The Gangster's Temptation

male lead
love at the first sight

After his mother's death, Patrick has been a total wreck. His life was turned upside down. His girlfriend broke up with him, his dad hated him after finding out his secret. He had no one to turn to but his best friend Jake, who he has been close with since they were 9 years old. He told Jake his secret and he was surprisingly supportive. Jake even confessed he was pansexual.

His senior year of high school started and that's when he saw the most handsome guy he's ever seen. Jordan Blake. Before he knew exactly who Jordan was, he had the biggest crush on him. After finding out Jordan was as straight as they come, he became heartbroken. That lasted until he met Kaidence Blake. Jordan's cousin and look-alike who is also straight.

Patrick knew he didn't want to fall for another straight guy so he diverted his attention from Kaidence who was determined, persistent, possessive, and can easily manipulate you. Kaidence had the dangerous look, the tattoos the muscular body, the panty-dropping smile, the power of seduction. His whole aura is dark but mysterious.

Read along and take the journey with Patrick and Kaidence aka Dee and Kai.


WARNING ⚠⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

This book is about two men. Kaidence and Patrick. This means there will be boy and boy action. If you're not a fan, do not read.

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Chapter 1: The Carnival
Patrick's POV School has been opened for a week already. I am so over senior year and it just started. I can't wait to graduate and not have to deal with immature high school shallow minded kids. I have changed my shirt for the fifth time not sure what to wear to this carnival my best friend invited me to. It was a regular thing and I usually go with my ex girlfriend. It was fun with her even though I was gay throughout out whole relationship. Now since I've been completely lonely I haven't wanted to have fun anymore. My mom died less than 2 months ago and it hurts even worst since my father is a homophobic asshole who's also abusive and thinks he can beat the gay out of me. I can barely catch a break. I finally decided to wear a red and white long sleeve stripe shirt with blue jeans and white Air Max. I styled my hair tossing the shaggy curls in a bed head way that people seem to love. I flashed my hair a few times then left it. I grabbed my wallet, keys and my phone leaving my bedroom then out the house. I got in my car and drove to the carnival to meet my friend. Even though I'm gay, I've never kissed a not before. Never had s*x with one either. I have always been gay but I started accepting it when I turned 15. I came out when I was 16 to my parents. Mom was fine with it and my dad's love for me turned into pure hatred. My mom divorced him for a woman and he hated her for it. Imagine how he feels now that his only child is a d**k loving beauty. Haha. It's really hard for me living with him really. He beats me so the neighbors or anyone couldn't see. To the outside world we were both mourning the death of my mom but I am the only one who is sad. He's happy she's dead and he remind me everyday. When I finalled got to the carnival, I parked in the lot getting out. I took out my phone about to call Jake when I heard him yelling my name. I looked around and spotted him with one of the cheerleaders from our school. I shooked my head walking over to them. I pulled him aside and glared at him. "Jake what are you doing here with Melody?" I asked him "Oh right. My girlfriend is busy and I'm sure she's hanging out with Jordan. What do you expect me to do?" He asked me "This look right to you? Your girlfriend is busy and I'm not sure she's hanging out with Jordan. What I'm sure about is that you're f*****g cheating on her with Melody. Jake you can't do this to her and I don't see why you hate the guy" I said to him. I have had a crush on Jordan since I first saw him and he's pretty damn straight. He's friends with Jake's girlfriend who is also my ex's twin sister. "Are you taking his side?" He asked me "I'm not but you're the one that's gonna be sorry when this all blows up in your face. Jordan may have flirt with Arianna but she has never shown any romantic interest towards him. He's slept with Cindy and you have a problem. Jake you need to make up your mind because getting your heart broken isn't something to laugh about" I said to him "How would you know? You're gay and you've never had a boyfriend. What makes you the expert? You're still a gay virgin as far as I know so you shouldn't be saying anything" He said to me "Thanks a lot asshole. f**k off" I snapped walking away from him. I ignore him calling my name heading into the carnival. Sure