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For the last thousand years, she had been alone. Silence filled the empty space of her cell, and the icy metal of her restraints bit into her wrist, as she sat there. She pulled her knees towards her chest for warmth as she lost herself in her thoughts. Why was she here? What had she done? All she had ever wanted was to be left alone, live her life on her own terms. But instead, she became a monster over the pettiness of the gods. A deep sigh escaped her lips. There was a time when she was wanted by all and considered a beautiful gift from the gods. Men would fight to glance at the beloved priestess of Athena. But all beauty comes at a cost, and all the happiness in her life could not last. Stories were written, legends were told and now, she was here. Her soul rotting slowly in the depths of Tartarus. Medusa… A deep growling voice snapped her out of her thoughts. Her gaze searched through the darkness, but no one was there. “H…hello?” She shook her head. Perhaps she was going crazy. Poor child. Blessed by the gods, then abandoned by them. She grabbed weakly onto the stone wall, pulling herself up to stand. Where was this voice coming from? Her head was spinning with thousands of questions. “How do you know these things?!” I know a lot about you, child. I have been watching you for centuries. I know your suffering. I know you were killed and locked away for crimes you did not commit. You deserve vengeance, and I have come to offer my assistance. “But why? I don’t even know who you are.” The weight of her restraints overpowered her, causing her to collapse down to the stone floor onto her hands and knees. All in good time. Whatever you desire, say it and it will be so. She reached her hand to touch the scar that remained on her neck from Perseus’ sword, as tears stung her eyes. If this voice was real, maybe there was hope. “Life.” She whispered. “I want life.” So be it. Darkness consumed Medusa, pulling into a peaceful sleep as she fell fully to the floor. A tall shadowy figure appeared next to her, letting out a dark rumbling laugh. The man stretched before snapping his fingers, causing the restraints to release Medusa’s ankles and wrists. “Oh, beautiful girl, you have fallen so far. My children truly have no idea of your potential.” He leaned down to remove a strand of her long auburn hair that had covered her face. “But fear not child, you will get your life. You will also give my treacherous offspring exactly what they deserve. For Kronos always keeps his word.”
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