Becoming Alpha's Personal Caretaker


The first time they met.

Lauren said with a straight face, "Mr Miller, take off your pants please.”

Victor's eyes darkened, "Why?”

Lauren answered, “s****l function check. I need to see if the wounds on your legs have gone up to your...”

Before she could finish her sentence, Victor interrupted coldly, “No need for that!”

“All right.” Lauren cast a glance at him and nodded.

Victor thought this checkup would finally be over.

But the next second, he saw that damn woman writing something on his file -- Suspected s****l Dysfunction!


After they became lovers.

Victor thrust his huge hardness deep into her warm and sensitive secret garden and began pounding harder and harder.

Lauren couldn't stop trembling and moaning.

“Victor...You've gone too deep...”

Victor nibbled her ear and asked in a husky voice, “Do you still think I have s****l dysfunction now, Dr Lauren?”

“Aargh...” Laura couldn't utter anything except groaning. Her mind was shattering. She was completely lost in the exhilarating pleasure Victor brought her.


Lauren happened to find out her fiancé, Michael was having an affair with her stepsister, but her father, the alpha of the Fullmoon Tribe took her stepsister's side. He even asked Lauren to cancel the engagement and let her sister marry Michael.

Lauren was furious and left home. But then she met alpha Victor, who was also betrayed just like her, in the hospital she worked. This alpha was once very powerful but then he was attacked by the Dark Enchantress in a battle. He not only lost his wolf but also couldn't walk anymore and Lauren suddenly became his private doctor and his personal caretaker.

During their time together, Lauren found out Victor wasn't as cold and ruthless as the rumors said and was actually pretty kind and warm. So she decided she would use her special power to help Victor find his wolf back. In the meantime, Lauren's vicious stepsister, Janice and her mother wanted to come at Lauren again and Lauren decided to fight back!

How would Lauren take her revenge on her evil stepmother and stepsister? How would Lauren and Victor heal each other? And how would Victor treat Lauren after he discovered her special power? Would he imprison her...or protect her?

