I Inherited Billions

realistic earth
poor to rich

What does it feel like to inherit a billion when you wake up?

A mansion? An expensive car? Things that many could only dream of fell onto my lap overnight.

Pretty girls and gorgeous ladies were literally flinging themselves at me!

There’s nothing that money can’t solve for me. If there is, I’ll just have to pay double.

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Chapter 1 I Am The Poor Man Known As Freddie Lang
"Hello, is this Young Master Freddie? I'm your future butler. You may call me Uncle Quinn. You currently have an inheritance that I'm holding for you, and you need to claim it. May I ask what would be a convenient time for you to collect it?" Inheritance? The first thought that came to my mind was that this was a scam call. I was an orphan. How could there be an inheritance for me? However, I had nothing to do at the time, so I thought it might be fun to play along. "Oh, for me? How about telling me how much this inheritance of mine is?" "Young Master, your inheritance is worth trillions, but the exact number still requires some calculations to confirm." "Trillions? Hahaha… Are scammers nowadays all so bad at their jobs? Since it's such a huge amount, you should just keep it for yourself!" With that, I hung up. Scammers nowadays were getting worse at their jobs. They could not even lie properly. Throwing out ‘trillions' at the very start of the call. Did they think they owned the bank? Moreover, they did not bother to do any research before scamming others. They were even attempting to scam a penniless guy like me… I must have seemed like a homeless man as I crouched at the corner of the street, biting into a burger. A housewife walking her dog actually dropped a few coins right in front of me. I would have never thought that I, Freddie Lang, would end up looking like a beggar to passers-by. I was just feeling really tired from working quite a few part-time jobs and wanted to chow down my meal wherever was convenient. I was working day and night like crazy during this time because I wanted to earn enough money to buy a present to profess my love to the girl of my dreams. No one would believe this, but even though I was not blessed with money nor power, the campus belle, Lina Holden, was interested in me. She had even asked me to meet her at the little forest behind the school tonight. … I used all my savings to buy a brand-new iPhone 15 in the afternoon. I could not suppress my excitement as I arrived three hours early to the little forest to wait for her. I waited there, looking like a statue. As I waited, I could not help imagining how happy she would be after receiving the phone. We would become the school's cutest couple after today. Finally, it was nighttime. A pretty figure appeared in front of me. "Lina. I… I…" I looked at the pretty face in front of me and suddenly felt extremely nervous. I stammered for quite a while yet did not manage to get out a word. In the end, I clenched my teeth and immediately knelt on the ground. "I like you. Please be my girlfriend! This is an iPhone 15 I just bought for you." I lowered my head nervously after I finished saying those words. I did not dare to meet her eyes. However, right then, numerous headlights turned on all around me. My surroundings suddenly shot into brightness. Everywhere around me and Lina was instantly bright as day. It was also at that moment I suddenly saw Lina's real expression… It was not shy and coquettish as I had imagined. The expression on her face was one of ridicule and sarcasm. The sudden change of this situation made me anxious… Right then, behind those blinding lights came whistling and jeering laughter. "F*ck, f*ck, that dimwit really did profess his love for Lina! That sucks! I just lost my entire month's allowance!" "Hahaha! Logan won! Congratulations, Logan! Long live Lina!" My right hand blocked my eyes as I found it difficult to adjust to the lights. It was at this time that I realized that I had no idea luxury cars were parked all around me. As for the people standing next to these luxury cars, they were well-known second-generation rich heirs from around the area. I suddenly had a bad feeling when I heard their words. I walked toward Lina with a grim expression. "Lina Holden, what's going on?" "Shut up! Stay away from me, you penniless wreck!" Lina retreated backward as she fanned at the air in front of her in disgust, as if I smelt like trash to her. I was momentarily stunned. I could not accept that the beautiful and kind Lina Holden could ever have such an ugly expression on her face. Lina looked at me condescendingly, a look of ridicule on her face. "My boyfriend, Young Master Logan, made a bet with Young Master Zane. They betted on you professing your love for me within