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Sara Campbell wanted to have a happy home. Being married to David Anderson for three years, she had seen it all. From having her mother-in-law try to belittle her for her unknown roots, to all those cold nights she spent waiting for her husband to return home.

David had not once tried to acknowledge Sara's presence, let alone accept her as his wife. David made Sara donate her blood for Lucy Murray, and it looked like David only cared about saving Lucy.

Yet, Sara tries her best to save her marriage, but when she receives a picture of n***d David with his mistress Lucy and decides to leave David.

After the divorce David is torn between his feelings for his ex-wife who is not an ordinary girl. David thinks that Sara would come running back to him, realizing she can't manage without him, but Sara is done playing the side character in her story.

It's now her time to be the hero her husband never was, during all those years she was the perfect wife who loved him and did everything to make him happy.

Because she's the billionaire heiress, the heir to the Campbell company.

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Sara was down with a fever. She had baked her husband's favorite cookies last night as she had waited for him. But David Anderson didn't show up. Even when Sara had tried to reach out to him, he hadn't picked any of her calls or reverted any of her messages. But hoping her husband would show up, Sara had waited the whole night up

This morning she found herself laying on the cold floor, the dinner turned cold at the table.

Her phone rang, and despite feeling dizzy and weak she rushed to pick her phone thinking it must be David, her husband of three years.

However, it was David's mother, Elizabeth Anderson.

“Hello?” Sara answered the call, her voice coming out hoarse as she felt her throat dry.

“Where the hell are you? I'm waiting for you.” Elizabeth gritted out, her voice fuming in anger.

“Waiting for me? I'm sorry mother, I am not sure if I was expecting to meet you.” Sara was confused and baffled to hear the news of her mother-in-law waiting for her.

“You worthless piece of s**t. Don't you dare call me a mother. You will call me ma'am, do you hear me?” Elizabeth ranted off, her voice raised high that Sara flinched on the other end of the call.

“I'm sorry,” Sara whispered, anxiously.

“You better be. And now I want you to come to my house immediately.

Don't you remember that I have given a week off for my maid to go on a trip?

Without the maid, who is going to cook and clean for me?” Elizabeth asked, feeling entitled.

Sara parted her lips to find the courage to tell her mother-in-law that she was feeling sick, and she can't come to help her, but Elizabeth didn't give her a chance.

“I want you here immediately,” Elizabeth stressed as she ended the call.

And Sara coughed, as she could feel the temperature of her body increase.

It was a bad feeling in her stomach. It wasn't the first time that Elizabeth had treated Sara poorly, but Sara hoped that her mother-in-law would come around one day.

The Anderson family didn't like Sara to be precise, they always questioned her unknown roots and how she was an ordinary girl compared to their rich family status.

Sara got married to David three years ago.

David is the sole male heir of the Anderson family, he was a billionaire who was treated like royalty among the press and people adored him for his rich, handsome man.

Sara was just an innocent girl who wanted to find her true love, happily ever after when she married David, but little did she know that the castle was made of sand, that it wouldn't last even though it looked so beautiful on the outside. The walls in the house would never give her the opportunity to make it a home.

Even though it was three years into their marriage, David had never seen her as his wife. He never even cared for her existence.

Not even one day he had smiled at her or asked how she was doing.

She also worked as David's secretary at the Anderson company, and David always underestimated her work, trying to put her down at every given chance.

Her phone vibrated, indicating a new text message.

“I want you to go and donate blood to Lucy”

From David. Her husband.

She couldn't believe in her eyes that David had texted her again asking her to donate blood.

And soon she received a notification saying her bank account was credited with 500 thousand dollars.

But she wasn't concerned with the money, quietly she scrolled through the text messages from David, feeling the way her stomach grumbled sick.

“Hi, David. I'm cooking dinner for us. Can you please let me know when you will be home?” Sara had texted him.

But David never replied, instead all his texts were about one thing.

Donating blood.

“Go and donate blood to Lucy.”

“Did you reach the hospital? Hurry up, go donate the blood.”

“Sara, I want you to go right away to the hospital to donate blood.”

Tears rolled down her eyes, looking at her reality of her.

At first, she wanted to make it work, she put up with all the t*****e and a***e that was thrown her way for the sake of her marriage.

Sara didn't want to give up her marriage, she loved David dearly and did everything she could.

From working hard at the office to doing all the chores at home, she played the perfect wife to please her husband.

No matter how badly David's family treated her, Sara always obliged and showed them her compassion.

But it was evident that David only cared about one thing.

That was to donate blood to Lucy Murray, which also made Sara question the purpose of their marriage.

“I have already donated blood a couple of times this month. My body is giving up, I no longer have the energy or the strength.

Did he even realize that I'm here waiting for him?” Sara questioned herself, contemplating her choices.

Her phone vibrated again.

*New text message*

It was from an unknown number and Sara wiping away her tears opened the message.

“You are an ugly a*s, you are nowhere worth being with David. He loves me, darling. He even tells me that he thinks about me when he's inside you. It must be such a shame to be so ugly and unloved.

You better leave him before he leaves you on the road, in the rags. Because he wants me, not you. Every night he's warming my bed, not yours.

If I were you, I would have killed myself by jumping off a cliff. Stop being a homewrecker and let our love prosper.”

Sara read the text, swallowing the lump in her throat.

But it wasn't just a text message. It was sent with a picture attached to it.

With her hands shaking, Sara opened the image and her knees gave up.

David, her husband, was n***d. He looked handsome and peaceful in his sleep as he wrapped his arm around Lucy, who held him as if he owned him.

“He's never going to treat me as his wife. And I'm his wife, but David cares more about his mistress than me. How can I be a homewrecker?

What's the point of me staying in this marriage when my husband does not even count my existence?

All he cares about and sees is the well-being of Lucy Murray.” Sara whimpered the words, clenching her heart.

No woman could stand the betrayal from her husband who chooses to disrespect her by cheating on her. A marriage is supposed to stand by the vows of honesty, trust, and mainly on love. That's what the vows even say, it's through sickness and health, through rich and poor, and for better and worse. You promise the other person of your love, honesty, and trust. So far, David had failed Sara in all these promises.

And Sara's marriage had none of it. But somewhere deep down in her heart, she hoped that David would see the true feelings Sara had for him.

And to be in one-sided love was the hardest. No matter what you do, nothing is returned. 

The harsh truth started to play in front of Sara's eyes as it crumbled, her only dream was to find true love growing up,

Finally swallowing the grief that felt like a stabbing pain in her heart, she decided that she was done with her marriage.

“How could I still be waiting here for my husband, when clearly he has been spending all his nights with another woman?” Sara asked herself as she removed her wedding ring from her finger and placed it on the table.

Grabbing her phone, she took a deep breath as she typed the text.

“ David Anderson, I want a divorce.”

She hit the send button.

And within seconds, David called her.

Sara answered the call, somewhere in the corner of her heart she hoped to see the concern in David's voice.


“Are you out of your mind? This isn't the time to play your stupid games, Sara. Stop with your fake tantrums and drama. We don't have time for that.

Lucy is sick, and I want you to come right away to donate blood.” David yelled out, raging in anger,

And ended the call immediately without even hearing Sara's words.

And within seconds Sara received another text

“If you want more, just ask. Stop the drama.” David wrote.

And she had been just credited with a million dollars from her husband.

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