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Eve stood in the corner of the yacht, her hands firmly gripping the ship's rail. She fixed her gaze on the dazzling stars in the night sky, ignoring the loud music blaring in the background. That was all she could do because she had no interest in the party hosted by her step-sister, Alina. She didn't want to go, but after much convincing from their father back on the island. She listened, feeling as if it was Alina's ploy to get her out of the house. "Oh s**t!." In the midst of the noisy environment, her thoughts were interrupted by a very loud voice. She turned around and saw Alina's twin, Lucia, holding a crimson disposable cup of wine in her right hand. She had removed her green dinner party gown from earlier today and was now wearing black leggings and a leather jacket. "It is your birthday, Eve. Why are you hovering over here like a lost sheep?" Lucia inquired, taking a sip from her cup. Eve wondered what was up with her being alone, but it was Lucia. She never mind her own business. Eve scoffs and relaxes her back against the rail. Her gaze swiftly shifted from Lucia to the sight unfolding before her. Her gaze stayed fixed on Alina and her high school crush, devouring each other's faces on the leather couch. A sudden, piercing ache struck her chest, as if someone was chopping her heart with a knife. She didn't even notice her hands twisting in wrath since her gaze never left them. She watched them, jealousy gripping her body, her legs rooted to the ground. Eve's reactions to suffering were always varied; you'd never see tears in her eyes since she masked them so well from those who wanted to damage her. And she was aware of her opponents, the most notable of which was Alina, the eldest daughter of her father's second marriage. She didn't see Lucia's quick turn, directing her eyes to where she was staring, until Lucia muttered something. "She does not like him. You know it's to spite you. You'd better keep your emotions contained since there are a lot of people eager to see you fail." She averted her look, knowing Lucia always talked sense. She was one of the few persons who would tell Eve the truth, despite Eve's skepticism of the other family. Eve cleared her throat and eventually fixed her gaze on her. "I'd like to be left alone." She stated bluntly, her brows lifted. Chuckling, Lucia finished the last of wine in her cup and rolled her eyes, “Well, you're always a loner, anyway.” She laughed it off and started approaching towards the couple. Eve watched her settle beside her twin and began whispering in her ear, giving the lad she crushed on room to meet her eyes. Eve gulped hard when David's eyes locked with hers. Her eyes gradually became more intense as they gazed at one another until Alina cornered his arm and smirked at her. With a bent head, she attempted to conceal the painful tears that had already welled up in her eyes. Only when Eve heard Alina's voice did she fight her tears back and glance up. "I am really pleased to see that the majority of you honored us today. I'd like to thank everyone who made the time-" paused to gaze at Eve and with a radiant smile, she continued,"To celebrate with my beloved younger sister," Eve gritted her teeth in rage as the woman mentioned the word'sister.' She despised being called that, especially by a deceitful two-faced b***h. Eve never embraced her as a sister and she never would. "Who literally does not have many friends," Alina teased her. Eve's eyes were glued on her, growing colder by the second. "Well. I would do everything for her since I am her big sister." All were beaming, but only Lucia understood what was going on. Her gaze was fixed on Eve, as she struggled to control her rage. Eve could had sworn she saw Alina smirk just now. She knew Alina was attempting to stir her up. She was provoking her in the midst of her friends. Alina offered her a little grin and averted her gaze, glancing at the people in the party while Eve struggled to calm herself. "Congratulations on your appointment today and happy birthday to you, Evelyn Belle Bancroft." She finished with a raised glass, and the others joined in, clinking their glasses. "Tell me, Eve. How do you convince the chairwoman to will everything in your name?" One of her pals inquired, and the others focused their gaze on her. Eve clutched her two shaking hands together, watching the deceitful people around her ask her questions as if they were concerned about her. They were observing her movements, facial features, the way she spoke and acted to see if they could find any fault with her. On her sixteenth birthday, Evelyn, Mr. Blake's youngest daughter from his late wife, was appointed chairwoman. Her grandmother willed everything in her name, as everyone expected, because she was very close to her and her grandma adored her. Eve tried to maintain eye contact with the moron who had just inquired, "What do you mean?," she queried with a raised brow and a hushed voice, but it was clear that she had had enough of keeping up with them. "Come on," another i***t exclaimed, her gaze shifting to Mitchell, one of Alina's closest friends. Mitchell Mascot laughed briefly, saying, "You obviously know, baby girl. The will was supposed to go to Alina, the eldest daughter. Of course, it shouldn't be you because you are