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After death, good girls go to Heaven. Right? Wrong! At least for Brenna. After she gets into a car accident, she wakes up in the world of a werewolf romance book she wrote a few years ago. As if this wasn’t crazy enough, she is now Onyx Tynan, the story’s main villainess who is destined to die soon by the hand of the main lead, the ruthless Lycan Prince Ruhn Brynmor with whom Brenna finds herself in bed… accidentally.

Ruhn is already suspicious of her, but can't help being intrigued by the sudden changes in her. Another powerful villain is infatuated with her and would stop at nothing. Everyone assumes Onyx is a horrible person, which does not increase her survival chances. And on top of all that, the events of the book she relied on started to change.

Surviving in the world she created should be easy. In theory. And in practice… let’s find out!

This an occasionally steamy story, full of humour and twists. You’ve been worn.

Check out the prequel to this story – Breaking Engagement. Both stories could be enjoyed as standalone books.

This book is a part of The Shadow Wolves series:

Book 1 Breaking Engagement

Book 2 His Evil Luna Accidentally

Book 3 TBA

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1 | Non-Fictional Men
The lycan’s grip around my throat tightened, and I had to stand on the tips of my toes now, pinned to the wall and with him towering over me. A lycan! It was a real lycan! Tall, monstrous, with a wolf’s head and enormous sharp claws. And an immense desire to kill me. How could that be real? How did I get here? And how could I survive now? My thoughts were a mess! “Onyx Tynan, you drugged me to sleep with me. Don’t you dare think even for a second that you are going to get away with it!” His voice was barely human, glowing garnet eyes piercing mine with determination to kill. If this, by some crazy chance, was indeed real, I was going to die here and now. I would be killed by a character from my own book, and there was nothing I could do about it. My neck would snap if he simply clenched his fingers a bit harder. However, instead, he turned into his human form again before my eyes, making me forget how to breathe and still not letting go of me. His thumb brushed over my lower lip, making it part. “I didn’t do it! I swear!” I stuttered, and a cruel smirk curled his lips. “Then prove it!” *** Flashback My one and only attempt at being single and ready to mingle wasn’t working well. "Yes, babe, you look so hot!" Chad, or whatever his name was, left a trail of sloppy kisses down my neck, rubbing his hardness over my thigh. I closed my eyes, trying to enjoy this. After all, this was what I came here for. A good old one-night stand to prove to myself that I had forgotten my as*hole ex and best friend who stabbed me in the back. And also, I really needed to feel that I was still desirable. Chad was an insanely handsome guy I picked up at the bar, and at first, I thought he would help me with that. However, the moment we appeared in this hotel room, his s.ex appeal was fading by the minute. "Feel this, babe!" He took my hand, placed it under his half-unbuttoned shirt, and then pushed it down his washboard abs. I quickly glanced at the package since he clearly wanted some attention, and he started to suck my shoulder eagerly. Again. Why the hell couldn't he stop sucking there? All this effort would be much more appreciated in so many different places, for God's sake! Impatiently, Chad retook the initiative and placed my palm right on top of the impressive bulge in his pants, urging me to do something about it. In the meantime, he removed his shirt completely, revealing his extremely toned body. That body was the only reason I chose him for this one-night stand experiment of mine. And that was the only part where he did not disappoint me so far. I could do this. I really could… It wasn't something I would typically do, but after coming back from work the other day to find Jeremy and Mal in my bed, consummating like two rabbits that had no tomorrow and laughing at me, the situation called for it. They were my two closest people, and their betrayal hurt me so much. Not only they betrayed me, but they also laughed at my lifestyle as a fantasy author and the most sacred thing for me – my books! The books that were paying for their lavish lifestyle for the past 2 years since they both moved in with me. I had to throw them out of my apartment and my life. Which was the easy part. The hard part was to erase the betrayal from my head. This was where I failed. Each night I was still thinking about how they laughed at me when I caught them. I had to block this out somehow. I was having fun now. With Chase, whose hand was already reaching the silk thong under my dress. He really did not waste any time. "On your knees, baby," he told me while still sucking on my shoulder. Was it some kind of kink I wasn't aware of? He would definitely leave a bruise there. I did not drink enough at the bar for this. How unfair was it that such a nice-looking guy was so useless where it counted? "Suck my balls, babe," he commanded all of a sudden. The dom tone didn’t suit him, and I already knew I wasn’t doing that. "Chase," I shook my head, trying to come up with an excuse. "This is going too fast." "It's Chad," he pursed his lips, letting his jeans fall to the floor, his member springing cheerfully at attention and hitting his stomach. It was impressive, yet somehow