ I currently was seated outside the office waiting for her to call me inside. The office was located in the '88 Show House Apartment'. The ’88 Apartments’ was the current trademark apartments she was currently selling. I just hoped my clad was suitable. I was spotting a knee length black pencil skirt, white sleeveless chiffon top, a gray blazer and black stiletto heels. My curly brunette hair was held in tight bun with a few strands left free shaping my face. I opted to apply only light make up, mascara and eyeliner. I wasn't such a big fan of makeup. Tommy: Goodluck Cassey. Tommy: Have a great first day love. My phone chimed with texts from him. Oh, Thomas was such a sweetheart, I smile reading the messages. He actually drove me here today, reassuring me and all. "You can come in now," a man's voice said from inside the room. Wait? I thought that my boss would be a lady definitely not a guy. It doesn't matter I still got the job. I took in a few breaths then knocked on the door. I crossed my fingers and picked my bag and walked closer to the door, reciting my uplifting mantra 'you got this. "Come in," another voice said this time it was a woman's. Stepping inside the office I a saw a man seated in the chair next to another empty. On the other side of the desk sat the lady who I assumed would be my boss. She was facing the computer typing away while her hair covered the side of her face visible to me. "Hey Andrea your new secretary is here," the man said in a soft voice. He then stood up went to the other side and stood behind Ms. Andrea’s chair. Just great why did my boss have to share first names with the one person I DESPISED most in the world. God! I hated that Andrea Night. That woman was my biggest regret in life. I shook my head to recover from that string of thought gazing at the man and the lady before me. I was standing in the middle of the room, clutching my handbag tightly. The chair swivels making Ms. Andrea her face me. Her face was still covered and somehow vaguely familiar. Were those two co-workers? They seemed to be too close for comfort. They had to be together. My eyes scan the office which was simply amazing. It was very spacious with a grey carpet covering the floor. The office mostly comprised of large office glass which from the inside I deduced was a one way vision. You could see things outside the office from the within but you wouldn't get any view inside from the out. “Rea would you stop for a minute and meet your assistant,” the man says nudging the woman in the seat. Her large Mahogany polished desk sat right next to the huge sliding glass door. Her back facing it. The scene looked so majestic with her name plate at the front reading, Ms. Andrea S. Documents were arranged neatly on the left side of the table with an apple computer to the right. Everything looked spic and span from where I was standing, nothing out of order. A beautiful white glass cabinet stood a few paces from her desks with folders arranged in color coordination. Cream colored chiffon curtains were being blown lightly by the breeze from the small opening of the sliding door. "Sorry Blake," Andrea answered the man and turned to acknowledge my existence. SHIT! IT WAS HER! Ms. Andrea S. was none other than Andrea Shelby Night. My ex everything. My life had to be a f*****g joke. Andrea Shelby Night. It definitely was her. I could tell that face from anywhere. No wonder I got this job, this totally explained everything. I still badly need it. Quitting was out of question. My boss and Andrea Shelby Night were one and the same person. The woman in front me was my worst learning experience ever. Everything bad and painful I went through had a lot to do with that face and name. The person I swore never to cross paths with in this life or the next gazillion lives. I let out a small humorless laugh and swallowed the bitter taste in my mouth. I could feel pain from my jaws from how hard i was clenching my teeth. Yet there she was seated in all her glory. Andrea didn't seem as shocked as I was. She knew. She definitely knew. Andrea stood up and straightened her dress to remove the small wrinkles on it. Graciously, she moved from her desk towards me with a warm smile. Her dimples adorning her chiseled cheeks. She wore a beautiful long sleeved white dress that ended below her knees with maroon heels. She looked drop dead gorgeous and her hair looked amazing. Life had been good to her. What do I do? I panic internally trying to come up with the most expected reaction. What do I do now? Should I smile back, I mean she did give me a job. That’s crazy, I’d never have any physical contact with that thing walking towards me! She was prancing her way towards me and I did the first thing my brain told me to. Pretend. "Good morning Ma'am it's so nice to finally meet you. I’ve such great things about you and it is a great honor to work for you. I'm Cassey Bookner. Your new personal assistant," I introduced myself quickly. "I can't wait to start the job I just hope I won't fail you Ma'am," My rumble of words surely got her to stop. Andrea looked shocked and surprised and stared at me in confusion.  She looked confused beyond words. I saw her jaw and fists clench as she looked at me in disbelief. What? OK. What did Andrea expect? I look backed at her questioningly. Did she expect a warm friendly embrace from me or that I'd shed tears of joy after those long 7 years. No f*****g way. "Ma'am are you OK. You seem a bit pale," I asked my voice with concern. False concern to be exact. The guy that was standing by her desk came and stood behind her holding her shoulders rubbing his hand on them. Andrea’s hand moves and pats the guys hand and from there a see a silver band on her finger. She was married to that guy. “Are you OK,” I ask again with a low voice. "Yes…I…I'm fine and Cassey welcome aboard. I hope also you don't disappoint," she answers back. Well I was kinda surprised she'd play along. "Hi Cassey, I'm Blake Martin's," the guy introduced himself holding out his hands. Why did he have to tell me that? I don't giving a s**t. The two can go fall in a freaking ditch for all I care.  "Nice to meet you Mr. Blake," I say smiling at him while shaking his hands firmly. Andrea who stood there was as quiet as mouse. "You must be quite lucky lady, you got this job without even an interview but I can see you look like you are up for the task," Blake states. "Yeah I am very lucky as matter of fact" I state smiling tightly at the guy (note sarcasm intended). I look directly into her eyes and met her hard stare. I hated her to the bone of my existence. And I hope she knew that. The woman standing in front of me, hurt me deeply. I don't think Andrea actually realizes how much she messed me up. Back in the days I used to worship the ground she walked on, ride on every word she ever said, memorize her promises but not anymore. "She is a nice person I'm sure you'll both work well together. I'll let you guys get started, Bye Andrea, it was nice meeting you," Blake says as he kissed Andrea's cheek and shakes my hand lightly. He walks to the door but not before waving goodbye to the both of us. "Goodbye Mr. Blake. Have a nice day," I say as I turned to face him. Andrea was quiet this entire time. The door closes and tension in the room sky rockets. It was damn palpable. Did I want to punch her into the next 1000 life? I did, I really did…but... I couldn't risk losing my job, upsetting Stacy and probably ending up in jail for whooping Andrea's ass. "So Ma'am Andrea what do you need me to do" I asked in fake jovial tone “Should I address you as miss or ma’am?” My eyes meet Andrea’s and all I see is the anger and disbelief flashing in them all over again. "What?" I ask shrugging my shoulders. "Seriously Cass! What the hell was that?!" Andrea shouts and I can only stare at her blankly trying to fight the smirk threatening to show. That’s Karma b***h!
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