Chapter 1 : Introduction ( Amanda and David )

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Amanda’s POV: “May I come in?” I said while entering the classroom hurriedly. “I think you already did come in, Miss Harris. What is your reason for being late today?” Professor Franklin asked raising his brow. “I was stuck in traffic, professor.” I gave him my cutest smile. “Now sit down, you are wasting class time and next time, think about any good excuse, yesterday you told this too.” He scoffed and resumed his lecture. I bit my tongue in embarrassment and quickly sat on an empty spot. Oh God! I missed half of the lecture! Now hearing it from the middle, I can’t understand a bit. I must take the lecture note from Betty. She was sitting on the first bench and writing everything what the professor was saying. I take her lecture notes because I often come late. It’s not like I want to, because of my part-time work, I can’t reach the university in time. Usually, I work from noon or afternoon. But sometimes I have to fill up shifts at the restaurant in the morning too when customer pressure is much. That’s when the manager calls me up and I have to go. They pay me for each hour though. So even when it’s inconvenient for my study, I have to cope up with it. After all, life is not easy and I need so much money. After the classes, I borrowed the lecture note from Betty and went straight to the restaurant. I am Amanda, Amanda Harris, 22 years old. I am an orphan, my dad and mom died ten years ago when I was just 11. Though I am orphan, I am pretty lucky. Because I didn’t have to stay in an orphanage when I was little nor had I to live alone. I live with Aunt Gloria. She was the person who took me in after my parents died in the accident and I have been living with her family since then. To be honest, they treated me like a real family, like I was her daughter. Though I didn’t share any blood relation with them, they were more than my real family. I call her aunt but she is no less than a mother to me and Tori, Aunt Gloria’s daughter, she is my sister. Aunt Gloria was not very rich, but they never discriminated between me and Tori. After the death of Uncle Reno, aunt Gloria’s husband, this family became poor suddenly. I work two part-time jobs and try to help as per my ability. Aunt works in a shop too as sales lady but lately, she has not been very healthy. She couldn't work very hard. Besides, Tori has been sick since she was a child. Each month we need to buy expensive medicines. She was born with a weak and bad heart and currently is suffering from heart disease. Day by day her condition is getting more complicated. Six months from today, I will be graduated. Then I will be able to apply for a decent desk job and help my family more. David’s POV: I woke up rubbing my eyes and my eyes riveted to my side to see a blond girl lying naked, completely naked. I don't even know her, who was she! And on the floor there were so many used condoms lying scattered. OMG! It was gross. I rubbed my eyes sitting on the bed. Slowly the events of last night came in my memory. I went to a club with my friends, we were slightly drunk. Suddenly a blond girl in a tight skimpy dress came to me smirking seductively. I knew this type of smiles, gestures. I was the king of seduction. She wanted to be f****d by me, more accurately by my d**k. Getting on my lap, she kissed me hungrily. I instantly pushed her from my mouth, I don't let any girl take any part of my body other than d**k take in their mouth nor kiss any girl. All I do is banging, hard, fast and rough. I didn't waste any time anymore; I went to a VIP room of the hotel dragging her. The club was actually a small section of the hotel. She got naked instantly taking off her dress and knelt before me. What a slut she was! I opened my zipper and revealed my long, big giant d**k before her. Her eyes went big like potatoes in surprise when her eyes were on my d**k. Rubbing my rod, I smirked at her. Grabbing her hair, I pushed my hard d**k inside her mouth. She struggled a lot, gagged while sucking it. My d**k was way too big for anyone to take it in the mouth. She took half of it inside her mouth and kept sucking, nibbling, biting on it. "Harder." I increased the pace fisting her hair. She gagged and her eyes went wide when my d**k began thrusting her throat hard. I came and she swallowed every drop of my semen. "Your juice is tasty, so thick." She said licking the remaining juices from her lips. I didn't like sweet talking with girls; I liked f*****g hard and fast. Spreading her legs, I opened her wide p***y. I shoved my big, erected c**k inside her roughly without any warning and she screamed, "f**k, you are so big." I began thrusting hard and fast without giving her any time to compose. The bed was shaking vigorously in the force of my rough thrusting. I took her in many positions. But her p***y was too loose for my liking. I preferred tight, small p***y not overly used wide, loose p*****s. I f****d her ass twice. After banging her several times, I fell asleep. Today was my holiday. I was putting my clothes on. Suddenly I felt a squeeze in my d**k. "Last night was amazing, let's have a round again baby." The slut was already up. Baby! Seriously? I had to go now, but my d**k was up again. Fisting her hair, I f****d her cunt from behind. Don't worry I didn't forget about condoms. “Get lost now!” I said to her harshly, throwing some cash at her face. She seemed to taken aback at my tone. But she was still standing. “Will you go nicely or do you want me to kick you out of the room naked?” I warned her. Her eyes widened and she quickly put on her dress and got out. I am David William. Two things I was addicted to. Work and p***y. Sometimes I liked to explore other parts like breasts, n*****s, ass as well p***y. But p***y was my favorite place. Tight, warm, small. Males hated me. They wanted to be what I am but couldn't reach me anywhere, looks, money or status. Females used to kiss my toes. They worshipped me for my looks, money and s****l energy. I knew myself who I was. I was worse than people knew about me as. Very few people knew how ruthless, stubborn and manipulative I could become to gain what I wanted. Snake is the word which will describe me fittingly. I am David William of William Group of Companies and David William Tech. William Group of Companies is my family business but I myself found David William Tech. and day by day it’s growing bigger. I am a 28 years old multi-billionaire of New York. Working is all in my life. I had s*x with many girls, many women even with my high school female teacher. I can't even count how many p*****s I have f****d. I believe there is no such p***y in this world which can keep me addicted only for that. I am not a man who wans to be bound with any girl. I don't believe in love. All I do is fuck... If you are a woman and interested in me, spread your leg before me, get f****d by me and get lost. That is my story. My phone rang suddenly. s**t! Who is this? I don’t like taking business calls in my holidays. I work my ass out so that I can get to enjoy my weekend at least. “Hello,” I yelled. “Easy man, easy there.” Someone chuckled from the other side. The voice sounded familiar. “Leonardo?” I asked. “It’s great that you recognized my voice man. I came to New York for a business deal and will be leaving for Italy the day after tomorrow. Is it possible to meet you? We can catch up after many years and discuss some business too.” He suggested. “Why not bro? It will be great. Just spare my nights not being a cockblocker as always.” I laughed. “Nah, man, and this time you are free. I am staying at Justin palace hotel. Where should we meet?” He inquired. “Seriously? Me too, staying in the same hotel. How about we two meet in the restaurant in front of the hotel? I am hungry and this restaurant serves s**t in the name of food.” I spoke, my stomach was growling. Last night I f****d that b***h pretty rough actually. “Okay, I will be there in twenty minutes.” He said and cut the call. I quickly entered the bathroom to take a quick shower. Putting on my pant, t-shirt and the casual blazer, I walked out of the room.
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