Death Island

another world
weak to strong

Perhaps because my head was traumatized, I lost most of my memories.

I only remember a few tall black shadows surrounding me, and then I fainted with a sharp pain in the back of my head.

When I woke up, I found that I was in this primitive jungle, with nothing on me except clothes.

Looking at the ancient trees around, as well as the poisonous insects and beasts hidden in them, I feel that I was in a forbidden place for death.

I had no idea exactly what happened. Why did those people in black attack me, and why did they abandon me here?

What were they trying to do and what’s their purpose?

And me? Who was I?

What was even more frightening was that when I was looking for a way out, I found two bloody corpses, with the limbs and torso separated.

At that time, I was very frightened, but I was also excited about discovering people, even though they were dead. It turned out that besides me, there were other humans in this jungle.

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Chapter 1: Best Chance
A full moon hung in the sky. The moonlight, like running water or a tulle worn by a girl, spread to the ground, adding a sense of mystery for this world. The branches were blown by the wind to dance in all directions, like the baton in the hands of a symphony orchestra, stir up moving movements. This was a beautiful night. But I didn't see anything. Moonlight, branches, or sea breeze was nothing to me, who was lurking in the brush. I pushed aside the few weeds in front of me that blocked my view so that I could observe around more clearly. In the next second, I could no longer turn my head around. A string of crystal saliva couldn't stop dripping down the corner of my mouth, while my breathing suddenly became rush. After I pushed aside the weeds, a small puddle appeared. The water waves under the moonlight couldn’t be more attractive. However, the thing or the people in the water was even more eye-catching. A young woman was undressing by the puddle. As her clothing gradually got away from her body, a flawless young body soon revealed. This was a very beautiful woman with pale skin. I was sure her skin must be smoother than butter. Thin waist, young hips, and long legs in the moonlight. Keeping swallowing, I only felt that my body temperature rose sharply, and my heart almost jumped to my throat. Calm down! I put all my strength into calming my trembling body. This was an opportunity God gave me! There’s no better opportunity than when this b***h took a shower. I held my breath and crawled forward cautiously. I happened to knock the wound on my chest while I was moving, and my face was deformed due to the pain immediately. No! I could handle this! I got to take this chance. The woman turned her back to me, and the perfect curve left enough room for my imagination. The woman who didn't notice anyone approaching picked up the water with her hands, bent down, and gently sprinkled the water on her body. The slightly shaking chest finally came out. I couldn't help but stare wide and cover my nose, as if there was blood about to gush out. Now! Like a hungry wolf preying, I rushed out of the grass and rushed towards the woman. At the same time, I pierced the naked body with the wooden spear I had been holding tightly in my hand. How could I miss such a God-sent opportunity? “b***h, go to hell!” I shouted out. Although a sneak attack from behind was not the best way I could adapt, based on the experience of the last meeting, this was the only chance I could kill her. Obviously, the woman in the bath also maintained a high degree of vigilance. She turned around almost immediately. As I expected, any naked woman who was taking a shower would immediately cover her body when she saw a man, which meant she could no longer get away from my attack. But I also forgot my instinct as a male, the instinct to appreciate beautiful women. After a pause, I realized this was not the right time to have those dirty ideas in my mind. I immediately thrust the wooden spear into her chest. Between beauty and survival, there’s no doubt that I would choose the latter. It's a pity that because of the one-second pause, this sneak attack was not perfect anymore. The naked jumped to her left and then ran to me. Before I realized what happened, her feet already arrived at my chest. “Damn it,” I yelled. Just when I looked up to better deal with her attacks, I saw a scene that made me completely incapacitated. The kick completely exposed the scenery between the woman's legs. At this moment, my head was totally blank. With a snap, I came back to the real world. I lowered my head but found that the wooden spear before my chest was kicked off by this woman, and at the same time, I flew out and fell into the puddle water. The intense pain let me understand that who I dealt with was not the woman I could meet on the street every day. I got to be more serious. Looking at the half of the wooden stick in my hand, I knew my ribs would have been broken, if it weren't for this stick. "b***h, you are dead." I quickly stood up from the water, smashed the remaining half of the wooden stick at the woman, then ran to the opposite direction. Based on my experience, my odds of winning, unfortunately, were 0. I knew retreat was my only choice if I wanted to see more moonlight in my life. "Asshole, stop!" Clearly, the woman held different thoughts. The trembling woman picked up half of the wooden spear and thrust the spear towards me. Her actions were quite decisive, obviously, she wanted to kill me. “Ahhhhh! My butt!” I let out a scream I turned around and found that my butt was pierced by the wooden spear. If it weren’t for the fabric of the jeans, I wouldn’t doubt that my butt would change from two pieces to three. Thanks to the pain, my speed suddenly exploded, and I immediately jumped out of the puddle and ran into the forest with the pile of clothes that the woman had just taken off. When the woman realized what she just lost, her face blushed with anger. After a pause, she continued to chase after me. I knew the only result I got to face if I were caught was death, I got to figure out a way to save myself. "What? Do you enjoy this? Chasing a man naked?” The angry woman realized that she was naked, her face flushed, and her speed slowed down. I quickly fled into the bushes, and the distance between the two of us was getting farther and farther. "b***h, I won't forget today! I will revenge! You better keep this in mind!" "Glenn Nelson! I swear I will kill you one day..." the woman cursed, but a tear fell from the corner of her eye and no one saw it. I ran wildly regardless of direction. Until I was sure to get away from the woman completely, I stopped and leaned on a tree trunk to gasp. At the same time, I always paid attention to the surrounding environment. Although the vicious woman was not a risk for now, I knew that in the dark night, there were dangers everywhere. If I were not careful, death could come at any time. After confirming again and again that there’s no danger nearby, I breathed a sigh of relief, and my tight nerves finally relaxed. I finally had time to check the wound on my butt. After taking off my jeans, I knew it’s not necessary to worry about this wound since my jeans protected me from the spear. Being unable to move in this place was definitely the last thing I wanted to see. Although my ass was okay, the old wound in my chest broke open, thanks to the woman who kicked it. My white shirt was dyed red again by the constantly flowing blood, and my ribs were also aching, and I didn't know if it was broken or not. The pain made my face pale. I clenched my fist tightly as if I was holding her slender neck. In fact, this was not the first time I have met that b***h. I tore the clothes I robbed into strips and then wrapped them tightly around my chest in circles, and then covered the wound on my butt with a piece of pink underwear. After carefully binding up, I finally stopped bleeding. One-hundredth time, I was moved by how wise the decision to steal her clothes was. After a short break, I started to wipe the bloodstains on my body with the remaining cloth. If it’s not cleaned up, the beast would be attracted by blood. "s**t, I should be quicker. How can I find a better chance than tonight? s**t!" I regretted missing this chance. It's fine that my plan didn’t work out this time, but the most miserable part was that I came back with new injuries. That b***h must have realized that her body could be a weapon to hurt any man. “You could do better, Glenn,” I blamed myself, “but it’s not your fault. She has the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen.” The snow-white body I saw before can't stop lingering in my mind. I suddenly laughed again. I couldn’t imagine how embarrassed she was now. No matter how tough she was, she would never chase me naked, it seemed that I was safe for now. Laughing out loud, I coughed again. It’s the wound on my chest. I took a few breaths, while a thin layer of cold sweat erupted on my forehead. I got this wound on the chest all because of her. My heart was almost pierced by her. If I were not lucky, I would have been a corpse right now. Looking back on the past few days, I still feel unbelievable.

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