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1-2 The Betrayal From My Fiancé And My Sister
Lauren POV The moans behind the closed door made me stop. My half-sister Janice said in a sweet voice, "Oh, Michael...You make me feel so good... Please kiss me on my other breast...It needs your loving..." "Janice, you look so beautiful, like a horny slut," Michael said, breathing heavily, "now lift your butt. I’m gonna f**k you." “You prefer me, or my sister?” Janice squeezed her voice and asked. “Don’t even mention her name! What a bummer! God knows who she was saving herself for. Of course I prefer you!” Michael had already lost his rationality and slapped Janice on the buttlocks. Their hoarse voices left me stunned. I knew very well the people behind this door. They were my fiancé Michael and my half-sister Janice. And they were having s*x right now! The wedding was scheduled for next month. I was aware that he didn’t love me but it never came to my mind that he would pick my half-sister, the person I hated the most. To make things worse, he knew she and her mother was responsible for my mom’s death. Michael showed no respect to me, even his gentlemanly demeanor was fake. All he wanted from this marriage was to establish himself within the tribe. I finally got it why Janice used my mother’s lost gemstone necklace as an excuse to trick me into going back to the manor. She wanted me to see this for myself and she probably even got rid of the servants. So this s*x scene was meant for me. Janice took away something that once belonged to me, just like her mother, who cheated with my father and drove my mom to suicide. Because of them, I no longer had a mom and ‘lost’ my father. The thought of it made my heart race and took my breath away. My mother’s death was the most unbearable thing in the world to me. I wanted to barge in but then I heard something even more shocking. “I’m pregnant,” said Janice. “Really?” Michael couldn’t believe what he just heard. “That’s great! Since I haven’t found my mate yet, I want you to give me a pup! My pup is gonna be so much stronger and healthier if you are the mother! I need a powerful heir.” So, this is what the show is for. Janice wanted to use her child to sabotage my marriage. Janice asked with fake concern, "Michael, what we’re doing is not right. What about my sister? But I can’t give up on you. When we are having s*x, I feel like you are my mate.  Michael, I’m hurt." Michael grunted, "My father made me get engaged to Lauren against my will. I love you way more than that woman. Janice, I want you to be my Luna." I smiled coldly. Michael was being ridiculous because I had never told him that my wolf Bella actually had the rare superpower of healing which outranked the other wolves. The next second, their sickening voices sounded. I couldn’t take it anymore and stopped the recording then kicked open the door. That was right. I started the recording before I came and now I had the evidence of their cheating. To avoid unnecessary trouble I had a dummy phone with me so I could throw it at them any moment. "OMG! What the heck are you guys doing?!" I kicked the door open and screamed out as loud as I could. And my hands were holding the phone, shooting their shameless act. "Lauren, why are you here?" Michael screamed in shock. He hastily held on to Janice, who was completely naked right now. And then he tried to snatch my phone. But I was faster than him and stepped on the blanket that fell from the bed. With a thug, Michael fell to the ground crying in pain. Watching Michael on the ground I couldn’t help but laugh out loud then put my phone with the video in my bra, making sure no one could take it away from me. Janice was literally shaking on the bed right now. "Lauren, I…Why would you be here? I..." "You know better than anyone why I’m here, Janice. You asked me to be here for the show, didn’t you?" I looked at these two ugly creatures coldly and said with sarcasm, "Michael, you’re cheating on me at my house? Shame on you." My words really made Michael feel embarrassed. Janice hurriedly sobbed, "I’m so sorry, Lauren, I seduced Michael in the first place. He is just so deadly attractive to me as if he is my mate. We just couldn’t help it. Please don’t blame it on him." Janice always knew how to make people feel bad for her just like her mother did. As she expected, Michael immediately defended her after hearing what she said, "Lauren, this is not her fault. Just leave the room now. We’ll give you an explanation." "I’ll give you five minutes. I don’t have much patience. If you make me wait for too long, I’ll go straight to your father and tell him everything, Michael." After saying that, I  went to the living room because I didn’t want to see their sickening naked bodies again. I mind-linked my father, Manuel, the one who abandoned me for a decade but suddenly got close to me recently. When my wrath faded away, I didn’t feel too bummed. And I was even stoke that I had turned on the recording on my phone before I came. Everything they said today would be a joke among the wedding guests. That was right. I was planning to do it this way and I damn well would. My marriage with Michael was arranged before my mother passed away. Michael was the son of the Alpha from Lunarko Tribe. They had reached an agreement that if Michael and I had not found our mates yet, we would tie the knot on the day I turned twenty and I would become Luna of the Lunarko Tribe. This was a major honor. But given the current situation I could not let things play out like that. I was not a sad and weak woman. My father quickly showed up with my stepmother. He looked at me with doubts as if he hadn’t figured out why I would suddenly show up in the manor and told him to come back. But his pride didn’t allow him to talk first. I didn’t want to waste more time anymore and cut to the chase, "Michael cheated on me with Janice and now she’s pregnant. How pathetic! Your wife is a cheater and now your daughter is the same." While I cast those words at them, the recording was still on. On the day of my wedding, I wanted everyone to know their true colors. My father’s face became gloomy. But I could tell he wasn’t so surprised. My father had been aware of this all along! But he abandoned me again! Realizing this, I felt like it was hard for me to breathe and my heart was broken into pieces. I held back my hard feelings and questioned him coldly, "You already knew but you chose the women who faked weak and forced my mom to death, didn’t you? That was hush. You sacrificed your own daughter for that b***h’s!" My father Manuel sighed, "Please don’t say that about your sister. We should consider letting your sister have the engagement instead." He paused before he continued, "Lauren, I know this marriage with the Lunarko Tribe was made by your mother and Janice shouldn’t have done this to you. But now that she’s pregnant. After all, she’s also a daughter of the Blanco family," Manuel looked at me with a trace of guilt, "Lauren, you don’t wanna marry Michael now anyway, right?" I almost laughed. He was still finding excuses for his precious little princess now and even said such despicable things to me. "So this is your answer, alpha Manuel?" I stopped calling him father because he never treated me as his own daughter anyway. After my mother passed away, my grandmother from my mother’s side raised me. When I grew up, he finally took me home but he had already brought Lola and my stepsister who was only six months younger than me to the house. Manuel thought his Janice could do nothing wrong. And I was the opposite. Manuel was furious. "Lauren! I know you’re upset about this but since Janice is the one Michael loves and she’s already pregnant, it’s only logical to let them get married!" "Why would I do that for them?" I laughed out of rage, "it’s none of my business that she’s a third wheel. If she wants to be a mistress like her mother, It’s fine by me." "Lauren!" Manuel shouted with Michael, who finally put his clothes on and went downstairs, at the same time. "How could you be so vicious!" Michael was furious. I tried hard to hold back my urge to tear him apart right now and sneered, "I’m vicious? How about I let this out? Let’s see if the tribe and your father are willing to give you their blessings or not.” I pulled out the dummy phone I had already prepared while my cell phone was taking a video in my bra. They panicked. Most of the people of the federation knew that there was an engagement between the Lunarko Tribe and the Fullmoon Tribe and Michael’s father always wanted me to be the Luna of the Lunarko Tribe. If I gave out the news about Janice seducing Michael and getting herself pregnant, then everyone would point their fingers at Janice and Michael. Now Michael finally calmed down and said in a deep voice, "Lauren, Janice needs more caring and loving than you do." Janice had been hiding behind Michael and she suddenly wept, "Michael, my love, I’ve never thought about being the Luna of the Lunarko Tribe. But I can’t just give this baby up and let this poor baby grow up without his father..." "I’m sorry, Lauren, it’s all my fault..." Janice started apologizing to me in tears, "if you wanna punish me, I’m fine with that." I just stood there and watched. But Michael suddenly charged towards me and snatched my phone, the one he believed contained the video. I feigned resistance, putting up a brief struggle, all while maintaining a subtle smile on my face. After my mother was gone, I became the sole heir of the Blanco family under my grandfather’s demand. The only reason why Janice and her mother Lola could be brought to the Blanco manor was that they didn’t have the right of inheritance. How ironic was that? I laughed, "You think I’ll feel sad just because of that trashy b***h?" The atmosphere became frigidly awkward and Manuel’s face went grim, "Lauren..." I coldly interrupted him, "Michael means nothing to me, so do you. He slept with Janice and I feel sick when I look at him." "I won’t marry Michael but the wedding will proceed as schduled because I will inform Alpha Kean and the tribe myself. After I left, I took out the phone that had the recording and video in from my bra and called the wedding manager, “Hello, I’d like to replace the video on the wedding.”

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