Chapter 15

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I had just finished working in the kitchen when the fragrance of spices emerged from inside me as I headed for my room to take a bath. Because we are werewolves and can smell anything from a distance, I am unable to attend a ceremony while carrying these odors. I'm happy with the attention I receive. When I received the mental link from Par, I had this thought in mind. "My room is five," she remarked. She then breaks the mental connection with a quick blink. What.??? She was looking irritated and confused. "What do you mean my room is five?" I asked, puzzled by her statement. so I hope I'm not running late. Her voice was hinting at this, after all. I need your assistance, moon goddess. I quickly rush to my room, eager to wash away the lingering scents of the oil and other kitchen smells. As I step into the warm water, I can feel the tension melting away from my muscles. However, my mind is still preoccupied with Par's urgent message and her sudden disconnection. Only the moongoddess can save me from her wrath today. I muttered under my breath. I was greeted by an extremely lovely Par, and I couldn't stop glancing at her after that.Her radiant smile and confident demeanor instantly captivated my attention. I found myself drawn to her magnetic presence, unable to tear my eyes away from her. She giggled and shook her head when she saw that I was staring at her. After about five minutes, she pulled me out of it, and I saw myself dressed in a bridal gown. You heard me correctly. I began daydreaming about my wedding ceremony in these stunning outfits. But for the time being, I must leave because it is not my ceremony. I thanked Par for snapping me out of my daydream and apologized for getting lost in my thoughts. As I left, I couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to have such a beautiful wedding someday. However, reality beckoned, and I reminded myself that it wasn't my special day just yet. Sure, Par. By the way, Par, you are looking stunning. Alpha Chris has arrived, according to what I've heard; have you gone down to see him? I met him foolishly. Only he went down to meet everyone after first meeting me. Now put everything aside and get dressed; this is my ceremony, and I don't want to go there by myself. so move quickly. I'll get to it later, but you're already running behind schedule. Go at this time. I apologize for being a little late, Par. No worries, I understand. It's always better to be fashionably late than to miss out on all the excitement. Or do you want me to assist you in adorning your ass? Shut up, please. You will soon become Luna. Leave this type of thinking in the past, girl. I assure you that I must stay, sweetheart. I am the same for you now and always. Will see. Try me. Whatever. I entered the restroom to prepare. She allowed me to use her bathroom and dressing room today. She never hesitated to tell me that I could use her restroom anytime I needed to do so since she didn't want me to utilize those common restrooms. But I never use her companionship as a means of consolation. Let's see what she has in store for me now. I am curious to see what surprises she has planned for me this time. I always appreciate her thoughtfulness and attention to detail. The outfit is really stunning—wow. I have a stunning purple gown with pearls strung from the left shoulder to the tummy. The Arabic pattern had a frill, but there was no right-side sleeve. Below was a big stone that was displaying its exquisite magnificence. This gown is gorgeous. I questioned, "Is this dress really for me?" since I was unsure whether this lovely gown was right for me. Of course, you moron. Can you make out a nametag on it? Since I don't yet have a nametag, I looked to see if there was one on the garment. I can see my name there. Mine. So how are things now? It is more beautiful than I could have imagined. I feel like a princess wearing this gown. Stop fantasizing and put it on. What if it becomes soiled, though? Ahhh. I'll send someone to assist you out of it if you don't stop talking trash and put it on. Nope. I'll work quickly. Why would you dare send someone here? She shouldn't be aware of the burns and stitch marks I cover up on my body for everyone else. All of these scars were a gift from Kayden to me. I took my time getting dressed and wore the outfit before leaving. Wow, you are really gorgeous. Yes, since the elegance of the apparel enhances my appeal. Nah, you are beautiful and stupid, which is why this dress suits you. Whatever. Now what. Everyone comes here and finishes their makeup. And a group of the team came up to me. Whoah. They started to do some magic on my face and hair, which I had never experienced. I will be fine, right? Yeah. Of course. She laughs at my words. After 30 minutes of hard work, my makeup is complete. Then I am asked to get up, and I get up too. Then he asks me to turn around, and when I turn to Jessie, those people get surprised and say how beautiful you look. Looking at you, no one will say that you were the only one working in dirty clothes in the kitchen. I also laughed and said, "Right, I am not able to recognize myself." Look at yourself, Par; you are looking so stunning. She is wearing an outfit that is completely white and golden. Her makeup is also heavily embellished with gold and silver, which complements her fair skin. She looks stunning. Despite the light blush hue on my makeup, I feel like I have a duller complexion than she has. Otherwise, we won't be able to attend the Alpha Ceremony, so let's depart from Par. As we make our way towards the Alpha Ceremony, I can't help but admire her confidence and radiance. Her outfit and makeup truly showcase her unique style and beauty. It's clear that she has put a lot of effort into her appearance, making her stand out in the crowd. I can only hope to exude the same level of elegance and charm as we embark on this exciting journey from Par. Be at ease—how will my hero do his ceremony without me? When she begins to pose comically or her eyes begin to move, I can tell that she is in the mind-linking zone. Then, all of a sudden, her grin turns into a flush, and she exclaims, "Hurry up." We shall leave; Christopher keeps contacting promptly, and it looks like he'll hold out for an extended period of time. Really, she had been working so slowly, and once the person realized that his hero, or our alpha, was patiently awaiting and preparing for it, the speed of the task altered. Only when Chris, the same Alpha, is rising and abruptly turning away, can we get to the corridor. He could have smelled his partner Par because, as I used to say, although we have extremely powerful senses like perception, our partners' senses are stronger and different, so people can smell each other or the smell is different. The scent of one draws the other, and when they come into contact, they realize that their soul mate is nearby. This unique bond between soul mates is not limited to humans alone. In the animal kingdom, many species also rely on scent to find their perfect match, reinforcing the idea that smell plays a crucial role in forming deep connections. His younger brother, who often rattled my brain, happened to be there, alongside Alpha. Chris. Where is he going to get away from me? I told him to proceed independently while ignoring him and pointing to the cross. She began to move ahead while holding my hand in his grasp. Alpha When Chris first saw Par, they grinned; any anxiety or worry that he had gone away as soon as he saw the cross. It's incredible how much affection they both appeared to have for one another. I desire the same love in my life, but it wasn't until then that I sensed someone was giving me an evil glance, and my gaze drifted to my back. He stood there, wearing the silver tux, staring at me with his gaze. Bast***. When I noticed it, I chose to refrain from acknowledging him since he is not and never will be a part of mine. Neither his presence nor his absence could ruin such a pleasant feeling. I continued to focus on the love and affection I witnessed between the couple, allowing their bond to inspire and uplift me. It was a reminder that true love is not affected by the negativity or presence of others, and that I too can find a love that brings me joy and fulfillment.
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