Chapter Three

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Chapter Three “I’m surprised her panties are still dry actually,” Sophia says to Stacey. Sophia bends down and casually runs her hand over Fluffy’s panties. “Stay,” she says, as Stacey watches closely. “Stay just like that. Let Mistress stroke you p***y and show Mistress Stacey what a true humiliation slut you really and truly are,” Mistress says, before turning to Stacey and continuing her running description of her pet girl. “The p***y doesn’t lie. She is pretty much instantly wet as soon as we start teasing her. She gets to the point where I think she is going to come, just from feeling my hands pinch her amazing n*****s. She likes it rough. Depriving her of pleasure and putting her into a chastity belt is a true way to discipline and control her. Spankings just make her wet. They are far more a reward than a punishment for this little puppy,” Mistress says. Stacey sees that although Fluffy is blushing, she works hard to not betray any other emotions on her face and she remains still even though she seems more excited with every passing second. “Look at her now,” Sophia continues. “She is embarrassed, but look at her face. Notice how her cheeks are flushed with pure lust too. She really is such an unbelievable little whore.” All around them on the back deck, people are talking and laughing. Stacey is thrilled that the others seem not to notice what is going on with Fluffy and when people do look, they smile but soon they are looking away again, laughing, drinking and talking animatedly amongst themselves. Sophia runs her hand over Fluffy’s hair and looks at her. “Come up here girl. Sit on my knee with your back to me. I have an idea.” Stacey is alive with excitement as she watches Fluffy sit down on Sophia’s lap. As they talk about their plans for the following day, Sophia strokes Fluffy’s breasts casually. Fluffy’s large n*****s are erect instantly and Stacey notices how all of Fluffy’s attention is captured by her Mistress’ skillful and knowing touch. Stacey sees that Fluffy is working hard to stay calm and resist her natural urge to squirm and writhe as Sophia torments and teases her with pleasure. Fluffy’s body tenses and her breathing becomes labored yet she stays still and focused. Mistress Sophia then takes the game to a higher level. She puts her hands under Fluffy’s knees, places them on the outside of her own thighs, and opens her legs, forcing Fluffy’s legs to stay wide open. “Now, you are posed to look like the good little w***e that you are. Good girl, keep those pretty long legs right where they are, understand? If you move them, you will be tied up in your cage tonight and I don’t think you would enjoy that very much. Stroke her Stacey. See how wet she is. She is such a good little w***e, my puppy girl,” Mistress coos into Fluffy’s ear, making her giggle. Stacey can’t believe what she is about to do. She is electrified with tension and excitement. Her entire body feels like a pressure hose, ready to erupt. “How do you manage to sleep at night?” Stacey asks, as she strokes the pink panties and notices how wet they have become. Fluffy is now giving in to her desire and thrusting her hips and Sophia is allowing her to do so. “It is very exciting. You’re right about that,” Sophia says. “Oh look at you! Pretty little slut, writhing under Mistress Stacey’s touch,” she adds, approvingly. “You look like you are ready to be taken up to the playroom. Would you like that? You may speak” “Yes Mistress.” “Have you been a good girl?” “Yes Mistress.” “Yes, yes you have. Beg, beg like a good little w***e. You have my permission to speak openly to Mistress Stacey. Tell her what you are fantasizing about. Tell her the truth and beg her to give you what you want baby, be specific. Use that dirty mouth to tell Mistress Stacey what you want” Sophia orders. “Yes Mistress,” Fluffy says. “Mistress Stacey, I would like you to put me across your knee and give me a spanking. After my spanking I would like you to tease me with your fingers and your tongue.” “Umm hmm,” Stacey answers, smiling at the beautiful pet girl who sits on her friend’s lap with her legs wide open. “Where? Where do you want my fingers and tongue to be?” Stacey asks. “I want them to be stroking me, teasing me, stroking my clit and making me beg you for more. I want your fingers to be inside my p***y, Mistress.” “I think those special treats could be arranged but only if you are an obedient little w***e for me. Is that clear?” Stacey asks, imitating Sophia’s confident tone. “Yes Mistress,” Fluffy says and when Stacey hears Fluffy address her as ‘Mistress,’ she can’t wait to try on her new role. Sophia looks at Fluffy. “So my puppy will need to be on her very best behavior until bedtime won’t she? If she wants to earn some