The beta and his rejected mate

friends to lovers

I was staying with my brother Jasper. He hates my existence because he blames me for our parents' death, which happened 9 years ago in a rogue attack. He doesn't treat me better, so this gives everyone else an open door to bully me and they do well.

I was bullied in school, pack and every place in this pack by our future alpha, his brother and their gang includes my brother as well. Though he will not bully me, he will not say anything to them which hurts me a lot.

When I turned 18, I returned back to my torment becoz of stupid summoned by alpha Chris to attend ball function , so I was in pack house and everyone was watching me like hawk and when i slid to my room there in the corridor it hit me like a wave of tsunami, this delicious smell of vanilla and honey with a mix of nicotine. Wait, what is this smell?

Then my wolf says something in my mind which I can't digest, neither now... nor forever... and about him...being my mate... never .......

he turns and that emotion of amusement turns to disgust in his eyes which broke my heart.

That is why I said never...it hurts... I would rather accept death than be his mate.....but it still hurt to know his feeling of disgust towards me.

It hurts like hell!!!!!

no one said anything and things got worse after 6 months.

What happens next and how will we all cope with all this situation.. to know more...keep on reading!!!!!!

Thank you all.





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Chapter 1
LILY [POV]: I woke up to that same dream again. It's been 9 years since that incident happened but my mind always finds a way to keep me bound to that time and place every night. Story flashback: 9 years back My dad[beta Troy]: Don't worry, Alpha torus, we will take care of them. Alpha Torus: I know. Troy, we just have an urgent job and we can't take them with us, as you know, it's not safe outside our pack territory. Beta Troy.: Yes, I know alpha. We will be going for a picnic in the clearing to keep them busy so that they won't feel dejected about departing from you both. Alpha Torus: Sure!!! It would be a good idea, Troy. Take care. Let's go guys, we will be late for the picnic. So we said goodbye to alpha and Luna before proceeding to clear where our picnic spot. We played together, me, [11yr], Christopher[12yr], and Jasper[11yr]. Kayden and I were best friends... We were always together. From the time I am born, he will never leave me. He will be like my tail. Our parents also call him my tale and he doesn't mind it. So, we played hide and seek, and again he is with me. It was my turn now to seek them...and they hid, but suddenly, I heard the sound of shuffling from behind me and I don't know how, but I knew it was not right. They are not my friends, so I just did what needed to be done in this situation. So I went to my parents without giving a hint to anyone and informed them about my doubts. Then they try to sniff and they both stiffen, which gives me goosebumps. They called them all one by one without panicking and informed them about everything. Then my father commanded Kayden and Chris to go back to Pack's house. They were reluctant but my dad's beta command forced them to go, so they obeyed his command. When my dad, asks me and Jasper to reach the border of the territory to inform the warriors about it, I was so stubborn that I did not want to leave my parents. They try to keep me understood that I have to go but I haven't obeyed their decision and even though Jasper also tries, I didn't listen and then suddenly they came into view and they are 6 rogues as per my dad's confirmation and they eyed my parents like they will eat them alive it runs a shiver down my bone.....and my mom catches me and runs while my dad tackles them and keeping them to reach us. she keeps me in bushes near trees and beta command me to stay there and never leave this place even though anything happens so I did the same. Then I saw one of them was on top of my brother. I screamed at the not-that-high pitch because their growl was louder than my scream and my mother turned and found the reason for my scream...

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