Pregnant at sixteen: Happy ever after

1034 Words
After three years, Whitney was done with her studies; she started receiving job offers even before she graduated from the university. I am so glad; today is Whitney's graduation, Phyna said, trying to keep Houston awake. Don't sleep, please, so that we won't miss the speech. Alright, I won't sleep, said Houston, standing up from the bed. *** Mommy, I am done, and I have also dressed up Bethany, Winner said as they both came down from the stairs. You both look gorgeous, my dear, said Mr. Khanna. Daddy, have you seen Mommy? asked Winner. "Shocking that I call him dad? Um, he got married to my mom last year, and the family is just too perfect now." Here she comes, the queen of LA, said Dr. Khanna as he took her hand, and they walked majestically to the car. *** Hey, mommy, How was your trip down here? asked Whitney. The trip was good, my dear, so when is the party starting? Mrs. Khanna asked as they took their seats. Hey, baby, Jayden said from behind. Hey, Whitney said, jumping on him. I have missed you so much, babe, said Whit, who had not seen him since his graduation. I miss you more, my love. Jayden said as he greeted Mr. and Mrs. Khanna. How are you, my boy? said Mr. Khanna. I'm fine, Mr Khanna said Jayden, taking Bethany and Winner to go and get some popcorn as they demanded. I am so happy, said Mrs Laura Khanna as she reminisces on old memories. Of course, said Mr Khanna as he whispered some words to Mrs Khanna. " Today is for our girl, so please don't ruin your beautiful makeup and face with any teardrop" Alright my dear but nobody can stop my tears of joy when it comes. The chat continued until the time for the graduation party. Welcome to the graduates hall, said the MC as the party continued. It is time for the students' speech, Winner said to her mom, who wasn't really paying attention. Oh, okay, said Mrs. Khanna. Many students were called, and finally, it was time for the most awarded student of the year to present. Can we all applaud Whitney Newborn, the overall best student of the year? The MC asked, inviting Whitney to the podium. Thank you, MC, Thanks to everyone present for honoring our invitation. "Last year was full of surprises," and "This year's senior class has broken records in unusual ways. I am standing here today because God wants me to. I regard everyone here, and I say you're all welcome. I remember when I was in high school, our school advisor would always call me and tell me some stuff. I took it for granted at first, but what life has offered me has made me revisit those words. I was in the shower today, and all I could hear was the voice of my high school advisor telling me words I couldn't understand and the voice of my mom explaining them to me. I was down for two years; I was heartbroken, betrayed, and sick, and at this time I could feel my old self leaving me. I could no longer do things I wanted to do; I could no longer go to school; I couldn't even have a very good night's rest. But here I am today, seeing everyone smiling and seeing happiness in everyone's faces. I wish I could tell my story as a speech, but that will take much of our time, so I will just go to my main speech. Many people give speeches containing hundreds of words or thousands of words, but today I have only one statement as my speech, which is I KNOW WHAT TO GAIN IF I FOLLOW THE RIGHT PATH. This is my speech today, and I have experienced things that make me go back to this eleven-word statement, and bet me, it changes my life, and here I am today, holding more than just physical awards. Thanks, said Whitney, as the audience gave her a loud applause. That was a nice and emotional speech, the MC said as the party continued. ### That was a nice speech, baby, Jayden said, giving Whitney a hug. Umm, When you're done, can you let these unknown people hug the celebrant too? Mrs. Khanna said as they all laughed. *** Whitney and Bethany were just gisting all the way from the school down here, Winner said as he dropped the bags he was holding. Haha, is that jealousy? Whitney asked as Bethany and Winner both jumped on her. Okay, playing time is over; we have to prepare for the party, said Jayden as they both left and went to play with their tabs. Thank you so much for everything Jayden. said Whitney who gave him the best kiss she had ever given. Can we continue that? asked Jayden as he pulled her close to himself. Manners, Mr. Khanna said as they both giggled. Okay, now I have something for you my love, said Jayden as he went on his knees. I know you've passed through lots, I also know you've been heartbroken and betrayed by loved ones, but I will like you to know that I will always be a better person to you till I figure out my best. Whitney Newborn Khanna please, "Will you marry me? " he said as he brought forward a diamond ring from his pocket. Say yes, say yes, Mirabel, Phyna, and the rest shouted. How did you all get here? Whit asked. That is not your issue right now; someone is on their knees in front of you, so focus. Phyna said as she was waiting for Whitney to say yes before popping the champagne. Yes!" she shouted as they hugged each other so passionately. Just as Phyna was about to pop up the champagne, Whitney's phone rang, and guess what? She was chosen to be the federal senior advocate for all females in California, which has already earned her a key to a new chamber. She broke the news to them, and their happiness knew no bounds. "THE KHANNA FAMILY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER". THE END.

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