the week. As for you, you're nothing but a chess piece we were playing with. If not for this little game, a penniless dimwit like you would never get the opportunity to speak to me in your entire life." After talking to me, a seductive look appeared on her face as she leaned into Terry Logan's arms like a little deer, saying coyly, "Terry, I just gave you a beautiful victory, didn't I?" "Beautiful, just beautiful! I'll take you on a huge shopping spree later. You deserve a reward!" He pulled Lina into his arms as he said this. She moaned breathlessly as his right hand groped her breast roughly. My eyes widened as I watched the scene in front of me in disbelief. Lina Holden had always given me the impression of a girl who was cold and arrogant. She was someone who did not allow anyone to besmirch her. However, now, she was lying in Terry Logan's arms, acting like a slut. My entire world crumbled. I had always thought that as long as I was kind enough and if I worked hard enough, I would definitely win the heart of my dream girl. However, I finally understood now. We were both from different worlds. A poor sap like me would always only end up as their plaything. I was enraged and humiliated. Right then, a wad of cash hit me right to the face. "Hey man, you did well. This is your reward." I raised my head in a rage. I was trembling from anger. These pieces of trash were not treating me like a human being! When Lina noticed I was not reacting, she pushed me. "What are you doing, all dazed? You should be thanking Terry now!" I was trembling with anger but at that moment, I realized something even more pathetic. I was enticed by the money… I had always been poor, so I knew better than anyone else that this wad of cash was enough for me to survive on for a year. However, my pride overcame my desire. I kicked the money away and pointed at them angrily. "You people are the real trash. One day, I'll make sure all of you regret what you did today." With that, I turned and ran away from the little forest without looking back. Behind me, a roar of sarcastic laughter and jeering could be heard. Once I was completely out of their sight, I sat amidst the trees in the little forest, muddle-headed. I had no idea how to continue going on with my usual life. However, a notification suddenly popped on my phone at that moment. "USD 5,000,000.00 has been deposited into your account ending with the number 2567. Your balance is now USD 5,000,017.00." I was dumbstruck when I read it. Damn it, had I just hallucinated from my anger? I shook my head vigorously, but the content of that message still remained the same. I was in a slight daze as I had no idea what had just happened. Suddenly, the scam number I received that afternoon called me once more. This time, I did not hang up. "Mr. Freddie Lang, do you now believe that I'm not a scammer?" It was the same male baritone from this afternoon's call. "Did you deposit that money to me?" "That's right, I did. If you don't believe me, I can always transfer another five million to you!" "That's not necessary." I checked my bank's account and verified the amount as I was on the call. I found that my account really did have five million in it now. No scammer would ever bank in such a huge amount of money, which was why I believed him. I questioned him, "What exactly is this inheritance you're talking about? Is there really a huge inheritance waiting for me?" "How about this? Come by the eighth floor of Stamen Bank tomorrow morning at ten. I'll explain everything to you then." "Alright." … I arrived at Stamen Bank the next day at nine-thirty in the morning. Stamen Bank was a high-end international bank whose clients were members of high society. Word has it that the minimum savings for an account here was no lower than ten million… That was why all the customers walking around were successful people in suits. I was standing by, looking like a mere beggar in tattered clothes. I stood out like a sore thumb in the bank's magnificent lobby. Just as I thought, the moment I made my way inside, a pretty woman in a black uniform stopped me. "I'm sorry, but we don't allow random people inside." I was quite embarrassed, but I still attempted to explain. "I'm here for work purposes." I guessed that claiming my inheritance could be considered work. "I'm sorry, but our bank has a VIP visiting at 10 this morning. All our work has been put on hold for them. You should make your way back." "VIP? At ten?" I was taken aback. I quickly smiled and said, "I think I might be that VIP." "You?" The woman looked me up and down, a look of disdain in her eyes. "Sir, this joke isn't funny. Please do not interrupt our work here." With that, she turned to leave and proceeded to ignore me.

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