I don't know heartbreak because I've never liked someone who would never return the feeling. I'm pathetic if you look at it. The very first day I saw Jordan Blake, I didn't know his name. I knew I like him though and he was the most handsome man I've ever seen. His curly afro hair, his beautiful skin, his brown eyes. He had the most kissable pink lips and amazing teeth that glisten when he smiled, or maybe that's just my dumbass simping. Hearing him laugh was beautiful and so contagious. I have never really talk to him other than that time I asked him if he was Kaine and the other time I left my notebook and he gave it to me. Kaine is the leader of The Flaming Dragons. The largest gang in LA and spreads all over. I couldn't tell my best friend that I have the hots for the guy that he hates. Jake only reason for hating Jordan was because Jordan hangs with Arianna. He seems to think that was a valid reason. Jordan's best friend Ryker is another eye candy. He's hot. His hazel green eyes, his strong jawline beautiful hair. I am cursed yet blessed. I'm cursed because I like guys I can't have and blessed because they were enough to bless my eyes for a lifetime. Well enough of that. I walked around the carnival for hours and bought a keyring. It was cute and they claims it glows in the dark. I went to one of the benches sitting down while scrolling through my Instagram feeds. I soon got a notification that Jordan posted a photo. No I'm not a stalker or anything but I have his Instagram and I also follow him. He posted a photo dump. Pictures of him and his friend. Pictures of him and another guy that looks almost exactly like him. How does he have friends that looks so freaking fine? There was also a picture he took with Arianna and Adrianna while he hugged them both. The caption reads: My third week back in LA and it's like I never left. "Hello handsome" A unfamiliar voice said sitting on the bench next to me. I looked up powering my screen off. "Do I know you?" I asked then mentally slap myself. I'm being rude. "No. I'm Amario" He said smiling. He had blonde hair with a buzz cut. His eyebrow were dark brown with a slit and he had a nose piercing. Not my type at all. "Okay. What brings you here?" I asked looking at him "You. I saw you sitting here alone and I couldn't resist how good you look" He said smiling. I gave him a plastic smile. "Well thanks I think" I said to him "Would you like to um go out? With me?" He asked. I narrowed my eyes at him "I don't know you" I said to him "Well that's kinda how us going out helps. We get to know each other" He said smiling "Why would I accept anyway?" I asked him "You don't have to. I was just asking you out" He said shrugging "So you just assume I'm gay?" I asked him "Are you not? Because I am into guys and I would like to get to know you if you allow me to" He said to me. I thought about it for awhile then looked up at him again. "I'm gay but I'm closeted. Never had a boyfriend before either" I said to him "Oh. Well that's fine. We can take things slow" He said to me. I smiled. "Okay. I'm Patrick" I said to him. He shook my hand smiling. "I like you Patrick" He said smiling widely. I cringe nodding. We talked for awhile then swapped numbers. He soon left me at the bench alone again as I scrolled through my phone. After 25 minutes another body occupied the space next to me sighing. I knew the cologne all too well so I didn't look up. "I'm so sorry for lashing out at you Pat. You were right" He said to me. I shrugged still not looking at him. "I'm also sorry for calling you out about you being a gay virgin" He muttered. I looked up at him and he smiled. "Jake you know what you're doing is wrong. You said you liked Emmett who is like a brother to Arianna. Now you f*****g her squad mates. How stupid can you be?" I asked him "I know. I'm just so pissed about her hanging out with Jordan" He said rubbing his hands over in face. "Don't blame other's for your mistakes Jake. Jordan isn't the reason you're cheating on your girlfriend who you loved so much. How do you do it?" I asked him "Do what?" He asked confused "You've liked her for so long. You finally got her and now you're f*****g cheating. Jake I already feel guilty enough knowing that you're doing it and the only reason I'm not saying anything, is because it's not my place" I said to him "Please don't lecture me Pat. I'm still figuring it out and you know that I love Arianna" He said to me "Your love doesn't mean s**t at this point. I'm just saying. Anyway Melody is coming this way so go." I said standing up as she approached. "Alright. Text me later" He said walking away with her. I suddenly felt hungry and went on my way to the food trucks.

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