playtime.” “Yes Mistress.” “Good girl, now back down you go.” Sophia points to the deck and snaps her fingers. “Lie down girl, calm down. That’s it honey, good girl.” It is not long afterwards that the invited guests say their goodbyes and go home. Stacey’s excitement has been building and she is thrilled when it is finally time to take Fluffy up to the playroom. As Sophia leads Stacey up to the second floor she says, “I’m so happy you are having a chance to see the playroom actually being played in, and not just as a part of the house tour.” “When you showed it to us, I couldn’t believe how exciting it was. I was hoping to see it put to use,” Stacey says, feeling her own face flush with excitement and exhilaration. “Why didn’t you say anything, woman? I’m not a mind reader, you know,” Sophia answers. “Let’s just say the longer I am around your pets, the bolder I get.” “Good, don’t be afraid to lead and direct her. Be firm. Think of both of our pets as your toys and you will be fine. Use them. Enjoy them. They love it, you know. Both of them have submissive natures and they have deep seated masochistic characteristics but as owned property, as slaves, it doesn’t really matter all that much what they want. The fact that they enjoy it is the icing on the cake. It does please me to know that both of them are so incredibly turned on by most of the activities we choose to engage them in but like I said their job is to obey, right pup?” Mistress asks, as she turns around to look at Fluffy climbing the stairs on her hands and knees. Fluffy nods her head silently. When they are all in the playroom Sophia closes the door behind them. “Go for it. Be guided by pure lust. You can’t do anything wrong. Take charge and have fun with her,” Sophia says. “Alright,” Stacey says, as a broad smile lights up her flushed face. “I have never felt more alive,” she adds as she looks down at the beautiful young woman who kneels at her feet. “Stand up girl,” Stacey’s voice is quiet but the edge to it leaves no doubt as to who is in charge. Fluffy stands obediently and Stacey takes off Fluffy’s tank top. “Come,” Stacey says as she sits on a big overstuffed chair and puts Fluffy across her knee. “You know what happens to pain sluts, don’t you?” she whispers. “They get exactly what they want when they are good girls. Open your legs!” Stacey is surprised by her own fierceness and the raw power of her need, as she roughly forces Fluffy’s legs wide open. “There’s a good girl,” she says, as she moves Fluffy’s panties aside and forces her fingers into Fluffy’s wide open drenched p***y lips, swollen with desire and begging to be f****d roughly, taken and used. “You are soaking, w***e. Talk to me. Why are you so wet?” “I’m wet because I want you to spank me Mistress,” Fluffy says. Stacey pulls up Fluffy’s skirt and pulls her panties down. “What a magnificent round ass you have girl,” Stacey says, as her palm lands with a decisive smack. Repeatedly she strikes Fluffy’s ass, watching it as it reddens, shutters and ripples with each hard impact. “Such a bad little pain w***e, isn’t that right? Speak to me pup.” “Yes Mistress,” Fluffy’s voice is husky and thick with passion as if she is in a trance as Stacey caresses the ass that she has reddened. “Come with me.” Stacey leads Fluffy to a padded mat on the floor. “Strip, lie down and open your legs wide,” she orders. “Let me look at you.” Fluffy does as she is told as both Mistress’ watch her every move. Stacey stands above Fluffy looking at her naked body and feeling her own panties soaked through. Stacey sits down on the floor beside the mat and picks up Fluffy’s discarded panties. She brings them to her face and examines them. “Open,” Stacey says, as she stuffs the wet panties into Fluffy’s mouth. Straddling Fluffy and sitting on her waist, Stacey roughly squeezes both of Fluffy’s n*****s. Repeatedly she pinches and pulls them, loving the moans that escape from Fluffy’s mouth, muffled by the soaked panties. “Look at you, puppy girl. If you were mine I would be a sleep-deprived but happy zombie.” Stacey moves herself between Fluffy’s legs and runs her tongue back and forth on Fluffy’s clit. Two of her fingers slide into Fluffy’s soaked p***y. Mistress Sophia watches Stacey lose herself in her beautiful, intoxicating pet. “You have permission to come, slut,” Stacey says. Sophia watches as Fluffy’s body tenses. She sees Fluffy trembling as she gains more and more momentum until finally she releases and comes with wave after wave of orgasm washing over her body. She cries out as she is overcome with passion. Sophia continues to watch as Stacey lies beside Fluffy and strokes her head gently. “Good girl,” Stacey says soothingly into the back of Fluffy’s neck as she spoons her from behind.
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