My deviant lover

love at the first sight

Laura is a girl who travels to Vegas to study. But she finds herself in need of external housing because the university housing is full . Laura went to live in a house But she did not know that she would fall in love.with her roommate But she found out that he's not an ordinary roommate He is an invisible man No one can see it but her

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Chapter 1

She ran behind the bus, hurriedly getting on it, turning to look at her parents, who were running after her, shouting at her with great concern:

- Take good care of yourself, call us every day

looked at them wearily, shouting, "Okay, Dad, come on now. Go home. How long are you going to run after the bus? For God's sake, come back. We're going out on the road. It's too dangerous for you to run like this. Come back, Dad. Please, you're going to get worse."

Her father, called "Abed," stopped panting and breathing hard, waving to her in peace, calling for her protection and preservation, while her mother watched as the bus moved away from her line of sight and then gradually disappeared until it completely disappeared from her eyes, which shed tears profusely. "Abed" embraced her tenderly, calming her, saying:

- Calm down, Jenna will be fine, our daughter is strong

She raised her eyes to him, looking at him anxiously and rejecting what he was saying, as she was vehemently refusing her daughter to go to study in a city far from them, as she was having terrifying nightmares and a fear that she had in her heart when she heard the name of the city she was going to, and she knew that if she felt bad, there is negative energy hovering in the air around 

Her daughter, remembers when she was young when she was playing in one of the streets, she was caught by an old witch who was known about her Throughout their village, she is an outcast witch, but everything she says happens. Then she grabbed her daughter and started screaming at her, saying with a nail and knowledge:

- He is waiting for you. He will not calm down until you free him. He has been waiting for a long time. Hurry up to free him, but beware, when he is freed from his prison, you will be the alternative victim. Go to him and be obedient to avoid his evil.

Since then, she has not left her daughter, protecting her with her soul. She has not allowed any harm to harm her. She works and struggles with her husband until she enters the most luxurious private schools, but her husband's poor health condition made him retreat from work because he was unable to do so to be the only breadwinner for her small family, and after "Laura" was pampered. 

Her parents attend higher and private education schools and her friends envy her, she started studying with them in the same public school, but her high level was not affected, and she was always excelling, so the Ministry of Education granted her a full scholarship to complete her path towards excellence in one of the universities in Vegas to pack her luggage and go under the objection of her mother and her strong fear for her, but she insisted 

She has to go and travel and accept this scholarship because her parents are unable to provide an equivalent or equivalent golden opportunity like that opportunity.

She sighed with deep sadness, letting the expressions that fell on her cheeks fade, then raised her eyes to the sky and called with a motherly emotion:

- Oh God, protect my daughter for me, in the care of God, my little girl


After several hours of taking the bus to the airport and boarding the plane, the flight headed to the United States of America, specifically to its beautiful destination, Vegas, the flight arrived, and the plane landed safely. 

Although it is of Polish origin, Vegas has a special charm

She completed the necessary legal procedures regarding her stay in that town for quite some time. She left the airport, took public transport until she reached her destination, which is the University of Medicine, where she is studying in one of its departments, and she wants to specialize in psychiatry. Not only that, but she entered through the main gate and followed the instructions on the wall. 

Until she reached the principal's office, and there she walked quietly and shyly, to see his face, that cheerful and affectionate 60-year-old man named "David" welcoming her. 

He had her dorm order, and she asked him about her room number in the female student dormitory at the university. Then he spoke with regret:

- Sorry, little girl, it seems that we are facing a problem here in the housing. It is full and there are no places available for one student yet. This means that we will not be able to provide a room for you in our housing.

I was shocked by this news, how will she manage, all her money is barely enough for her food and personal expenses for this month, and it was not taken into account the lack of housing. Where would she bring the money to rent even a room in that big city, which is surely a room on the rooftops of one of its buildings, for the price of their modest house? 

She spoke with fear and a tone of voice tinged with crying, while a forty-year-old woman was placing a cup of black coffee in front of the manager on the desk, looking at that girl with pity:

- How is that, I got this scholarship from Morocco and I have no relatives here, and I depended on university housing, and I do not have enough money to rent a room, even in that city. Where will I go by myself now? Will I stay on the street, come on, please, can you manage it? I can share someone in his room. No 

I don't mind

He bowed his head with true sadness, shook his head, denying his ability to manage this matter, answering her sadly and helplessly: 

- Sorry, my daughter, but all the rooms contain five or four girls and some rooms contain more numbers than that and I cannot find a place for parents to complain about us because their children are not comfortable with the crowded rooms, and this is what prompted us to construct another residential building, but it is at the beginning of its establishment and needs 

For two months or more, until it is ready to live in, then I assure you that I will arrange a room for you, but now it is impossible. Try to manage you only for two months.

Tears streamed from her eyes with grief over the dream of a cradle in his cradle, so that she did not have the chance to be happy by accepting her in this luxurious university frequented by the elite of the high society, as she describes them in that imaginary city that she had wished since childhood to visit even for once, and now that her dream has been fulfilled, and she has a chance to study and live in it. 

For more than four years, she missed her opportunity because there was no housing. Where would she live for the past two months if she did not live in university housing? She nodded to him positively and stood holding her purse and followed her with her large travel bag heading outside to be stopped by the director's voice saying with concern and seriousness, some strength and perseverance to turn to him looking at him 

With two sad eyes that sparkle with tears and heartbreak: 

- I am waiting for you tomorrow, on your first day of school.

She nodded her head positively to him and turned to go out of his office, walking in the hallway leading to the university yard, a spacious courtyard full of trees and side benches for students to sit between lectures and the next, while she was immersed in her restricted thoughts of what she would do now and where she would go and sleep for the night now. 

, to find that the worker who was in the manager's office jogging behind her eagerly, I came forward to ask her seriously:

- What's the wrong madam, why are you running like that, is something happening? Calm down a little, catch your breath, and take a drink of water.

She handed her a bottle of ice water she was with, while the lady straightened after she was bent on her knees panting heavily for running all that distance in addition to her years of life that exceeded forty years and despite her grace, the hard work took from her what he took from her health condition in addition to the pain of her recent bones was taken from her 

She drinks a little water from the bottle to close it while chanting calmly and embarrassed: 

- My name is Sandra, and I am the cleaner for the work of the dormitory for the female students in addition to the principal's office. I apologize to you, but I heard what happened between you and me have the solution to your problem. If you want, I have housing available at a low price, only a hundred dollars a month, an apartment in the same building in which I bought it, but there is a problem with it 

Everyone who lives in it leaves it after a few days and not a single inhabitant has come for months, the owner of the building asked me if I found someone looking for housing to tell him about it, but I had to tell the truth to you that I do not know what is happening so that no one lives in it, but I told you and the matter is in your hands 

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