made me want him less. "Just one, then?" He asked while knitting his brows, and I bit my lip not to laugh hysterically. "Listen," he towered over me, "For us both to have pleasure tonight, you need to do something for me. Then I will do something for you." He tried to spell it out to me as if I was dumb, sealing his fate. This one-night stand thing wasn't for me, after all. Whom was I kidding? I was a romance fantasy author, and for the past ten years, I have spent all my nights writing about perfect couples falling in love with each other. Tonight wasn't my idea of fun. It was my nightmare. "But you haven't done anything for me yet," I pointed out, immediately regretting my words because that eager glint of hope reappeared in his eyes. "Spread your legs, baby," Chad licked his lips, "I will take care of you, and then you s*ck me off. Deal?" Hell no. This was exactly my problem with non-fictional men. While my male leads were ready to get a star from the sky for their beloved, guys in real life were offering deals like that at best. Eww. "Uhm, Chad. Let's start by taking a shower together," I suggested, and he grunted in disappointment. However, his faith in my dumbness was strong, and after considering it for a few seconds, he nodded in agreement. "Great!" I clapped my hands. "You go in there and start, and I will join you in a moment!" Take the bait, Chad. Take the damn bait! "Fine," he huffed and disappeared into the bathroom. I waited for him to switch on the water and quickly gathered my things. Not forgetting to grab the bottle of champagne the hotel provided for us. I needed it more. "Are you coming?" my unsuccessful one-night stand shouted, his voice clearly impatient. Probably not tonight, Chad. Probably not tonight… "Yeah," I lied, almost at the door. "Just remember to make the water colder. I like it as cold as possible!" Rushing, I left the hotel with tears burning my eyes. It was not nice knowing that no one in the entire world cared about me. Not a single sole. I lost my mom a few years ago, and I never knew who my father was. Mal and Jer were the only ones I could count on. And even that was a lie. Chad right now only proved to me how unlucky I was, and it was the last straw for me tonight. I opened the bottle on my way to a nearby park entrance, where I wanted to find a taxi to get back home. It was the middle of the night, so the street was empty. I wanted to hop to the other side of the road as quickly as possible. The blinding flash of headlights appeared so fast and out of nowhere that I didn't even have time to process it. I heard the screeching of the brakes, and suddenly I flew into the air, my dress and hair blowing from the impact as the time around me froze. The champagne bottle slid out of my hand, and the last thing I saw was my crimson-red shoe lying on the ground far away from where I landed. I got hit by a car… My eyelids became too heavy, and although I struggled to keep them open, the darkness consumed me after all… ~***~ I sucked in a sharp breath and exhaled in a loud moan when I felt a hot tongue trailing my n*pple while a large palm was slowly sliding down my abdomen in between my thighs. "What the–" I gasped as I felt warm fingers brushing over my sensitive flesh. It felt so good that another moan escaped me. Phew. It was all a dream! That was the good news. A car didn’t hit me. The bad news - I stayed to sleep with Chad after all. Then again, he was doing something with his fingers now that was quickly rehabilitating him in my eyes. "So sweet–" Chad muttered as he moved to kiss my neck. It was dark, and I laced my fingers into his hair which was surprisingly longer now. I would have wondered why, but I did not care since I was finally getting the one-night stand of my dreams! And also, this length was easier to tug to where I wanted it. I probably dozed off after drinking one too many and had a nightmare, so I was happy to be in this man's strong arms. And the best part was that he was exceeding my expectations now. In one swift move, he roughly pinned both my hands on top of my head, fixing them there. After which, he found my mouth at last, and his hot breath tickled my lips. "What did you do to me?" he growled and plunged his tongue inside of me, entangling it with mine in what seemed like a fight for dominance. I wasn't losing this battle to Chad, of all people, so I made sure to bite him just for the fun of it. This, however, seemed to only ignite his fire as he hooked up my thigh and positioned himself at my entrance. Crashing his lips into mine again and holding me in place, he thrust into me. "Mother of *&^%#!" I swore loudly as tears formed in my eyes from the unexpected pain I had experienced. What the hell was it? It was so much worse than my first time! And how on Earth?! I tried to catch my breath when he kissed me again, stealing my moans away. He wasn't moving, giving me time to adjust. "Are you okay?" he was already panting, but I knew that this wasn't due to tiredness. His body against mine did not seem exhausted. He was barely holding himself from devouring me here and now. He wanted more. More of me, more of us… Gosh, this was hot! I wrapped my legs around his waist and ran my nails over his back, causing him to growl again. Usually, I wasn't a fan of such Alpha male things, but, damn, he sounded so natural at this! I loved it! He swore under his breath as pleasure surged through my core and then rippled all over my body again and again. Chad was