the Bancroft family's youngest daughter." Eve raised her brows, "In other words, you mean that I did something to my grandma to make her transfer all to me?" She scoffed, "We have no idea, did we?" Her colleagues gave her a nod of approval. Without responding, Eve folded her arms and began glaring, knowing it was a plot to f**k her up. Why are they all coming at her? Alina interjected quickly, "Oh, come on. My stepmother died a long time ago. I believe this is why Grandma considered giving her everything. A win for her means a win for us. Right, baby sister?" she inquired as her lips twisted into a crooked smile. It was like Alina saying she merited it because of pity. She was playing a mind game, and that irritated Eve. It was when Alina made mentioned of her dead mother that she lost her composure. "Don't you dare call me that again, Alina." Eve issued a harsh warning, focusing everyone's attention on her like she was dirt. Nonetheless, she added, "And keep my mother out of your mouth; I've had enough." "Now, you bark?" Her friend, Stella, inquired. The atmosphere was strained now. Alina pouted innocently. "Why? You are my sister. Even if you dislike calling me that, you will always be my sister." The b***h was making a scene right now, and Eve was certain her dumb circle of pals was buying it. "Leave her alone, Alina. That's enough." Lucia spoke for the first time. “Thank you, Lucia. You know when to stop.” Eve told her plainly and turned away from them. A moment of silence passed. “You know what, I'm done with this stupid party. Your sister is clearly no fun, Alina,” Stella declared, stomping out. Eve could see by the corner of her eyes that she was getting prepared to ride back to the Island. Another responded, “From what I have heard, you really do have it all,” and started to walk away. “No, please don't leave. Eve apologize to them, you're the reason they are gathered here.” Alina begged, running over to Eve, and grabbed her by the shoulder, imploring Eve to look at her, "Let go of your pride, Eve. You've disgraced our house enough." Eve slowly looked down at her hand on her shoulder and shrugged it off, "Alina, keep your distance from me. I will not warn you again." Evelyn, the Bancroft and Walton families' last daughter, was regarded as the luckiest girl to have ever lived. She was nicknamed 'the girl who had it all' since she came from two powerful families in New York City. Her mother, the Walton family's heiress, married into the Bancroft family as part of an arranged marriage, resulting in a partnership between the two commercial empires. Her father didn't like her mother and was seeing Alina's mom. Lady Gella was a housekeeper for the Bancroft family. After her father married her mother, she resigned and was never heard from again until Eve's mother's funeral. She appeared with her two daughters, three years older than Eve, and announced that they were her father's children. Eve was only seven. Eve has loathed her family since then. The formerly charming, lovely youngster was broken and never embraced them into her life. They despised her as well, so she couldn't see why Alina should be upset because she didn't accept her as a sister when she wanted it. Given that today was her mother's memorial service, Alina intended to ruin her evening even more than usual. Eve's mother died on her birthday, therefore she never celebrated them. The roar of hydro-cycles could only be heard as she stood, peering down at Alina, who was now casually sipping her wine. "What the heck are you playing at, Alina?" Eve asked her with a frown. "Why the f**k did you even organize this stupid party and make me leave the house?" "Yes, Alina. We both know you would never do it, even in another life. What is your plan?" Lucia inquired, her interested gaze fixed on her. She had been quiet and couldn't take it anymore when Eve was reminded of her deceased mother. Alina terrified her at times, considering her desire for power. Lucia didn't care about anything as long as she was getting enough money; she had no dreams. She wasn't under as much strain as Alina, who wanted everything Eve had. "Leave us, Lucia." Eve arched her brow as her gaze met Lucia's stunned expression. "What?" Alina was looking down on her, and she did what she always did. "Get the f**k out, I want to speak to Eve alone." This time, it arrived with a shout. "Easy. I wouldn't want to remain, though." Rolling her eyes at her, she stood up, grabbed a bottle, and began to walk away. "And make sure you get far away from this boat." Lucia grew angry and said, "Make me." She seethed and walked inside, furious. Now it had left Eve with the b***h. Her legs never moved from where she stood. Hell, she was tired of standing, but she couldn't bring herself to sit with that b***h over there. "Let's get started, shall we?" Alina inquired, dropping her tumbler on the glass table. "Actually, the party was part of my strategy to bring you here. Everything here was planned." Eve proceeded to scrutinize her. "I think I should acquaint you with the realities of the situation here today." The maniac paused, sensing Eve's confusion. "Eve, you're not gonna leave here alive today." Eve scoffed: "What the f**k are you blabbing about?" "Do you think I would throw a party for me to blab to you?" She posed a satirical inquiry. "I grew