good! So good that I forgot about everything while in his hands. Thank God that horrible dream about being hit by a car was just a dream! I was probably too drunk to differentiate a simple nightmare from reality. Loud banging on the door woke me up. Seriously, what was up with that? This was an expensive hotel after all! A groan behind my back reminded me that I wasn't alone, and it was probably the time to escape gracefully… as long as the situation allowed me. However, I found two large hands wrapped around me tightly. One of them was covered in tattoos, and this was strange. I was pretty sure Chad didn't have any. I tried to remove the arms awkwardly, but he just pulled me in tighter instead. "Uhm, Chad," I called him, trying to wriggle out of his grasp so that I could at least see his face. "Do you mind? I need to get back home already and…." I froze, looking at the man lying in bed next to me. The man I slept with. The man who wasn't Chad! I gaped at him, at a loss for words. He ran his hand over his face, rubbing his forehead as if he had a headache. Then he opened his eyes, and our eyes locked. I saw the most mesmerising azure colour. It was so beautiful but absolutely not natural. Did he wear contact lenses? However, all this was not important now. What was important was that I was lying in bed with God knows who. It most definitely wasn’t Chad. The guy indeed had longer dark hair, almost reaching his shoulders, and when he finally spared me a glance, his own lips parted. It looked like I wasn't the only one shocked now. "You?" he sat up at once, getting his hands from under me. Ouch. "How the hell did you end up in my bed?" "That's a very good question!" I snapped back at him, pulling the sheets higher up my chest. His attitude was really something. "Where is Chad?" I asked the first thing that came to my mind. "Who?" he furrowed his brows, getting out of bed and not even bothering to cover himself. "The guy I was with!" I exhaled through my nostrils in annoyance, realising that this wasn't the hotel room we had booked yesterday. "How did you get me here?" "Onyx Tynan," the man snarled at me. Snarled! "If you want to live, choose your words wisely!" I wanted to retort with something snarky when it hit me. Onyx Tynan. I knew that name! I came up with that name a few years ago when I was writing my first-ever book, "The Heirs of Stars and Shadows". It was my first work. My very first book. It wasn't great, but it brought me success, helping me to kick off my writing journey. Many fans loved that story, even though my writing was not yet polished back then. Onyx was a character in that story–the villainess everyone loved to hate. She was one of these archetypal evil females in romance books without morals but with a talent for elaborate or sometimes not-so-elaborate schemes. Even after years, I still had fans contacting me about that book and asking for a sequel that I couldn’t write for some reason. Which reminded me… I gave the guy in front of me a glance over as he still didn't bother covering any of his impressive body parts. Of course, my eyes went to his most prominent part on instinct… and God! Was that inside of me? For real?! Then again, it explained why I felt the pain at first but also why it felt so good later... Anyway, never mind that. Back to business. My gaze skimmed over his impressive torso, sculpted by the gods in paradise, no doubt. Nature was kind to him. Or, better said, nature gave him all the best stuff and didn't bother much with the rest of the population. It was unfair that a man like that existed. He had a chiselled chest with every ab in place. I traced those with my curious eyes, swallowing and remembering how I enjoyed touching them last night. But then my gaze reached his chest, and my lips parted in shock. What the actual hell?! He had a large wolf tattoo on most of his left arm and shoulder to his chest. It was all black, and although I wasn't a fan of tattoos in general, this one was a piece of art. It depicted a fierce wolf, snarling with sharp canines bared and eyes that seemed to promise a painful death to anyone who stood in his way. Parts of the beast were turning into beautiful waves of darkness and then dissipating into shadows. The sudden realisation hit me hard. No, no, no! NO! That tattoo... I also came up with that! "I-is that a shadow wolf tattoo?" I pointed at him with my index finger, and I could swear his eyes flashed red. "What else could it be, Onyx?!" he growled again, and I whimpered quietly. "Of course, it's a shadow wolf tattoo!" I couldn't panic. I couldn't! This was another clue. The shadow wolf was a tattoo of the male lead in that story! Ruhn Brynmorr, the hot, misunderstood Alpha Lycan prince, the heir to the throne of Valreyn, who was mostly known for his murderous, cruel tendencies and dark past. AUTHOR'S NOTE: So, here we are at the beginning of a new journey. I am a bit nervous about this book, so let me know what you think. This kind of book beginning is new to me. Let me know what you think in the comments. This book is a spin-off of Breaking Engagement (not a sequel). The events take place two centuries later (modern times) in the same world, but you will see some familiar characters in this book. Reading BI is not necessary to enjoy this story, but the book is wait-to-read (in other words, it's free) and very funny. If you did read Breaking Engagement, who would you like to see?

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