envious, extremely envious when I discovered grandma was going to bequeath everything to you that I envisaged for your demise today." She got fiercely serious, "I can no longer take any more chances." Looking inside, Lucia had gone behind the yacht, her Bluetooth device hooked into her ear. She realized she needed a few moments of calm away from her sister's planned ploy. She does not wish to take part in it. "Look, Alina." Eve began, unwilling to entertain any more of her drama. "I'm not prepared for any of your theatrics today." "Look at you gibbering; you should be a clown." Eve stated firmly and turned to leave. She'd just taken a few feet away when she heard the bombshell. As if Eve hadn't heard, Alina repeated, "I said my mom killed your mother." Eve turned slowly, her gaze locked on her. "What did you say?" Alina giggled, "You think that accident was natural?" Eve gasped as tears welled up in her eyes. Her stomach fell, and Alina stopped talking for a few seconds to allow her to process the news. Eve gulped and stammered, her lips trembling, "Your mom planned the accident that killed my mother?" Silence descended upon them. "Look at you…" Alina rose up and began to walk towards her, "You are truly clueless. How do you suppose we appeared in our home on the day your mother was buried? We were waiting for her to be removed so that we could get what was rightfully ours." Her ears were unable to believe it. Her tears were full, and they began to fall one after the other. "Mm." Alina shook her head. "I thought I'd let you know since you're going to die today." "I might as well tell you everything that happened that day." She added, turning around and approaching the cake. Eve's birthday cake, which no one bothered to cut before displaying their insanities. However, that is not the scenario right now. What Alina was about to tell her now was more vital than a silly cake. She could remember the day her mom passed away. Mrs Bancroft received an usual call. On her phone display, Little Eve noticed a ring with no-name. Eve's dad was still not home for her birthday celebration, and it was raining heavily. As the rain pelted violently against their glass wall, her mom sat across from her, singing happy birthday to her seven years old. She was both thrilled and upset that her dad hadn't arrived yet. Unlike her previous parties at which he had been present. She watched her mom check her phone occasionally and when she decided to focus on her alone, her phone rang. She hurriedly grabbed her phone and moved away, standing over the wall. The memories had been embedded in her mind because that was the last she saw her mother. Following that call, her mother dashed outside and into her car before speeding out of the house. Eve blamed her father for what occurred and grew to despise him after he attended her mother's funeral with a woman and children older than her own age. “That night, I overheard my mother speaking to Uncle Adam on the phone, who announced that he was finished, and that she could marry our dad now. The delight on my mother's face brought joy to my life. You and your mom took everything away from us and now, today, grandma willed you all of the Bancroft property. I refuse to stand by and watch you govern the Bancroft empire. You will die today, leaving just me oversee the Bancroft's wealth. It was mine; I'm taking what's mine.” Eve's face was filled with lines of tears as she listened to her. “You and your family are evil.” She turned abruptly, her eyes devoid of emotion, "You made us that way. If your mother hadn't seduced and married our father, everything would have been fine. You would not have been born to seize my inheritance. Every day my mother cries, I detest you. I swore to make you pay. I vowed to make you suffer." Her voice was dangerous and scary. "Do you believe you'll get away with it?" "That our father will..." “Who will tell him? Is it your ghost?” She cut in and damn it was quick. Eve didn't see her coming. Alina had sworn the knife into her stomach. Shocked to see her blood tipping down onto the wooden cabin. She gripped the hand Alina held onto the knife and her expression distorted as the pain hit her. Alina shoved Eve away from her and Eve's eyes widened as she lurched back and collapsed near the rail. “Aaaarhhh!!” She let out a gut-wrenching shriek as the pain coursed through her body, numbing her. Her bloody right hand gripped the knife handle and drew it out, eliciting another groan. She tossed it away from her, and it landed at Alina's feet. Her eyes widened as blood poured out of her abdomen. She groaned harder, pressing it to keep her blood flow from dropping. Eve's body had become weaker as she lost blood. "Now, nobody will be in my way." Alina laughed slightly, "I've waited all my life for this day." With a nasty look on her face, she walked towards Eve. She grabbed Eve's dress and hauled her up off the ground. "And don't worry," she said, settling her back against the rails. I shall cover my end, just as my mother did. Any final words?" "I…will come back for you, bitch." Instead, her smirk dismissed Alina's threat: "Rot in hell, Eve." She pushed Eve. And as Eve went all the way down the sea, she slowly closed her eyes and waited until the water engulfed her before succumbing to darkness.
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